Baby registry must haves

50 Baby registry must haves for first time moms (even if you own zero baby items) 2022

You are pregnant.

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To be frank, you don’t have enough money for baby items.

You tried saving some money, but it is just not adding up.

You don’t even have much time left before the baby will show up.

You truly desire the best for the baby

But you don’t know how to raise funds for baby items.

What if I tell you there is a way out?

Yes, there is.

It is so simple and you may not have to spend much money afterward.

Create a list of baby registry must-haves and share them with your friends and family member. Then sit down and watch people show their love to you and the baby by buying the items you need for you.

Is this possible?

Very possible.

Let me show you how.

What is a baby registry?

A baby registry is a list of baby products that you will need when your baby arrives and you register it with a store online such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Most stores that sell baby products allow you to create a baby registry and share it with friends and family members who will want to get some gifts for the baby. They can buy the gift for you through the baby registry. The store ensures that gifts are not duplicated.

Wait. There is one sweet news!

Most of the stores that offer baby registries give free baby bottle samples and other gifts for registering with them. You can also get a completion discount where you can purchase all the items left in your registry at a discount.

Wow! Unbelievable. Isn’t it?

What are the benefits of a baby registry?

A baby registry is important because:

  1.    It helps to keep all your baby essentials in one place
  2.    It allows your friends and family to know what you need for your baby
  3.    It helps to save money on the increasing cost of baby stuff.

Where to register for a baby registry?

There are different baby stores online where you can register such as Amazon baby registry, Target, BuyBuy Baby goodie bag, Walmart, Motherhood maternity, and Amazon family subscription. But my favorite of them all is Amazon.

Why Amazon you may ask?

Amazon baby registry

Below are the benefits of a baby registry on Amazon

  1. Amazon is the largest store online where you can get almost all you need for your baby. In fact, it has millions of baby items on their site and you can add as many as you want with a click. Items on Amazon are also cheaper than other stores online.
  2. Amazon offers you a free welcome box with products for parents and babies worth $35.
  3. Amazon allows you to add any items you cannot find on their site to your Amazon registry using a universal registry.
  4. If you join the Amazon family, you save 20% on diaper subscription, exclusive baby registry benefits, free 2-day shipping on items, etc. Sign up for the Amazon family here.
  5. Amazon gives you 90-day returns on most items purchased from your baby registry.
  6. Amazon provides group gifting so that two or more people can contribute to buy big gifts.

How to complete baby registry on amazon

To create your Amazon baby registry, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Amazon Baby Registry to get started
  2. While on the page click on “create a new baby registry”
  3. Complete the baby registry form
  4. When you are done filling the form, click on “Create baby registry”

How does Amazon baby registry work?

Amazon baby registry works like any other registry such as a wedding registry. All you need to do is to create an account. When you are done, go through thousands of baby essentials and add the list of baby registry must-haves items to the registry with a click. Then when you are done with that, you will get a link to share with your friends and family members so they can easily locate your registry on Amazon and then buy the items listed as a gift for your baby.

But, then when is the appropriate time to share the baby registry link and how do you share your Amazon baby registry link?

When to share the baby registry link

The ideal time to start your baby registry must-haves items link is when you are 12 weeks or at 20 weeks when you might have done an ultrasound to know the sex of the baby. This time you have enough time to research and add your baby essentials to the baby registry list. When you are done, you can share it with friends and family members. You need to give them enough time to plan and purchase gifts for your baby before it arrives.

How to share your Amazon baby registry must haves items’ link?

Since you have the Amazon baby registry link, all you need do is to share it through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Most of your friends and family members use social networks, especially Facebook. So, copy the link and share it as a status on your Facebook page.

Email is another good channel you can use to share your baby registry must-haves link. Sure, you have some of your friends and family members’ emails. Ensure you send it to all of them.

Now, to the main thing, let’s look at items to put in the baby registry.

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List of baby registry must-haves to put in the Amazon baby registry (for first time moms and experienced moms)

Baby bath essentials

1.   Baby washcloths

Baby washcloths are used to wash baby’s skin and also for other uses such as baby wipes, to clean baby’s buts and gums, and nappy or sanitary liners. Ensure you get as many as 14-20 washcloths because you will be using them a lot.

How many washcloths do I need?

You will need about 20 pieces. I recommend the Amazon Basics Fast Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton Washcloths. It is a pack of 60 pieces. It is soft for a baby’s face and body because it is made of 100% cotton. It is very absorbent and dry fast too. So you will need 20 pieces of washcloths for your baby registry.

2.   Baby hooded towels

This is not a necessity, but if you have a budget for it, why not? The baby hooded towel keeps the baby warm as newborns get cold easily, especially after bathing them. But if you don’t have it in your budget, a washcloth will do.

How many baby hooded towels do I need?

You need about 5 hooded towels for the baby. One of the best-hooded towels for babies is the Hudson baby unisex baby cotton animal face available on Amazon. It is great because it is 100% woven terry cotton is soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. It is also affordable and of high quality. So add 5 hooded towels to your baby registry.

3.    Baby bath wash & shampoo

 – Get a bath wash and shampoo that is tear-free soap and free from harmful chemicals so that even if it gets into the baby’s eyes, it will not hurt.

When can you use bath products on a baby?

Babies don’t actually need soap by the first three weeks. You can just clean them up with water. But You can use bath products when they are around 4 to 6 weeks. One of the best baby soaps and shampoos you can use is the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Gentle Bath Wash & Shampoo available on Amazon.

How many baby soaps do I need for a year?

The number of bottles of baby soap and shampoos you need for a year depends on how often you bath your baby. At least, you can aim for 10 bottles of baby wash for a year.

4.    Baby body lotion

Get a baby lotion that can prevent and protects dry skin and is suitable for everyday use.

Baby oil or lotion first?

Start with the lotion first, then rub the lotion thereafter. This helps to hold the moisture in. You can also apply the baby oil directly without the lotion. You can mix baby oil and lotion together and apply them to the baby’s skin. Start using baby lotion when they are a week old. One of the best baby oil you can use for your baby is the Burt’s Bees Baby Oil available on Amazon. It is 100% natural and contains oil to help hydrate the baby’s skin and protect it from dryness. A good baby lotion you can try is the Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby. It is a non-greasy body lotion perfect for babies.

5.   Baby bathtub 

Use a comfortable bathtub like The First years’ sure comfort deluxe newborn to toddler tub to bathe your baby. The bathtub will serve you for a long time. Most people use their kitchen or bathroom sink. This can be dangerous and risky because a wet and soapy baby is slippery, except you use a sink insert.

Do you really need a baby bathtub?

No, you don’t really need a baby bathtub. There are several ways you can bathe your baby without using a bathtub. You can choose to bathe your baby in the big bathtub or in the kitchen sink. However, I feel a bathtub provides a safe place to bathe the baby. Therefore, do get one for your baby.

6. Bathtub thermometer

You need a bathtub thermometer to show you the right temperature for the baby’s bathwater. The ideal is 37 degrees C to 38 degrees c. They are cheap too. One of the best baby bath thermometers is the b&h baby thermometer. It has several good features such as a clock, high and low-temperature alarm, safe thermometer flashes, and beeps when water is too hot or cold.

Do you need a bath thermometer for baby?

If you can use your elbow or wrist to check the water temperature, you are good to go. But if you don’t trust your wrist or elbow due to one thing or the other, it is best to get a baby bathtub thermometer. Apart from helping you to check the temperature of the water, it is a great toy for your baby to play with as they take their bath.

Baby grooming essentials

7.    Baby comb and brush set

Use a set comb and brush to properly comb and brush your baby’s hair after bathing. Ensure they are soft and gentle on your baby’s hair while using it. Here is an adorable Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set (4-Piece) for Newborns and Toddlers available on Amazon.

8.    Baby manicure set

A manicure set will help you trim or cut the baby’s fingernails, hair, gums, finger gum, umbilical cord, belly button, etc. One of the best manicure sets is the Baby Grooming kit Set available on Amazon.

Baby Breastfeeding essentials

9.    Nursing pillows

There are different nursing pillows. Choose the one that is comfortable for you and the baby such as My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow. It is one of the best that has been around for some time. It provides a comfortable posture as you breastfeed your baby and removes the back, neck, and arms strain. If you don’t have the budget for it, a throw pillow will do.

Is breastfeeding pillow worth it?

Yes, a breastfeeding pillow is well worth it. It helps you to breastfeed comfortably without developing backache. It also has other uses such as for tummy time, helping baby to sit, etc.

When to stop using nursing pillow?

You can stop using a nursing pillow when the baby has good head control. This is around 5-6 months old.

2.            Nursing bra – Most first time moms think that the nursing bra is not a necessity. It is. When you nurse your baby, your breast will increase, leak, and become unpredictable. When your baby is hungry and angry, you need a bra that will give you quick access to the breast.

3.             Nursing covers – Nursing Covers serve multiple purposes. You can use it as a nursing cover, breastfeeding scarf, baby car seat cover, infant stroller cover, car seat canopy for both baby boys and girls.

4.            Breast pump – Breast pump is also a necessity, especially if you are a working mom. Even if you are a stay at home mom, you also need to express your milk to prevent the accumulation of milk that can cause pain. The breast pump also increases your milk supply. Check out different breast pumps here. Also, check on your insurance company before you make the purchase as many insurance companies offer it for free.

10.            Breast milk storage containers – If you use a breast pump machine, then you need the storage containers. Use them to store your breast milk and keep bacteria away from it. Use one bottle to pump, store and feed your baby.

6.             Cotton baby bibs – Get baby bibs that can absorb all the baby’s drool, spit-ups, and dribbles, because there will be lots of them. Get as many bibs as you can, you will need them.

7.            Nipple cream is also very essential. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream for breastfeeding is high recommended by moms and doctors in the US. It helps to relieve and soothe sore nipples. Babies suck a lot in their early days and this can cause sore and cracked nipples. You will need the cream.

8.            Baby bottles and nipples – Get a set of baby bottles and nipples that produces the same natural feeding actions breastfed babies are used to when breastfeeding. This will help to reduce nipple confusion in babies. So, how many baby bottles do you need to put in your registry. You will need to register for about 10 bottles, depending on whether you want to breastfeed or formula feed. Ensure you add different brands such as Dr. Brown, Munchkin, Avent and Evenflow.

9.             Bottle drying rack. Use a bottle drying rack to dry your baby bottles, pacifiers, Teethers, sippy cups, etc.

Baby diapering essentials

1.            Diapers (2 packs) of Diapers Newborn / Size 1 (8-14lb), 198 count and Diapers Newborn / Size 1 (8-14lb), 156 count sensitive disposable baby diapers. This should be all right for you at the beginning. Check my post on the Baby diapering buying guide to know the number of diapers you will need per month at each level of baby development.

2.            Diaper changing pad is not a necessity, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. But you need something like a portable changing diaper bag and foldable travel changing station if you want to travel or even change your baby’s diaper at malls, supermarkets, and the beach.

3.             Baby wipes – Use diaper wipes that is gentle on baby’s skin, moist and thick. It should not contain chemicals harmful to babies.

4.            Diaper bag – You need a diaper bag with a changing pad such as the Diaper bag backpack that comes with a changing pad. This bag will make life comfortable as you go out with your baby and pack their essentials in them.

5.            Diaper pail – Use a diaper pail that can control odor and keeps the diaper smell in the pail. You don’t want guests to perceive the smell of used diapers in your home. The diaper pail should keep it intact.

6.             Diaper rash cream – Most babies develop diaper rash. Buying a good diaper rash cream will help to get rid of them.

7.            Wet bag: A wet bag is a great asset to keep your baby’s used diapers and clothes when you are out and about.

8.            Bottle brushes: This is for cleaning baby bottles after use.

Baby clothing essentials

For newborn babies you need:

1.            Onesies or bodysuits: You need the sets of clothes that are easy to wear for babies and they make diaper changes easy too. Wear them for your baby night and day.

2.            Side snap shirts: These are useful for babies especially when the umbilical cord is yet to come off. It is easy to remove without getting close to the umbilical cord.

3.             Snap up rompers: These are convenient clothing for babies. They are easy to wear and remove and great for diaper changes as well.

4.            Beanie hats: Baby hat and mitten protect babies from cold because they get cold easily on their heads, hands, and feet.

5.            Sleeve side snap shirts and pants:  These are good for babies with umbilical cord stump and babies who don’t like their clothes to be pulled over their heads.

6.             Sleeping gowns: Gown is easy to wear for babies when they want to sleep. It is also useful as outing clothing during cold seasons to keep baby warm.

7.            Baby leggings are soft and stretchy pants. Suitable for outings when you are using a stroller or baby carrier.

8.            Baby Sweater: Sweaters are not just suitable for winter, but through all the seasons as babies easily catch a cold.

9.             Socks with grips help to keep baby’s feet warm both night and day.

10.             Babies shirts and pants are great for outings or when you are at home too.

11.            Swaddling Blankets are great for swaddling, cuddling or burping babies.

12.             Baby safe laundry detergent: Choose a suitable laundry detergent safe for washing baby’s cloths.

13.           Snowsuit with mittens and booties are great for winter if you live where snows fall. It helps to keep the baby warm.

Baby nursery essentials

1.            Nursery wall stickers are useful for decorating the baby’s nursery to make it look beautiful.

2.            Baby crib such as Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit will not only serve your infant baby but will continue to be relevant till they are adults. It grows with babies.

3.             Crib mattress: Choose a soft and comfortable crib mattress for the baby.

4.            Bassinet:  Get a bassinet that is a 2-1 sleep product for babies. It should be a standalone bassinet and a bedside sleeper all combine in one. You can move the standalone bassinet from one place to the other in the house and still attach it to your bedside at night.

5.            Diaper changing table: A standalone changing table is the best. You don’t need elegant designs since you will only use it for a few years of your baby’s life.

6.             Baby monitor: The Wansview Wireless Camera for Baby Monitor is one of the best monitors for babies. It has apps for iPhone and Android. This makes it easy for you to watch your baby wherever you are on your phone. It has a wide range of coverage areas which ensures it totally covers your home.

7.            Dresser chest: A dresser chest is great for storing baby essentials such as clothing, diapers, toys, in different removable drawers.

8.            Nightlight: The Night Light machine is suitable for feeding and changing the baby’s diaper at night. Choose a nightlight that is a light and sound machine combined in one. The sound system should have different sounds and colors.

9.             Nursing rocking chair: The Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Rocker is suitable for baby’s nursery. It is a white rocking chair that rotates 360 degrees making it easy for you to easily reach out and grab anything in the room. It is also spacious and comfortable, helping to soothe the baby to sleep.

10.             Diaper caddy: Select a Diaper Caddy that can also serve as a nursery organizer. You can hang it on cribs, walls and changing tables. It should have shelves and pockets to store baby stuff.

11.            Clothes hamper/storage basket – This is great for storing used baby clothes, toys, and gift baskets.

Baby gear essentials

1.            Convertible car seat such as the Graco Extend2Fit 3 in 1 Car Seat is a cozy convertible infant car seat. It is designed for rear-facing infants from 4 to 50 pounds and forward-facing toddlers from 22 to 65 pounds. With this, your baby can use it till they become toddlers.

2.            Stroller – You need a stroller that grows with the baby. This will save you lots of money. The stroller should have a bassinet for an infant which can be converted to a seat position when the baby becomes a toddler. It should have storage spaces for baby’s essentials and mom’s stuff such as a purse, keys, and cell phone.

3.             Baby carrier/sling: A baby carrier is a hands-free baby wearing suitable for newborn babies, preemies, and infants. It helps to keep your baby close and warm. It has different ways to wear your baby.

4.            Travel crib: If you are a mom that travels constantly for business or other purposes, a travel crib will help your baby to sleep well. Most of them are designed to be lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.

Baby playtime essentials

1.            Baby bouncer – Baby bouncer can help you soothe colic and cranky babies as it positions them elevated. Some of them are suitable for an infant up to 2 years of age (or 29 pounds). When your baby is old, you can change the bouncer to an upright seat for the baby.

2.            Baby activity center such as the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is one of the best activity centers for babies. It has good colors, easy to assembly activity center that will keep your baby busy for as long as you want. It is sturdy and lightweight. It has a rotating seat you can lock to keep the baby from moving from one place to the other. It is suitable for infants from 4 to 12 months.

3.            Baby jumper – Baby jumpers have different activities that can keep your baby busy for a long while. Some of them have toys that help introduce numbers and colors to babies. They are suitable for babies from 6 to 12 months.

4.            Baby swing – This provides great head support and comfort for babies.

5.            Baby play mat: Select a playmat that is non-toxic, lightweight and easy to assemble.

Baby toys essentials

1.            Musical toys for babies – Musical toys such as the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy have 7 melodies to inspire your baby to love music.

2.            Teethers – This helps babies when teething. They are soft toys they can chew to help reduce the discomfort in their gums. They come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. They are fun for babies.

3.             Baby bath toys make the bathing time a delight. Look for soft and adorable bath toys in bright colors. Most baby bath toys are suitable for babies from 6 months and up.

4.            Sensory toys: These are toys that respond to baby’s touch. They help to develop fine motor skills. They also stimulate the baby’s senses with light, music and great sounds.

5.            Sorting / stacking toys: These are toys that babies can sort and stack to play. They are made for infants and toddlers. Some of them have beautifully colored rings that stimulate visual perception in children and a textured surface that promotes tactile development.

6.             Book toys such as the Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest, Fun Interactive Baby Book helps to enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in babies. It has six colorful pages of friendly characters and patterns that help in visual development in babies. It is suitable for babies from 6 months of age.

What not to put on the list of baby registry must haves

Now that you know the baby registry must-haves to be on your baby registry, it is time to check out those things that you may not need to put on your baby registry.

  1.        Bottle warmers – Use hot water in a cup
  2.        Disposable breast pads
  3.        Wipe warmers – (Keep it in the middle of your hand)
  4.        Baby food making blenders (Use regular blenders)
  5.        Moses basket
  6.        Pacifier
  7.        Baby gym
  8.        Fluffy blankets
  9.        Lots of fancy clothes
  10.        Baby cologne

Baby registry must-haves for first time moms

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. Babies are blessings and sure enough, people will get to see the list of your baby registry must-haves and also support you. It is time to jubilate and celebrate. Cheer up!

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