Taking Baby To A Restaurant; Can You Use The Restaurant Car Seat Sling?

Taking a baby to a restaurant? If you are a new parent, chances are that you can relate to the stress that comes with taking your infant out in public. While on the one hand, you are trying to get a hang of parenthood, on the other, you want to have a great bonding time out with your baby in a way that doesn’t disturb other people, especially in a restaurant.

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If you are considering going to a restaurant soon with your little one, a car seat sling is one item most restaurants will offer you, so your baby can also have a place at the table. In this article, we provide everything you need to know about the car seat sling. Let’s go!

What Is A Restaurant Car Sling?

A restaurant car sling is an infant seat cradle that holds your baby’s car seat safely, so your baby can be a part of the family or group during mealtimes. It works in a way that elevates your baby to the restaurant table level, minimizes the tendency to trip over, and enables you to look after your baby in an easy way. While most restaurants have this feature, some may not, and this is why it makes sense to call them ahead and find out if they do.

Is The Restaurant Car Seat Sling Safe?

A restaurant car seat sling works pretty well in holding your baby, not only safely but comfortably in their car seat, while you have a great time eating. Some parents, however, do not show total confidence in the restaurant car seat sling. This is because it can create an obstruction on the path of a waiter especially if they are serving hot food, thereby leading to an accident. If you share in this doubt, the simplest alternative is holding your baby in your arms or even requesting that hot foods should not be passed over them.

You can also check to see if the sling feels stable with the car seat, in which case there should be no cause for alarm. Another thing you can do is, shake the sling slightly to see if a wiggling baby may be able to shift the car seat or the entire set-up. If after exhausting all possible options, you still feel skeptical about the restaurant sling, you can consider placing your baby’s car seat on the floor. But the chances of a waiter passing a hot menu over your baby if they are on the floor, are even higher than when you use a sling. It all depends on you.

Restaurant Car Seat Sling Pros and Cons


Accessibility: a baby sling eliminates the need for an elevator or ramp, and makes navigating hiking trails, crowded restaurants, and public transport easy.

Pocket-friendly: unlike prams, baby slings are affordable, and the priciest one doesn’t come close to the cost of a secondhand pram. Not all restaurants have a sling, so if you plan to get one for yourself to make things easier, you can rest assured you won’t have to break the bank.

Space: A restaurant sling doesn’t take up much space, and is portable.

Close Contact: When your baby is in a sling, they are as close to you as your neck, secured and comfortable. This enhances bonding and helps you both have a great time.

Easy Communication: One of the ways to foster early communication with your baby is by getting them in a sling. It enhances development because by merely watching you, they pick up your language and nonverbal cues.

Flexibility: With a restaurant sling, you have the flexibility to eat while enjoying great conversations with your guests and family.


Difficulty: Getting a hang of some slings is not quite an easy job, but you can, of course, get better with practice.

Hard To Choose: There are more than a thousand slings on the market, and choosing one for your baby can be a tricky task. In this case, you can bank on the recommendation of other mums or try different ones out, to see which works best for you.

Safety: Keeping your baby in a restaurant sling may not be the safest of options, especially when you consider the tendency of a waiter to pass hot foods across their faces.

Other Places to Put Baby in A Restaurant Apart from The Car Seat

1. Moby Wrap

Apart from the car seat, you can also put your baby in a Moby Wrap when you are in a restaurant. Moby Wrap is a comfortable, stylish, and adaptable alternative that not only provides a safe place for your baby in a restaurant but also makes them feel comfortable.

2. Baby Stroller (If There’s Space)

If you’re going to a restaurant and do not want to use a car seat, a baby stroller is another alternative you can subscribe to. Although some restaurants do not accept strollers in their facilities, others are receptive to them. What you should, however, do is put a call through to the restaurant and tell them you’re coming with a stroller.

3. Baby Bassinet

A baby bassinet, all thanks to its portable design, can shield your baby in a way that a car seat may not. If you don’t want to use a car seat for your baby while in the restaurant, you can go with a bassinet. Just ensure your eyes are not far away from your baby.

Bottom Line

Having a newborn baby doesn’t have to amount to spending the rest of your nursing years indoors. You can be a mother, while still keeping up with your social life. You may have a group of friends invite you over to lunch at a restaurant, but you may be unsure whether your baby will make a cooperative companion. Not to worry, most restaurants build their facility with infants in mind, so you will always find a sling on which you can place your baby’s car seat. In this article, we have provided everything you need to know about a restaurant car seat sling.

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