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50 Affordable Beach Gifts For Mom

Are you searching for affordable and perfect beach gifts for mom? Surely, you have a mom that loves the beach so much. Moms work hard and so they deserve time out on the beach for relaxation. No matter what your mom loves doing on the beach, such as kayaking, surfing, boogie boards, etc. There are gifts that will catch her fancy. The following beach gifts for mom are adorable and affordable at the same time.

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Beach-themed Journal

The beach-themed journal is perfect for recording fun events on the beach. It makes a perfect gift for beach lovers.

1.         Beach Tote Bag with Hidden, Insulated Compartment

Two bottles of wine can be discretely held and poured with this BPA-free, convenient beverage bag. This is the only bag that is fashionable enough to be used with or without the beverage pouch. It is lined and has two side pockets. This can be great for family beach picnics as well as being one of the most affordable beach gifts for mom.

2.         Pop up Beach Canopy

Your mother won’t enjoy spending time at the beach without shade. Up to 4 people can fit under this family-size beach pop-up canopy, which is lightweight and portable and provides UPF 50+ sunshade performance. Additionally, it can prevent 98 percent of ultraviolet rays. The beach pop-up canopy offers your friends and family enough space for activities and shade.

3.         Frankies Bikinis Sunscreen Set

What could be more intriguing than a sun kit in a travel bag? The two essential lotions your mom needs to enjoy the sun safely are included in this sun kit. This gorgeous, travel-size neoprene bag contains a mineral sunscreen with SPF 30 that is safe for coral reefs and a nourishing, calming after-sun lotion.

4.         Oversized beach towel

These beach towels by California Cabana are lush, absorbent, and quick-drying. Since the towels are made of yarn-dyed cotton, they won’t easily fade. With a base color of white and cabana stripes in seven vibrant hues—blue, green, yellow, grey, beige, lavender, and coral—you can choose from a wide range of colors.

5.         Starfish and sea shell jewelry

These tropical starfish and sea shell pendant is a fantastic gift for a beach lover since they perfectly represent the essence of the beach. It is exquisitely made of sterling silver, and the stones sparkle in a cool-blue shade. Additionally, this gorgeous piece of jewelry is compatible with Pandora charm necklaces and bracelets.

6.         Turtle Pendant Necklace

With its 14k white gold over sterling silver construction, this turtle pendant necklace gives your outfit a touch of natural beauty. With its oval cut simulated blue sapphire and round cut sparkling white cubic zirconia, it ensures a top-notch addition to your collection. It is appropriate for any occasion and may even be worn to the beach.

7.         Picnic Basket with Insulated Cooler Compartment

This Large Picnic Basket with Complete Picnic Set, which can double as a wine table, includes 2 plastic wine glasses, 1 waiter-style bottle opener, 2 salt and pepper shakers, and 2 stainless steel dinnerware service sets. This basket is the best option if you enjoy bringing dishes or drinks to the beach.

8.         Stainless steel insulated tumbler

This stainless steel insulated tumbler keeps drinks cold for 12 hours and hot for 6 hours under normal temperature. You can enjoy hot or cold drinks on the beach for a long period. It is made of premium 18/8 food-grade stainless steel which is BPA-free, lead-free, more durable, and healthier than a plastic cup.

9.         Low Beach Chair for Adult

This set of low beach chairs is made of a cooling, breathable mesh fabric that lets air circulate for maximum comfort. Padded armrests and an accessible cupholder for holding drinks and personal belongings come with each chair. It is a perfect beach companion because it can be folded up and slipped into a bag with a strap attached. It is one of the best beach gifts for mom.

10.       Swimwear Kimono

It’s crucial to preserve your skin while enjoying yourself and soaking up some vitamin D at the beach. An affordable beach gift for mom is this fashionable beach cover-up in her favorite color. It is entirely made of nylon. This cover-up kimono comes with a pull-on fastening and tassel details. Your mom can wear it as an open garment or tie it in front

11.       Women’s Beach Coverup

It is made from 60% cotton and 40% viscose. For your fashionable mom, this easy-fitting beach cover-up with adjustable straps is ideal. When your mom visits the beach, she can wear it alone or with a basic pair of shorts because it is suitable for the heat.

12.       Tote bag with zipper

When heading to the beach, there is no longer a need to pack several tote bags when you have a lot to pack. You can place every little thing in one bag.  With its max-capacity U-scoop zipper, this portable, extra-large utility bag can be stuffed to the brim. It holds all you need and keeps your belongings secure inside. It is one of the most perfect beach gifts for mom.

13.       Women’s Beach Straw Bag

For your elegant mom, this straw bag is perfect. It is easy to transport from one location to another and has enough room to fit a lot of materials for travel and everyday requirements, such as a phone, wallet, card, cosmetics, sunglasses, an umbrella, a water bottle, accessories, and other beach-related items.

14.       Straw Beach Hat

An affordable beach gift for your mom might be a lovely summer hat for the beach. With its light straw construction, this summer hat with a wide brim is made entirely of natural wheat straw and would shield her from the sun. The interior lining of the straw hat contains an adjustable strap that you can use to make the hat fit comfortably.

15.       Women’s Palm Beach Short

Your mom would find it easy to choose an outfit for a day at the beach if she had a pair of women’s beach shorts. It is made up of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. It is designed with a mechanism that draws moisture from the skin, moves it to the outer layer of the garment, and releases it into the atmosphere.

16.       Women’s Beach Cotton Cover-up

This cotton gauze sarong cover-up from Beach Basics has been designed to fit all body types. The textiles are put through tests to make sure they won’t fade, stretch, or sag over time. It is a fashionable coverup with tassel trim. You can’t go wrong with this if you want to give your mom a fashionable coverup.

17.       Beach Wedge Sandal

This multipurpose summer sandal can go from day to night with ease, thanks to its synthetic rubber sole, making your mom remain elegant. The Giselle Beach wedge sandal is a chic open-toe cork wedge. It has a 3-inch wedge heel and an adjustable strap for a personalized, snug fit feel

18.       Women’s Beach Flip Flop Slides

This pair of women’s quick-dry flip-flop slides is an affordable beach gift for mom. They feature water-resistant synthetic straps, an ultra-soft, quick-drying jersey knit liner, and a soft nylon toe post for an ultra-comfy fit. With this, you can be certain that your mom will be comfortable while strolling along the beach.

19.       Sand proof Beach Blanket

This sandless beach blanket will help your mum enjoy her time at the beach without having to dust it. It is designed of four layers of tiny, lightweight mesh fabric that filters sand and dust so they don’t bounce right back up. Even in the warmest temperatures, it keeps cool and comfortable.

20.       Floppy Sun Hat

This Polybraid fashion floppy beach hat is made with UPF 50+ fabric, which filters 98 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. It has a grosgrain tunnel with string for adjusting fit and a pull-on fastening. It would undoubtedly keep the sun off of your mom’s face and neck, allowing her to maintain her stunning appearance. What a perfect beach gift for mom.

21.       Beach Umbrella with UV Protection

This beach umbrella measures 90 inches in length and is made from a special silver-coated fabric that shields 99 percent of UV rays. Therefore, when your mom is at the beach, you don’t need to be concerned about the intense sun. Your mom can now thoroughly enjoy her summer break.

22.       Back Pack beach chair

The four seating positions on this beach chair set are simply adjustable. Your mom can relax in an upright position or lie back and work on her tan. Due to its smooth, high-quality polyester fabric and cushioned headrest, this beach chair offers personalized seating and relaxing space.

23.       Bamboo Hammock

This double hammock is made of Textilene, which is composed of 30% high-strength polyester yarn and 70% PVC. This fabric is supple, breathable, cozy, weatherproof, and oil-proof. Two people can also fit inside because of its size. While on the beach, it is ideal for unwinding and resting. This is a gift that your mom would adore.

24.       Waterproof Camera

Giving your mom an underwater camera is indeed a good idea. Every moment is captured by this underwater camera in razor-sharp clarity. The improved camera offers greater resolution to record even more amazing experiences. With the flashlight, photographs will also come out well in low light or complete darkness. 

25.       Beach Hair Clip

This elegant summer beach hair clip for women is an amazing and affordable beach for mom. Your mom will be anticipating the next time she can hit the waves after seeing this beach hair clip because it has the ideal beachy touch. You’ll be astounded by how many compliments she receives.

26.       UV Sun Bucket Hat

The wide brim of the lightweight Nike Bucket Hat aids in shielding your eyes from the sun while you’re at the beach. I ts zones of breathability work in combination with its sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. You can stay dry and comfortable thanks to the Dri-FIT technology that is woven into it. is removable and adjustable to let you tweak your appearance.

27.       Beach Maxi Dress

This beach maxi dress is made of Polyester and viscose. Focusing on dramatic sleeves and a shapeless silhouette, it has the appearance of a sweater dress. In order to retain her modesty, your mom can also wear this dress when visiting the beachside shops or returning home.

28.       Waterproof Beach Tote Bag

The drinks, food, sunscreen, and other items your mom will need for a day at the beach can all fit in this waterproof beach bag. The large beach tote has a non-slip ridge on the bottom that is designed to hold the bag in place.  The waterproof bag can stand by itself due to the stability provided by the reinforced base. 

29.       Micro Fiber Beach Towel

The extra-large microfiber beach towel can be used as a beach blanket to cover an entire lounger. Sand does not stick at all, and microfiber material has a unique sensation. Compared to a typical cotton towel, it dries at least four times faster. This beach towel is one of the most affordable beach gifts for mom.

30.       Beach Lounge Chairs

These two foldable and portable beach chairs are crafted from breathable 200D Oxford fabric and steel frame, which give the chair stability and durability. They have a storage compartment under the headrest where you can keep your keys, phone, magazines, books, food/snacks, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

31.       Windproof Beach Canopy

Searching for adorable beach gifts for mom? With added UPF 50+ sun protection, this windproof beach canopy is lightweight, portable, and quick to set up. The beach umbrella may, if necessary, be converted into a rain shelter thanks to the fabric’s ability to repel water. 6 sandbags are included in the design of this 2-pole family beach tent for added stability.

32.       Polarized Sunglasses

The polarized sunglasses have a contemporary frame style and classy color which defines a trendy fashion. Get your mom a pair of these polarized sunglasses that are designed to selectively block horizontally reflected, distracting light waves from the beach. You can be confident of exceptional visual clarity, definition, color transmission, and comfort with these sunglasses.

33.       Palazzo Pant Swim Suit Coverup

These flowing palazzo pants in a plain color keep up with your beach schedule in chic fashion. Its flat front and wide legs offer a stylish solution to cover up when your mom is going into or out of the beach. The softly elasticized waistline also provides the highest level of comfort.

34.       Handmade Summer Beach Bag

This handmade summer beach bag is simple and has a portable frame. It has a stylish semi-circular bag shape, open pocket design, and regular hollow design which has a unique sense of art. This bamboo acrylic bag is suitable for beach outings and has a concave shape for photos. It is one of the must-have items for a trendy mom

35.       Starfish Silver Pendant

Looking for classy beach gifts for mom? This spectacular starfish silver pendant necklace has a sophisticated genuine Hawaiian larimar gemstone set in a pear-shaped pendant that conceals its simplicity by enhancing a sophisticated appearance. The nature-inspired design gives the necklace a natural appeal and would make your mom look beautiful.

36.       Face Shield Sunglasses

The Hapifri Face shield sunglasses provide complete protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and give 100% UVA/UVB protection. It ensures anti-aging, anti-blue light, and anti-Fog protection for your eyes throughout the day while on the beach. This is an affordable beach gift for mom for outdoor activities in every weather, including beach outings. It is also excellent for year-round daily wear and as a high fashion accessory.

37.       Beach Sun Shelter

This portable pop-up beach tent offers 50+ UPF sun protection and serves as a portable beach sun shelter. The back window zips open for ventilation, and the extended front floor zips for privacy. This beach sun shelter has built-in storage compartments and a dry line so you may hang damp clothes even when you’re at the beach. You need not worry about bothering your mom because it is simple to set up and just takes approximately 5 minutes.

38.       Starfish-themed throw pillow

This adorable beach-themed pillow also makes a lovely mom’s gift. Soft cotton and polyester stuffing were used in its production. A contrasting piped edging completes this tiny accent pillow. Use this tropical pillow at the beach to aid in your relaxation because it makes you think of soft sand and an ocean breeze.

39.       Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The hydro flask bottle is built of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and non-toxic, BPA-free polymers. It provides all of your daily hydration needs in a single container, keeps drinks hot or cold, and fits comfortably and easily in your hand whether strolling along the beach or in the cup holders of your car on the way home.

40.       Foldable Beach Table

You should buy the Foldable beach table as a gift for your mom if she enjoys going on picnics. Even though it’s referred to as a “bed” table, this tiny masterpiece can go with you on all of your outside outings and adventures! Due to its extreme portability, and lightweight, it is perfect for beach excursions, hiking, and camping.

41.       Sunscreen mineral powder

Dermatologists frequently suggest this lightweight mineral powder sunscreen brush, for women who love to wear makeup to the beach. This powder is ideal for use alone or as the final, sheer layer of coverage for your mom’s beach makeup. Additionally, it offers a broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen and ingredients that are great for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

42.       Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

You can take your speaker everywhere thanks to it being waterproof and portable. Simply fasten a belt, strap, or buckle, then go out and discover the world. You can play for up to 10 hours on a single charge, so don’t worry about the little things like charging your battery. Your mom can play music wirelessly from her phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-capable gadgets while at the beach.

43.       Fashion beach bag

Your mom’s beach day will be hassle-free thanks to this waterproof bag. It has two side drink holder pockets, a waterproof phone case, a waterproof internal liner, and is conveniently foldable for putting into a drawer or luggage. Your wet towels and clothes can be conveniently stored without the bag getting soaked

44.       Floating Hammock Chair

Three packs of striped pool lounge chairs are included in this floating pool hammock set. The water hammock is quick and simple to inflate and deflate. Simply fold it up for storage or carry it around as needed. It is really handy to have when going to the beach by car or simply when lounging around the house.

45.       Hooded Beach Towel

Why purchase a standard towel when you can purchase a hooded towel? The body deserves comfort after a beach outing. You won’t feel the cold water anymore thanks to the comfortable material of the Surf Poncho. Don’t forget to use the stylish kangaroo pocket to store your items while at the beach. This is one of the best beach gifts for mom.

46.       Picnic Basket

Three COOLER compartments, a top pocket for dry food storage, and a side wine holder are all features of this affordable picnic basket. Its ergonomic design makes carrying a hefty load with a picnic set for a long trip, hiking, or camping easier. Your mother is sure to like this gift.

47.       Ocean Charm Beach Bracelet

Your mom will love this beautiful ocean bracelet with its amazing design for the summer. It is the perfect accessory for a beach outing.  It serves as a reminder to concentrate on enjoyable memories and anticipate them. You can be guaranteed that high-quality, easily-cleanable materials were used to make this bracelet.

48.       Adult Crocs

This vibrant tie-dye Crocs offer the ideal groovy statement to any style. They are lightweight, timeless, enjoyable, and radiate tranquil good feelings. Your mom would get amazing compliments when on the beach with these crocs. The material of the crocs is simple to clean, keeping the tie-dye pattern vivid after washing.

49.       Cordless Hair Dryer

This affordable beach gift for mom is going to make your mom thrilled. You can take the hair dryer with you wherever you go and use it wherever you like without being constrained by a wire. Particularly for outdoor activities like trips to the beach. Your mom doesn’t have to be concerned about moving about on the beach with wet hair.

50.       Mesh Beach Bag

This mesh beach bag is large enough to hold four to six beach towels, sunscreen, shoes, and any other beach essentials your mom might require. It contains 8 spacious mesh pockets outside the beach bag to help you keep your belongings organized and separate, and one larger splash-proof zippered compartment inside the beach bag to keep your valuables dry, safe, and sand-free.


  • There you have it – 50 amazing beach gifts for mom.

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