Bubbles in breast milk

Bubbles In Breast Milk: All You Need To Know (And Ways To Remove Them)

Breast milk has a high proportion of protein in it and vital mineral composition as well as other components that enhance the growth and development of a child.

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While breast milk is important for every baby, the nutrients it is made up of often cause bubbles, this is a situation that occurs when there is a considerable amount of pressure.

It often happens when one shakes a bottle containing breast milk, it gets bubbly because of the pressure applied on it by shaking the bottle. It also gets bubbly when you pump and this is because of the natural constituents of breast milk.          

Refrigerated Breast Milk has Bubbles, the cause, and how to remove it

You may have noticed that refrigerated breast milk has bubbles and you may also wonder what could have caused it and how it can be remedied. Every mother wants to supply her baby with nutritious milk and their worry jumps when their refrigerated milk appears frothy.


Air bubbles in refrigerated breast milk can result from soap residues left behind in the container; hence, it is usually advisable that parents use a breast milk bag and not a container to store breast milk.

How to Remove the Bubbles

Store the milk in a breast milk bag before refrigerating the milk as it is easier to ensure that there is no air bubble in a bag than in a container and it also easier to remove bubbles from a storage bag.

Soap Bubbles in Breast Milk, cause and how to remove it

Soap bubbles in breast milk are the result of soap residue. Though bubbles are not always entirely down to soap residues as oversupply and fast letdown can also lead to bubbles but soap bubbles are dangerous to breast milk and so must be avoided at all cost because of your baby’s health.


Soap bubbles are entirely down to soap residue and more often than not breast milk comes in contact with this soap residue in the containers where it is being stored.

How to Remove the Bubbles          

Avoid leaving behind soap residues in containers, flanges, or breast bags after washing. In which case, after washing with soap, ensure to rinse properly as this will help to remove all soap particles from the container.

Bubbles in Flange while Pumping, the cause and how to remove it

It is a lot of hard work to pump breast milk for babies but most mums go through this process because they want to provide their babies with nutritious milk and often time they get to see bubbles in the milk. Mothers who haven’t experienced this have the tendency of thinking that it is bubbly because of soap residue they may have left in the pump while rinsing it but often a time that is not the case.


Pumped breast milk could be bubbly because of soap residue. Again, there is the tendency for breast milk to be bubbly because of the oversupply of breast milk and the fast let down of breast milk. It is important to state that this usually happens in the morning, during the first pumping session or if you have waited for a few hours before pumping.

How to Remove the Bubbles

Ensure that there is no soap residue in the pump. Again, you must avoid a fast letdown, and to do that, you can press some of the breast milk into a sink and when there is less pressure you can direct it to the pump, you must also ensure that you don’t overdo that.

Air Bubbles in Breast Milk Bags, the cause and how to remove it

Air bubbles have often been found in breast bags even though it is the best storage medium for breast milk. However, air bubbles can be removed and all you need to do is read through and pay attention to details as that will help a lot.


Air bubbles in breast milk bags have been attributed to various reasons ranging from not sealing properly to fast letdown due to oversupply of breast milk and some even attribute it to not using a flange to pass the milk into the breast bag. Interestingly, whatever the reason may be people care more about the prospect of removing them.

How to Remove the Bubbles

Many people find it difficult to remove air bubbles from breast bags; however, it is important to state that it is not so easy but is feasible. First, you can vacuum seal the breast bag and this will ensure that it is perfectly sealed. Again, while turning the breast milk into the breast bag it is better to use a flange than to pour directly into the breast bag. Using a flange ensures that there isn’t much pressure while pouring as pressures will no doubt cause air bubbles. Make sure the flange is flat and not open from any corner.

Foamy Breast Milk with Haaka, the Cause and how to remove it

Breast milk sometimes looks foamy especially when the pump is not properly connected with some part not fitting in rightly.  This ultimately creates pressure and the pressure, in turn, causes an air bubble.


What causes foamy breast milk with Haaka can often be attributed to a lot of things but it often down to fast let down due to oversupply of breast milk and so mothers must ensure that they don’t wait for a long time before they pump into this gadget or if the Haaka has a loose connection.

How to Remove the Bubble

The Haaka is a perfect pump that will make you forget about every other pump that costs a lot of buck without living up to expectations. To remove the air bubble make sure the Haaka is properly connected to your nipple and avoid fast letdown while pumping.

Bubbles in stored breast milk, the cause and how to remove it

You must avoid bubbles in breast milk because they can cause freezer burn on breast milk and it can, in turn, harm your child.


The cause of the bubbles can be due to the storing material; hence, it is important to utilize the best storage material when you want to store breast milk for your baby to ensure that the baby does not develop unnecessary fussiness, pain, or dreadful colic.

How to Remove the Bubbles

Store with breast bags because they are the best storage materials and ensure that you don’t put pressure on the milk before storing.


Does breastmilk bubble when shaken?

Yes, breast milk bubble when shaken. Don’t shake the bottle, only stir it. Shaking breast milk denatures the shape of the molecules leaving only pieces of essential ingredients.

Bubbles in a breast milk bottle

Bubbles in breast milk bottles occur as a result of air getting in while the milk is flowing quickly into the bottle.

Is milk supposed to have bubbles?

Milk has bubbles because it contains proteins. The proteins are molecules that form a network in the bubble to reduce its surface tension.

How to get air out of Kiinde bags?

There should be no air in the storage bags of frozen breastmilk. So, how do you get the air out of Kiinde bags? To get the air out, use one hand to squeeze the bag through the bottle openings. Do it until the level of the milk comes up below the top of the pouch. When you put the nipple back, a little air will still be there. Pinch the tip of the nipple to squeeze them out.

How to prevent air bubbles in baby bottle

To prevent air bubbles in a baby bottle, do not shake the bottle. Instead, stir the bottle gently when you mix the formula.

How to remove bubbles from baby bottle?

Peradventure you have baby bottles with bubbles in them. You can remove them by adding infant gas drops to the baby bottle. It will break down air bubbles.


Breast storage is awesome stress and anxiety reliever and ensures that nursing mothers do not have to carry their babies about. Interestingly, they are becoming very popular in recent times. In addition, most pumped breast milk or stored breast milk contains air bubbles that can give your baby gas. Here, we examined different air bubbles in stored milk, the causes, and how to remove them.

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