Best breast pumps for small breasts

5 Best Breast pumps for Small Breasts

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Parenting involves making decisions for your baby. Decisions range from what baby item would you get for your little one to more complex decisions like whether to breastfeed your little one or use an alternative to breast milk which is baby formula. Although some mums do not need breast pumps, others might need to use a breast pump to boost and maintain their breast milk supply. If you have made the decision to breastfeed your baby, and you are confused about the best breast pumps for small breasts, below is a compilation of the best breast pumps for small breasts that you can pick from.

1. Medela Freestyle flex breast pump

The Medela Freestyle flex breast pump is an all-in-one mobile and portable breast pump that is designed to mimic your little one’s natural sucking pattern so you don’t feel any pain and it is also tiny enough to carry about with you. It is designed to fit easily into your pocket, handbag, or baby bag for convenient access and travel. The unique, research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology of the Medela Freestyle flex breast pump generates more milk in less time for more efficient expression and optimum flow, making it ideal for mums who pump numerous times a day and also one of the best breast pumps for small breasts. This breast pump has a closed system design with Overflow Protection in the kit, which keeps your breast milk out of the tubing. This feature is useful since it ensures that the breast pump does not leak any valuable milk that is meant for your baby.

2. Willow Pump Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump 

With no dangling cords, wires, or bottles, the willow breast pump is designed with a feature that pumps quietly and hands-free. It features only two dishwasher-safe parts to clean which are also simple to install, clean, store, and carry out without stress. This breast pump features a smart suction that automatically transitions from breast stimulation to breast milk expression during pumping sessions and adapts at each stage to help you get more milk easily. While pumping, you can choose from the 7 suction levels on the breast pump which is why this is the best breast pump for small breasts. The willow breast pump is FDA certified and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. An interesting feature most mums would love about the willow breast pump is the advanced smart features which include the ability to manage your pumps from the Willow 3.0 app, track volume in real-time, and record session data automatically.

3. Medela Symphony breast pump

Medela has long been renowned as an expert advocate for breastfeeding. As a result, is the most popular breast pump brand, as well as the most frequently suggested by doctors, chosen by mums, and used in several hospitals. The Medela Symphony breast pump is a research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology that is developed to accurately mimic your little one’s natural feeding pattern and it has proven to express 18 percent more breast milk while double pumping, this helps to establish and maintain milk supply, hence why it is the best breast pump for a small beast. With this breast pump, you can pump at maximum comfort vacuum for maximum efficiency. This has been clinically shown to provide faster milk ejection and flow for mums with small breasts. The whisper-quiet operation feature ensures discretion during late night or early morning pumping. This breast pump can be used for double or single pumping, it is easy to clean, and ensures a boost in milk production.

4. Spectra – S1 Plus Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding

The Spectra electric breast pump has an inbuilt technology that enables comfortable suction settings that has a close match to the feeling of natural breastfeeding which is a great way to ease any pain during pumping sessions. This feature makes the spectra breast pump one of the best breast pumps for small breasts. With a back compartment that holds a Spectra bottle, this breast pump is portable and rechargeable, making it ideal for on-the-go moms who still want to breastfeed their little ones. It can also be used as a single or double electric breast pump, and authentic Spectra Baby accessories are advised for best performance. A digital display illuminates the double-electric, closed-system architecture, allowing mums to effortlessly set the tempo and rhythm. Also, If you turn the breast pump off, it comes with an amazing feature that picks up from your last pumping session.

5. Ameda Purely Yours breast pump

Every parent would be able to find a setting that works for them with the Ameda breast pump because it has adjustable speed and suction. For mums who have small breasts, the breast pump can help you express your milk several times a day. It can also be powered by batteries or plugged in. A dual hygiene-kit milk collection system is also included with the Ameda breast pump. This breast pump ensures that milk gets into the collection system while bacteria stay out to ensure healthy development for your little one. The Proven Airlock Protection feature in this closed system of breast pumps protects your baby’s health by keeping bacteria, viruses, and even mold out of the breast milk you’re pumping. Hence why it’s the best breast pump for small breasts. The breast pump is designed to control the speed of pumping your breast milk out which can ultimately reduce discomfort for women with small breasts.

Breastfeeding your baby is a thrilling experience and you have nothing to be concerned about your breast size or your ability to breastfeed although it might be overwhelming as a new parent, especially if you decide to pump instead of breastfeeding. A lot of mums believe that having a small breast contributes to a low supply milk supply, which is simply not true. It is important that you get a breast pump that is compatible with your small breast. If you’re looking for the best breast pumps for small breasts the above breast pumps are the best options for you. It is important that you use the recommended breast pump to ensure an amazing breastfeeding experience. 

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