how to travel with baby in a taxi

7 Tips on how to travel with a baby in a Taxi and Uber

Sometimes you may need to embark on journeys with your baby in a taxi or Uber. If you’re a new mom, you may wonder how to pull this off successfully since this is your first time traveling with your baby in a taxi or uber. But life doesn’t have to come to a standstill after having a baby.

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You can still attend important meetings and conferences if you must. Don’t fret at the idea; there are ways to manage your baby during such trips. With the tips we will discuss in this blog post, you’ll learn how to travel with a baby in a taxi. You’ll also learn how to travel with a baby in a taxi if there’s no car seat available.

7 tips for traveling with a baby in a taxi 

1. Understand child travel regulations in your location

You should learn the state regulations on traveling with a baby in a taxi where you live and where you’re going. Find out if the taxis in your area are obligated to provide passengers with baby car seats or if you can go with yours. Find out also if there are age restrictions for children to sit in different positions in the taxi. Knowing the laws governing traveling with a baby in a taxi is essential to ensure you’re not breaking the law. 

2. Avoid rush hours

Traveling with your baby when most people are out trying to get a cab may be too hectic for you. You should avoid rush hours as much as possible to ease this stress. Mornings and evenings are usually the busiest times of the day when most people are either going to or returning from work. That causes a lot of traffic, leaving you and your baby in the taxi for extended periods. Your baby might get cranky if they stay too long in the cab due to traffic congestion. Plan your travel for middays when the rush would have significantly reduced. That way, you’ll arrive at your destination early.

3. Make reservations ahead of time

It would help if you made reservations ahead of time for your journey. Most cab companies offer booking services. You can plan your transit around your baby’s nap time, so specify when you’d like the taxi to come for you and your baby. 

4. Feed your baby before the journey

If you have to feed your baby during the journey, it may not be too comfortable for you, so limit it as much as possible. It will help if you feed your baby before setting out on the journey. That will keep them full for a while, and depending on the distance, you may only feed them again once you arrive at your destination. They’ll also sleep peacefully for part of the journey because they’re full.

5. Ensure your baby’s safety.

You must ensure your baby will be safe throughout the journey. Find out if there’s a car seat in the taxi ahead of your trip, and ensure you place your baby securely in it. If there are no provisions for a baby car seat or booster seat, you can either go along with yours or secure your baby in a seat belt next to you. Keeping your eyes on them throughout the journey is how to travel with a baby in a taxi.

6. Let the driver know you have a baby

Communicating with the taxi driver is essential to let them know you’re traveling with your baby. This way, they would be more patient with you, knowing you must be careful not to hurt your baby. They should also understand that you’ll need some time to install the car seat for your baby if you have to travel with yours.

7. Keep your baby entertained

You should only travel with your baby in a taxi with their toys and dolls. You’ll need to find ways to calm your baby if they’re awake during the journey. Hand them their toys or stuffed animals to play with when they cry. Music will also help keep your baby comfortable, so your phone playlist will be handy. How about singing some kiddie songs to your baby? They’ll be pleased to have you entertain them on the journey.

How to travel with a baby without a car seat 

A car seat is meant to keep your baby secure when you ride with them in the car. If you, however, find yourself traveling with a baby without a car seat, you should belt them up using the seat belt. Ensure your baby’s thighs are secured with the lap portion of the seat belt. Another option is to hold your baby on your lap if they’re much smaller though some people frown at it. 


Do you have a trip to make? You no longer have to cancel your essential journeys because of your baby. With the above tips on how to travel with a baby in a taxi, you should be at every function where you’re needed without much stress. Ensure to make your baby’s safety a priority on all your trips. 

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