best formula for babies 0-6 months old

10 Best formula for babies 0-6 months old

With all the discussions on whether formula feeding equally and adequately balances breastfeeding or not, picking the best formula for babies 0-6 months old is one of the most important decisions you will make for your baby. You want to choose something that incorporates all your baby’s nutritional needs, is easy to prepare, and doesn’t pose any risk for the baby. Of course, consulting your pediatrician is always the first step to find something suitable.

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In this article, you will learn about the different forms of formula and the 10 best formula for babies 0-6 months old.

A formula can be in the following forms: 

Hydrolyzed formula

It is recommended for babies that suffer from allergies. It is called hydrolyzed because the protein in it has been broken down into smaller fragments as a form of predigestion to aid digestion in such babies.

Metabolic formula

Also used for premature babies and for babies that have health issues and allergies. A metabolic formula can be:


This one is best suited for babies that have some health issues or were premature. It does not require dilution or mixing and therefore prevents contamination and keeps the baby safe. 

Powdered formula

This you have to prepare by mixing with water and according to the instructions on the formula pack. You also need to pay attention to the formula to water ratio so you don’t make it too dilute.

Liquid formula

This is a concentrated mixture that you have to mix with water during preparation, it is similar to the powdered formula.

Lactose-free formula

This formula uses corn starch syrup instead of lactose in its manufacture. It is recommended for babies who are lactose intolerant.

Soy-Based formula

It is an alternative to the cow’s milk formula and recommended for babies who are not able to digest cow’s milk. Due to its plant base, it is more easily digestible.

Cow’s milk formula

It is made with cow’s milk, but its protein is treated and broken down to make it more digestible for babies.

Best Baby Formula for babies 0-6 months old

There are many brands and different formulas in the market and it can get overwhelming to make a choice as to which one would suit your baby. Luckily, here is a list of some best formula for babies 0-6 months old you can choose from:

1.     Nestle Nido Powdered Milk (Kinder +1)

Nestle Nido is manufactured with honey, which gives it a sweet taste that encourages babies to feed. It aids the move for babies who are transitioning from breast milk to formula. It contains nutritional goodies such as zinc and a ton of vitamins and fiber that improve the baby’s immunity and maintains the digestive system. Nido is your choice if you have a limited budget because it is quite affordable.

2.     PurAmino Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

PurAmino is a powdered formula, it is also very important for.babies who have food allergies. It is also recommended as a substitute for babies who later have trouble with solid food because of food allergies. PurAmino is designed to provide the full nutritional requirement for such babies to ensure their health and ease any digestion problems.

3.     Baby’s Only Dairy Formula

Baby’s only Dairy Formula contains DHA and ARA lipids which are healthy fats found in egg phospholipids. This nutritious additive helps to boost its benefit for children. Baby Only is gluten-free and does not contain GMO ingredients like corn syrup. As an extra precaution, it comes in BPA free packs.

4.     Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO) non-GMO Infant Formula

Gerber Good Start is a milk-based formula designed for babies who have a sensitive stomach lining that reacts to food. It is gentle on the baby’s developing digestive system because it is very easy to digest. It provides the baby with mole nutrients such as proteins and fatty acids that help in developing the brain and eyes.

5.     Aptamil Infant Formula  

Aptamil is designed for your little infant all the way till he is two years old. It provides a variety of nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium for strong bone development and vitamin D for growth and development. It contains DHA and ARA fatty acids, iron, folic acid, chlorine, and taurine to ensure the brain, eyesight, and immune system development.

6.     Gerber Good Start Soy Infant Formula

Gerber Soy is designed for lactose intolerant babies. It is a great alternative for babies who are unable to digest milk and suffer from gas. It provides soy proteins which are more easily digested, its DHA content aids in brain and sight development while the calcium and vitamin D ensures strong bones and teeth.

7.     Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula

Enfamil Enspire was designed to offer most of the ingredients and goodies found in breast milk. It contains probiotics that help to boost the baby’s immune system and promotes digestion. It is a milk-based non-GMO powder formula that caters to your baby’s exclusive needs within the first twelve months.  

8.     Enfamil Nutramigen Baby Formula  

Nutramigen is packed with essentials that prevent colic disease in infants. It also develops the baby’s immune system while also containing essential nutrients such as DHA and ARA fatty acids as well as choline and also essential proteins.

9.     Similac Advance Baby Formula

Similac Advance is a milk-based formula that contains vitamin E, DHA, and OptiGro which is a special type of lutein. This blend aids the baby to have healthy eyesight along with a well-developed brain and an all-round growth. It does not contain artificial growth hormones and is very affordable.  

10.  Gerber Good Start Probiotic Baby

Gerber Good Start is a non-GMO milk-based formula with ingredients that are designed to closely resemble the nutrients in natural breast milk. It contains lots of minerals and vitamins; it contains DHA fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics that help to strengthen the baby’s stomach and useful antioxidants to aid in breaking down protein. Manufacturers have also ensured that the strong odor found in baby formula is almost completely absent in this product. It suits babies throughout the first twelve months. It has also been shown to reduce spit-up accidents during feeding.

There are many other best baby formulas for 0-6 months olds that are easily accessible on Amazon, however, ensure that you consult your pediatrician before changing the formula.

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