About the First Time Mamma

The First Time Mamma is a Niche Focused Blog catering to the needs of First Time Moms ranging from Baby Care Tips, Baby Gear Guides, Baby Gift Ideas, New Moms Tips, and many more. The blog attracts a wide range of industry leaders and high-affinity shoppers in the following market segment: Apparel & Accessories/Women’s Apparel, Baby & Children’s Products/Baby & Children’s Apparel/Children’s Apparel, Gifts & Occasions/Gift Baskets/Decorations, Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale). With a constantly increasing solution-seeking audience, we can connect your brand with the right kind of Audience and generate targeted sales leads

Site Statistics

  • 83,439 Monthly users
  • 96,850 Sessions
  • 106.870 Page view

Traffic Sources

  • Organic – 95%
  • Direct – 3.5%
  • Social – 1.3%
  • Referral – 0.07%

Top Countries

  • United States – 72%
  • United Kingdom – 8.11%
  • Canada – 5.26%

About the Audience

Female – 72.3%
Male – 27.7%

Age – 18 – 24

Age – 25-34

Age – 35 – 44

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