Why do kids have so much energy?

Why do kids have so much energy?

Why do kids have so much energy? That is a question most moms ask when they have had a handful of their kids’ excesses. It is common for kids to exude boundless energy and continuous zest for life. Kids usually like to be aware of their surroundings. They never seem tired of running around the playground or jumping on the furniture and beds; it seems they have an endless energy bank! Kids’ metabolic rate is quite high, and this fuels their growth and development. This blog post will examine some reasons behind kids’ hyper-activeness and how you can manage their active lifestyles. 

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High-energy toddler symptoms?

Certain factors can determine if a child has high energy, and they include:

1. Constant movement: Kids with high energy are always moving. They are either running, or jumping, or climbing. They cannot sit still for too long.

2. Short attention span: Kids with high energy usually have a short attention span for almost everything. They quickly lose interest in things, even their toys. Because of this, they seek more adventure all the time.

3. Restlessness:  Hyperactive kids cannot keep still when others are. They struggle to sit quietly during calm activities like watching TV or reading.

4. Impulsive: Overly energetic kids usually act on impulse because of their high levels of energy. They do not think before engaging in activities, no matter the consequences. 

5. Sleep difficulties: Kids with high levels of energy always find it difficult to stay asleep, even at night. Their high energy keeps them awake when their peers are sleeping.

At what ages do kids have the most energy? 

Why do kids have so much energy? Kids are usually most active at around four to eight years old. At this stage of life, they are bursting with zeal and enthusiasm. They are also developing very fast and learning how to engage in physical skills like coordination, agility, and balance. They are very inquisitive at this stage and won’t mind risking their safety to explore some physical activities. Parents must always remember, however, that kids are unique in different ways. So, it’s normal for them to have different energy levels as they move from one developmental stage to the other.

What to do with a child that has a lot of energy?  

  • Physical activities: Encourage your kids to use their surplus energy for sporting activities.
  • Set boundaries: Establish rules when your kids play, as this can keep them safe and out of harm’s way.
  • Provide structured activities: Help your kids channel their energy into activities and games that require concentration and focus, such as board games and puzzles.
  • Provide healthy meals: Cook healthy meals that will give your kids the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

How to get energy like a kid?  

  • Exercise regularly. It is typical for young kids to exert a lot of energy through physical activities. You can derive the same benefits when you exercise your body regularly. You could try walking, running, yoga, and other sports. 
  • Get enough sleep. Children require a lot of sleep to maintain healthy energy levels. You should also get enough sleep. Ensure to get a minimum of seven or eight hours of night sleep.
  • Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods that can build up your body properly. Stay away from junk foods and reduce or eliminate alcohol intake.


Why do kids have so much energy? Being overly energetic is just a phase in their lives that will wear off as they grow. Kids do burn off their excess energy by being very active. You must know that environmental factors like diet, stress levels, and sleep can also impact children’s energy levels. So you must ensure they live healthy lives and rest adequately to help replenish their bodies. 

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