Guide to baby bath and grooming essentials

Buying guide for baby bath and grooming essentials

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You are happy but anxious at the same time.

You are not sure you know what you need to bathe and groom a baby.

You’ve seen babies here and there.

But you’ve not really taken time to know the bath and grooming essentials a baby will need to look clean and neat.

It is not a problem.

In fact, you are not alone. Most first time moms were like you at the onset.

By the time you go through this article, you will not only know the right baby bath and grooming essentials, you will also know the quantity you need.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

It is time for a bath! Bath time for babies, especially newborns is the time to cry and shout. However, it is very important to keep your baby neat and clean. Bathing frequency varies from parent to parent. Some bathe their babies daily, some do it once a week. But honestly, it is better to bathe them daily because of the occasional spit-up, errant milk, and blowouts they produce.  Having said that, below are bathing essentials you need for your baby.

1.  Baby bath and grooming essentials: Baby washcloths

The baby washcloth is the cloth or small hand towel you use to bathe the baby. It is the first baby bath and grooming essentials you need.

Are baby washcloths necessary?

Yes, they are. You need baby washcloths to wash and clean your baby during and after a bath. Amazingly, there are more things you can do with baby washcloths apart from bathing and cleaning. Find them below.

What is baby washcloths used for?

Baby washcloths are used for different purposes such as

  •   Use baby washcloths to wash your baby’s skin
  •   Use a baby washcloth to replace baby wipes
  •   Use a baby washcloth to clean baby’s buts
  •   Use a baby washcloth to clean baby’s gums (remove milk residues)
  •   Give a baby washcloth to your child for chewing to relieve teething itching
  •   Reuse old baby washcloths as a rag for cleaning
  •   Turn an old baby washcloth into nappy or sanitary liners
  •   Turn old baby washcloth to breastfeeding pads
  •   Turn an old baby washcloth to animal flowers your baby can play with.

How many baby’s washcloths do you need?

You need about 14-20 washcloths and even more. It depends on the frequency of the baby bath and whether or not you want to reuse it. If you bath your baby regularly, say daily, you will 7 for a week and then you wash and use the remaining 7 for another week. If you bath your baby twice a week, you will need less. Apart from using it to bathe the baby, you can also use them as wipes for babies, especially for newborns, because their skin is sensitive at first, so instead of using the regular wipes for them, you can use your washcloths. There are many use cases for washcloths. Read it above and use them accordingly.

Baby washcloths size

Baby washcloths come in different sizes such as 9 x 9 inches, 10 x 10 inches, and 12 x 12 inches. The 10 x 10 is the most common baby washcloth size because they are easy to hold and big enough to use for the baby.

Best fabric for baby washcloths

The fabric material used in making baby washcloths is very important. You don’t want to choose a washcloth that will make your baby uncomfortable. Most washcloths are made of cotton and organic bamboo, but the best fabric for baby washcloths so far is cotton washcloths, especially Egyptian cotton washcloths. It is easy to wash and last long and are durable.

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2.   Baby bath and grooming essentials: Baby hooded towels

The baby hooded towels are for keeping your baby warm after the bath is over. They are cute with nice designs. This is the second baby bath and grooming essentials you will need.

Do you really need hooded towels for babies?

You don’t really need a hooded towel for your baby. They are a luxury but not a necessity. You can use a regular towel or a washcloth. But nonetheless, hooded towels are good for keeping your baby warm, especially newborns because they catch a cold easily. So keeping their head inside the towels keep them warm.

How many hooded towels do you need for a baby?

The ideal number of hooded towels you will need for your baby is 2-5. However, this depends on the frequency of baths, laundry, etc. You will want to use two towels for each bath. You wrap the baby in one as you bathe and clean the head so they can keep warm and you can use the second one to wrap the baby after a bath. But if you do laundry daily, 2 hooded towels are enough.

Check out more adorable hooded towels for your baby here.

3.     Baby bath and grooming essentials: Baby bath wash and Shampoo

The third baby bath and grooming essential is the baby bath wash and shampoo. It is the liquid you will use to bathe your baby.

4.     Baby bath and grooming essentials: Infant tub

The baby bathing tub is essential. It is where you put your newborn and toddler to bathe them.

Do you really need a bathtub?

You need a bathtub because a baby that is wet and soapy is slippery, which could pose a danger to your baby. It is better to buy a good bathtub than take the risk of hurting your child. Ensure you get a convertible bathtub you can use for your baby from newborn to toddlerhood such as the one in the image above.

5.     Baby bath and grooming essentials: Bath kneeler

As your baby grows, you will need to bathe them in a tub. To achieve this, you may need to kneel so you can get to wash them easily. But this can cause you pain over time, especially in your elbows and knees. The bath kneeler is made of cushions for your elbows and knees. It makes it very convenient to bathe your baby in the tub.

6.    Baby bath and grooming essentials:       Bath Tub thermometer for babies

Bathtub thermometers help you know the right temperature for the baby’s bathwater, which is almost the same as the body temperature – 37 degrees C to 38 degrees c. Bath thermometers come in adorable toy cases.

7.     Baby bath and grooming essentials: Fancy baby bath sink insert

If you are low on budget or you just want to use the kitchen or bathroom sink to bathe your baby, you will need a baby bath sink insert. It is very convenient and safe for babies.

8.     Baby comb and brush set

Baby comb and brush set is essential not only to comb your baby’s hair but also for scalp health.

9.     Baby manicure set

Most often than not, your baby’s nail will need cutting or trimming. A baby manicure set contains a set of clippers, scissors, etc. Check out some of them here.

10.     Cotton swabs for babies

Cotton swabs are for cleaning the baby’s umbilical cord and belly button, baby’s nose and applying ointment on the baby’s skin.

Baby bath and grooming essentials is an important aspect of a clean and neat baby

Giving a baby a good bath and grooming time can be hard work. There’s no doubt about that. But you can make it even harder by not using the right bath and grooming essentials. Don’t do that!

Choose the right products for bathing and grooming products to make your baby sparkling clean and neat.

Come on. Go get them!

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