Cheapest Way To Store Breast Milk

5 Cheapest Way To Store Breast Milk

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Searching for the cheapest way to store breast milk? Breast milk is a precious liquid that must be kept safe. The milk supply rate varies among nursing mothers. You’ll see some mothers with low milk supply such that they’ll need supplements and formulas, while you’ll also see some mothers with high milk supply such that they’ve got no reason to worry. Mothers with both low and increased milk supply will want to preserve expressed milk for easy access when needed.

Hence, the reason why most nursing mothers will want to store breast milk. Although keeping breast milk might be confusing for some mothers because of the fear of bacteria and microorganisms. But you don’t need to stress about that, as this article will show you how you can store your breast milk. In fact, you’ll also find some of the cheapest ways to store breast milk for your baby’s consumption.

Cheapest Ways To Store Breast Milk

1) Storage bags

Haakaa Silicone Milk Storage Bag,Reusable Breast Milk Bags for Breastfeeding,Food Grade Silicone,BPA Free,9 oz/260 ml (5 Count)

Since there’s a need for a breast pump, it means there’ll be a need for material to save excess milk, and that’s where storage bags come in. You can get cheap and affordable storage bags that’ll keep your breast milk for some time. Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are an excellent example of affordable bags that you can use to store your precious liquid till it’s needed. This bag is BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals, and it also has a double zipper seal to keep out bacteria.

2) Plastic container

Haakaa Breastmilk Storage Bottle Reusable Wide Neck Silicone Milk Storage Container Grey (5oz, 1 Count)

You can express your breast milk in BPA-free plastic container and freeze it to preserve. You don’t need to do much work; get plastic containers, express your milk and shove it in the freezer. A good example is the Haakaa Breastmilk Storage Bottle Reusable Wide Neck Silicone Milk Storage Container Grey (5oz, 1 Count) found on Amazon. (shown in the image above).

3) Ice trays

WeeSprout Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray with Clip-on Lid by WeeSprout - Perfect Storage Container for Homemade Baby Food, Vegetable & Fruit Purees, and Breast Milk

Some silicone freezer trays are mostly used to freeze homemade food, you know them? Great. Get those trays and divide your breast milk into each compartment. Check out the WeeSprout Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray with Clip-on Lid on Amazon.

They’ll freeze and become great milk cubes, and you can preserve them in the same manner for a long time. When they become breast milk cubes and need the tray, transfer them into plastic bags for storage. Though you’ll have to thaw the cubes before you give it to your baby. This method of storing breast milk is quite creative and cheap; you can even put the cubes in a wide-open bottle while on the go.

4) Cooler bags

Breast Pump Bag Backpack - Cooler and Moistureproof Bag Double Layer for Mother Outdoor Working Backpack, Fit Most Size Breast Pump Large (Black)

After expressing your milk, you can place it in the cooler bag to save for at least 24 hours. Place the milk container in the bag, keep the ice pack in it and close the cooler. You must make sure not to open the bag when it’s not necessary for adequate preservation.

5) Pump bottles

Matyz 6-Pack Breast Milk Storage Bottles (8 Ounce, 3 Colors) - Wide Neck Breastmilk Collection and Storage Bottle - Formula Storage Bottles Compatible with Medela Avent Spectra Pumps

Typically, almost all pumps come with bottles though the material and design can differ from one another. Depending on the kind of bottles that come with your pump, you can store breast milk in them. The purpose of the bottle is to feed your baby and save extra milk. Hence, you can use the pump bottles to save your expressed milk. A good example is the Matyz 6-Pack Breast Milk Storage Bottles available on Amazon.

However, you can preserve the milk by leaving it at room temperature or shoving it in your freezer/refrigerator for proper storage. Although you must take note of the temperature at which you’re storing the milk to prevent spoilage. See the different types of breast milk and ways of storing them.

Types of breast milk

Pumped breast milk

Thawed/formerly frozen breath milk

Leftover breast milk.

You can store each of these breast milk at different temperatures according to the place of storage. For instance,  the pumped breast milk can be kept on the countertop(25°C) and last for about 4 hours; it’ll last for about four days when refrigerated at four °C and last for six months kept in the freezer at 0°F.

The Thawed milk will last for about 2 hours on the countertop (77°F/25°C), last for one day/24 hours when kept in the refrigerator at four °C and you can’t freeze it again after being thawed.

Lastly, your baby must consume the leftover milk within 2 hours because you can’t preserve it without getting contaminated. Thus, contaminated breast milk can cause harm to your baby. You must note the difference between each breast milk and how to preserve them for effective storage and waste management.

Besides, You’ve seen some cheap and affordable ways you can use to store breast milk without stress, and you’ve also seen the types of breast milk and the little difference while preserving them. Hence, it’s vital you know some things about storing breast milk. Why? This is because breast milk isn’t normally made for storage, but you have to keep it to prevent wastage.

Tips to note while storing breast milk

1) Don’t store breast milk at the door of the freezer or refrigerator, and that’s to avoid temperature changes in the milk that might result in your opening and closing the door.

2) Label the breast milk clearly with the amount and date it was expressed so that you can know which to use first.

3) Freeze any expressed milk that you think you won’t use in the next four days to prevent the milk’s taste and quality.

4) Breast milk expands when it’s freezing, so it tends to leave a little space for expansion.

5) Don’t store breast milk in bottle liners or plastic containers that are not fit for precious milk preservation.

Cheapest Way To Store Breast Milk – The Bottom line

Storing breast milk is an effective way of keeping your precious liquid from wasting. Since mothers’ milk supply differs from one another, you must store breast milk to get easy access to your baby’s food. However, there are some methods that you can use to store your breast milk if you’re on a budget, so you shouldn’t worry about the cost of keeping the milk.

Some of the ways include using Ice trays, plastic containers, etc. Although the article also contains the types of breast milk and what you should know about them. Endeavor to implement the details of the article for the benefit of you and your baby.

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