How To Make Cot More Snug For a Baby

How To Make Cot More Snug For a Baby

The expectation of your newborn baby will change some things around your house. You’ll have to build a nursery and fill it with several baby equipment that’ll make your baby safe and comfortable after delivery. The cot is one of the pieces of baby gears you’ll get for your baby. The cot is like your baby’s personal bed that he’ll probably spend most of the time in. According to research, babies spend most of their days sleeping. However, purchasing a cot doesn’t guarantee your baby’s comfort if the cot is not set up. Thus, first-time mothers are concerned about how to make cot more snug for a baby.

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When your baby’s cot is snug, then you can say your baby is safe and comfortable in the city. There are several dangers of placing your baby in a cot that’s not snug, and an example is your baby getting caught up in the cot’s material. Making the cot snug for your baby isn’t difficult if you know-how. The First time mamma got you covered. In this post, we’ve answered the question- how to make cot more snug for a baby? In it, you’ll find the perfect technique for you and your baby. You’ll see various ways of making your baby’s cot snug and comfortable in this post.

How To Make Cot More Snug For a Baby

As said before, you’ll get several different techniques to make your baby’s cot snug, safe and comfortable, and they include;

1) Using a snuggling cushion.

Baby Lounger, Elephant Patterned Baby Nest Bed Super Soft and Comfortable Newborn Bed Insert for Nursery Crib,Portable Snuggle Bed Detachable Bumper with Cushion

Use a snuggling cushion such as the Baby Lounger portable snuggle bed detachable bumper with Cushion. It is 100% cotton fabric that is safe on babies’ sensitive skin. It makes babies sleep comfortably as they do while in the womb or in their mother’s arms. You can also make a snuggling cushion yourself; it’s a do-it-yourself project that you should be able to manage. Get several blankets and pillows to make a befitting snuggling cushion for your baby’s cot. Just let your creativity go wild.

2) Toddle Pod

Little Growers Co-Pod Baby Lounger - Cosleeper for Baby with Two (2X) Covers! Portable Newborn Baby Bed/Baby Sleeper/Baby Nest with Pillow Softness. Parent Co Sleeper for Soothing Baby Sleep

Toddle Pod is a material designed from fibers, and it’s suitable for making your baby’s cot snugger. An example of Toddle pod is the Little Growers Co-Pod Baby Lounger. The pod is perfect for babies within 0 – 12 months and above so that you can use it for your baby within this age range. Toddle pod is padded at the sides and not padded at the center; putting your baby inside the pod within the city will snuggle your baby and keep him safe and comfortable.

3) The usage of a Firm mattress

Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress, White – Ships Compressed in Lightweight Box, Ideal Mattress Firmness, Featuring Soft, Water-Resistant, Removable, Hand-Washable Outer Cover

The type of cot you get matters a lot- either the cot with a mattress or the one without a mattress. So, in case you get a cot without a mattress, make sure to purchase a firm and snug mattress for your baby’s cot such as the Graco Premium Foam Crib. And if it’s the other way round, that is, purchasing a cot with a mattress but the mattress isn’t snug, you can change it to a snugger and more preferable mattress for the cot.

4) Sleeping bags or Gro bags.

TILLYOU All Season Micro-Fleece Baby Sleep Bag and Sack with Inverted Zipper, Unisex Clothes for Toddlers Age 12-18 Months, Sleeveless Warm Soft Plush Wearable Blanket TOG 1, Large L, Gray Elephant

You can use sleeping bags to make the cot more snug and warm for your baby. You have to wear the sleeping bag for your baby and put him in the cot; it’ll be snug. You might be afraid of the sleeping bag suffocating your baby, but that’s not the case. As it is, many sleeping or Gro bags are Sudden Infant Diseases Syndrome (SIDS) risk-free, so you can use the sleeping bags to make your baby’s cot snugger.

5) V-pillow

Heartbeat Baby Pillow Flat Head Baby Pillow Baby Head Shaping Pillow Baby Pillow for Newborn for Baby Lounger Pillow Heart Shaped, Flat Head Prevention, Baby Feeding Pillow

If you’ve got a V-pillow in your house, place it in your baby’s cot and place your baby in the middle. Check this pillow out on Amazon. With the V-shape of the pillow, your baby won’t get the chance to roll out, making the cot snugger for him. However, if you don’t have a V-pillow, you can either use the other techniques in the post or make a do-it-yourself pillow to suit your desire.

6) Cellular Blanket

Amazing Baby Cellular Blanket, Premium Cotton, Butterum

Cellular blankets will work well in making your baby’s cot snugger. You can use the blanket by wrapping it around your baby in a not too tight and warm way that’ll comfort and suit your baby. You also don’t have to worry about suffocation with this blanket because it has holes meant for air inflow, and its material is lightweight and breathable. Hence, you can use cellular blankets to make your baby’s cot warm, comfortable, and snug.

7) Use a Sheepskin blanket.

Sheepskin Rug for Babies from Woolino, 100% Natural Australian Lambskin, Luxuriously Soft Shorn Lambskin Wool, 2 x 3 Feet, Flax

Apart from the cellular blanket, you can use the sheepskin blanket for your baby’s cot. You can place the blanket under the cot’s sheet to make your baby more comfortable and safer in the cot. Thus, if you use a Sheepskin blanket for your baby’s cot, make sure it’s medically tanned- because it’ll make your baby sleep and feel comfortable.

8) Cot’s blankets

CREVENT Cozy Soft Fleece Warm Sherpa Backing Baby Throw Blanket for Infant Toddler Crib Cot Stroller Gift for Baby Girls (30"X40

How to make a cot snugger for a baby? Use a cot’s blankets. You’re surprised about different types of blankets. Well, that’s normal. There are several types of blankets ranging from cellular blankets, fleecy blankets, cot’s blankets, pram’s blankets, etc., so when trying to make your baby’s cot snugger, purchase the city’s blanket- it’ll keep your baby safe snug.

Furthermore, how you can use it to make your baby’s cot more snug has been highlighted. So, you can browse through the techniques and choose the suitable one for your baby’s cot.

9. Cot insert for newborn  

The Compatible MamaRoo Reversible Seat Pad is an essential item for the comfort and style of your baby. It features a multicolored plush fabric that is really soft and warm on one side. The opposite side, which is constructed of wicking mesh that breathes, helps keep your baby cool and comfy in the swing. It is suitable for any season. Our newborn insert’s structure is also intended to give your baby’s head and back additional stability and support, keeping your child in position and safe.

How To Make Cot More Snug For a Baby

You need various pieces of equipment for the upbringing of your baby. You must make preparations for him before he arrives and try to get everything he might need. Cots are like a baby’s miniature bed that keeps the baby safe and comfortable. However, the materials in the cot will determine how comfortable your baby will be in the cot. So, how to make cot more snug for a baby?

That’s because a loose cot won’t comfort your baby and might lead to cries and tantrums, thus,  the reason for the above question. But, thankfully, there are various ways in which you can make the cot snugger for your baby; the ways have been highlighted in the post. So, you can check through the ways and choose one that you can use to make your baby’s cot more snug and comfortable for a peaceful sleep.

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