Are gliders safe for babies

Are Gliders safe for Babies

As a parent, you would always want to be comfortable while feeding or putting your child to sleep. A glider is always the perfect spot to feed, cuddle, or read your little one a bedtime story as he or she falls asleep. Babies love to be bounced and rocked, hence the need for a baby glider. Most babies find the rocking and gliding soothing and would easily drift to sleep while being rocked in a glider.

A baby glider looks like an armchair and it makes you and your little one feel like you are floating since it is usually full of cushion and is comfortable. Setting up your baby’s nursery needs so much attention but it is easy to forget to put what is necessary for the nursery due to the excitement of having a baby. Your little one would wake up several times at night for the first few months after delivery and you would need a comfortable position in a glider to feed and put your baby back to sleep.

Babies, especially the ones who have started crawling can be curious and has the tendency to play or push anything that comes their way and this includes the glider in their nursery. According to reports, a glider that is not baby-proofed or if precaution is not put in place for a baby’s glider, could put the baby at risk of danger at an unsupervised moment. It is important to keep your baby safe with a glider in the nursery. Below are tips for keeping your baby safe with a glider in the nursery.

Tips for keeping your baby safe with a glider in the nursery

1.   Use the stop-lock mechanism when not in use

It is important to use to stop lock mechanism every time you leave your baby’s nursery to avoid the risk of the glider hitting your little one. Babies are curious and might want to touch or play with different things. A stop-lock mechanism keeps the glider from moving when your baby pushes it. Always ensure that you put the lock when you are not using the glider.

2.   Do not place the glider beside the window

A baby would want to climb everything they see because of their curiosity. Your baby might want to climb the glider which is placed near the window and this can get your baby hurt in the process. So ensure you don’t place the glider near the window.

3.   Do not place the glider on an elevated surface

Avoid placing the glider on an elevated surface so your baby does not get injured while playing near the glider. It is important to find a flat surface to balance your glider on, to avoid putting your little one at risk.

4.   Ensure the moving mechanism is not exposed

A glider comes with a moving mechanism that is placed underneath. This enables the chair to glide back and forth. If this point is not properly covered, it could put your baby’s little exploring finger at risk. Therefore, ensure that your glider has solid sides that keep the moving mechanism away from your little one.

5.   Ensure all gears are enclosed and out of reach

When leaving your baby’s nursery for a long time, It is important that you put all gear enclosed and out of reach, to avoid the risks of your baby getting injured while trying to pull the gear.

It is essential that you choose a glider that is safe and comfortable for you and your baby to be placed in your baby’s nursery. Below are tips to choose a glider for your baby’s nursery.

How to choose a glider for your baby’s nursery

1.   Pick a glider with a built-in lock mechanism

Some glider has a manual locking mechanism while others would lock automatically you stand up in case you forget to put the lock-in. It is important that you get a glider that comes with a lock mechanism to avoid putting your child at risk of getting injured by the glider.

2.   Well-built and durable

Ensure you invest in a glider that is well built and durable since that is where you and your baby will most likely be spending a lot of time. You could also use the glider for your baby’s siblings if it is well built and durable. Ensure there are no rough edges and all wooden finishes are non-toxic to avoid putting your baby at risk.

3.   Wide and comfortable armrests

Picking a glider with a wide and comfortable hand rest is important. Since you would need to rest your arm while breastfeeding and as your baby falls asleep. Ensure you test this feature to know what suits you.

4.   Removable cover and easy to clean fabric

Having a removable and easy to clean fabric is essential since it is bound to get dirty from your baby’s spit-up and diaper accident. The glider cover would need to be washed when dirty so ensure you get an extra glider cover to use.

5.   Supportive Cushion

You would be spending a long time sitting in the glider. Therefore, it is important to get a glider that has its seat cushion supported by springs and foam so you can be comfortable breastfeeding and putting your baby to sleep.

Examples of good gliders you can buy are:

  1. The Dutailier Adele Glider Chair and Ottoman set with multi-position lock
  2. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman (Black Base, Beige Cushion) – Padded Cushions with Storage Pocket, Smooth Rocking Motion, Easy to Assemble, Solid Hardwood Base
  3. Dutailier Ruby Glider Chair and Ottoman Set with Multi-Position Lock
  4. Dutailier Modern 0388 Glider Multiposition-Lock Recline with Ottoman Included

Are Gliders safe for babies?

A baby glider is an important item in your baby’s nursery because it makes both mother and child comfortable during feeding time. But, if the glider is not baby-proofed, it could lead to putting your little one at risk of danger. The above guidelines would show you how to keep your baby safe with a glider in the nursery. It is important that you baby-proof the glider when leaving your baby unsupervised. Picking a good glider for your baby’s safety is also important and the above guidelines will help you get the best glider that would be safe and comfortable for you and your baby.

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