Places to travel with a baby

17 Best Places to Travel with a Baby

Are you thinking of the best places to travel with a baby? As a parent with a baby, there is a drive you will feel from within you to experience everything with that child. To help the baby see the world far beyond you at a stage in the baby’s life when he thinks you are the whole world! Surely, this stage is vital in helping your baby experience new sights and gaze in marvel at the wonders of the sceneries and to partake in the joys of diverse people and cultures.

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Although this is something most parents are very eager to do, planning is everything. Travelling is already a cumbersome task, doing it with a baby is even more so. However, even the troubles of planning compared to the choice of where to go is another task to think about. You want to ensure that you have chosen the best places to travel with a baby that is baby-friendly and accommodates all your specifications and still has features that allow your baby to thrive.

Fear not, that’s the obstacle we are going to tackle. Below you’ll find the best places to travel with a Baby that you and your baby will thoroughly enjoy.

1)    Maldives

Although the Maldives may not come up in many discussions, it is a very appropriate choice of vacation for your baby. The beaches are vast and expansive for you and the baby to enjoy long walks and playtime. It is also reputed to be quiet and peaceful, a perfect retreat from your daily routine. The Maldives also has several interesting sights you could visit that would interest you and the older toddlers and may even serve as a chance to have that honeymoon-like vacation with your spouse! These sights include:

  • Meeru Island: which doubles as a resort that you could stay at and enjoy your vacation,
  • Hukuru Muskiy: an ancient mosque made of coral,
  • Maafushi: it’s a place you could enjoy scuba diving,
  • Hulhumale: it’s a made island, it’s also residential so you could lodge there.

2)     Seychelles

Seychelles is also a great choice for you and your baby to visit. It is beautiful, it has a lot of features you’ll enjoy and it has a mild temperature. Seychelles is reputed for its beautiful resorts and lodging locations. You could also take time out to enjoy its white sand beaches and clear waters.

3)    Spain

Spain is a beautiful country known for its love for soccer, its art, dance, and food. The best months to visit Spain is from June to September when the weather is extremely friendly. There is a highly luxurious lifestyle you and your baby could enjoy, from the lavish restaurants, the amazingly generous people and the great sights and street shows of Barcelona. Some of the parks your little one would enjoy include; Parc de la Ciutadella, it’s designed to cater to the needs of children.

4)    United Kingdom

One of the most appealing features of this particular location for American travelers is the absence of the language barrier. Now although other wonderful places make provision for you to at least be able to communicate with the staff of the hotel you’re lodging at, communication will be almost entirely seamless in the UK. It also provides lots of fun experiences for you and your baby like:

  • The Buckingham Palace which is dazzling,
  • United Kingdom Guard ceremony,
  • Hyde Park,
  • You could enjoy a walk along the River Thames,
  • Buy some items at the Camden Market.

5)    Japan

As they have exhibited to the world during the 2018 FIFA world cup by cleaning the stadium after the game, the Japanese are an amazingly clean folk. This shows and reflects on every corner of their country. They are also very friendly and welcoming people. Places you could go with the baby include:

  • Legoland
  • The Tokyo toy museum

6)    Minneapolis

This is also a brilliant option you could explore. However, it is worth noting that the most enchanting time to visit Minneapolis is during the winter. It sounds extreme for a baby but that where your planning comes to play. If you have chosen to visit Minneapolis during the winter, pack the appropriate clothing for you and your baby to allow you to enjoy all that the season has to offer.

7)    France

France is appropriate for your baby because it gives you so many places to visit. Your baby will become irritated with a place no matter how beautiful it is if you stay there for an extended period. In Paris, this isn’t likely to happen because you have so many places to get to. From the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Loire valley to the Versailles palace not to mention the art, markets, food, nature, and city. You will quite literally have no dull moment.

8)    South Africa

This country at the extreme southern end of the African Continent is known for its beautiful weather and cool atmosphere compared to the upper northern countries. It is very befitting for your baby because of the varieties of fun places in the city including Johannesburg. Some of the sights you just have to see and let your child experience include: Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, Sci Bono Discovery center, Papachinos, the Lion Park, People’s Theatre and the Johannesburg zoo.

9)    Thailand

Thailand is known for its culture, beauty and the scenery it offers. It does get hot during the day so a stroller will be more preferable than having your baby strapped to your chest; this will create discomfort for you and the baby. You could visit the Temple of Buddha, enjoy elephant rides and see the Grand Palace.

10)   New York

You will mostly enjoy New York during the Fall when the leaves go through a variety of changes in color. You could visit Central Park or one of the vast number of playgrounds.

11)   Chicago

Chicago has beautiful tolerable weather and it also provides you and the baby some awesome places to visit during your stay. Like the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Shed Aquarium.

12)   Canada

Canada is known as one of the most welcoming places in the world, opening its doors to all and making it accommodating and accepting of all. Canada has stroller-friendly roads that allow you to have a day out with the baby.

13)   Barbados

Visiting fulfills the dual purpose of giving you a place to travel with the baby but also giving you the chance of having the first beach day with your baby on an awesome beach. It is reputed for its good weather and fantastic beaches.

14)   London

Here also you don’t have to worry about the language barrier as an American. London is also free, allowing mothers to breastfeed in public.

15)   Iceland

Iceland is a highly baby friendly society with lots of fun locations that give a chance for toddlers and babies to have fun. Some of those places are the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach which has a heated pool for children and the Perlan Museum.

16)   Florida

Florida is an exceptionally beautiful place to do a lot of fun outdoor activities that involve the baby. Also, the weather can get mildly heated during the summer so take proper precautions if you intend to be outdoors.

17)   Hawaii

The most suitable time to visit Hawaii with your baby is between June to September. It is advisable to take along baby sunscreen and baby carriers.

Above are 17 best places to travel with a baby. Wherever you do decide to go, the essence of your trip is to have fun with your baby and to see sights that will be used to form new memories.

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