Can A Baby Fit Through A Cat Door?

Most moms ask “can a baby fit through a cat door”? In a bid to allow your pets to have free movement in and out of the house, you might have created an even more significant concern. The harmless openings on doors known as cat doors or dog doors, as the case may be, designed for the convenient movement of pets, have unintentionally become one of the causes of injury and death in many homes.

According to data released by Safety Research and Strategies Inc., in 2009, cases of 100 children endangered after leaving the house through a pet door had been recorded since 1996. Nearly three-fourths of these cases resulted in injury or death. They further explained that only a few child injury researchers were informed about childhood injury and death connected with pet doors, and even fewer parents had this knowledge.

Many parents may agree that babies can fit through dog doors due to their bigger sizes, but can a baby fit through a cat door is still a puzzle to many parents because cat doors are usually much smaller than dog doors. If you are one of those parents that own a cat and you are torn between allowing your cat to move freely and protecting your child, this article is what you need to help you manage the situation.

Cat Doors and Kid Gates

Aside from the cat doors usually seen on the main doors, some people still put cat doors on the kid gates within the house. Still, this is to allow the cat to move around freely. However, the freedom of movement for the cat is at the expense of the child. The cat door on a kid gate practically defeats its purpose.

Kid gates are usually put in strategic places like; just before the staircase to prevent a kid from falling and rolling down if he/she manages to get there unsupervised. A cat door provides an opening through which they can pass and end up falling.

Can A Baby Fit Through A Cat Door?

The answer to this question is a big yes! Babies can fit through cat doors no matter how small they may appear.  Safety Research and Strategies Inc. also noted that manufacturers suggest a medium 8×11 inches pet door for pets that weigh up to 40 pounds. Meanwhile, 95% of three years old male babies weigh just 38 pounds. This reveals how easily babies can pass through a cat door.

It is necessary to state that even older children can pass through cat doors. Children come in different sizes. While some seven-year-olds may not pass through a cat door, a ten-year-old with a smaller body size can comfortably pass through a cat door. Therefore, if you’re wondering how your young kid snuck out of the house, you may want to check your cat door.

Do All Babies Pass-Through Cat Doors?

Another main reason for the frequently asked question, “can a baby fit through a cat door?” is because some parents have come out to say that they never had the trouble of their kids going through a cat door. The truth is, they did not have the trouble because their kids did not attempt to. If they had tried it, they would most certainly fit in.

Babies have different personalities from one another, just like adults. Although kids are generally curious and like to explore, some babies are just not cut out for the drama. While some babies prefer to be adventurous and jump out through cat doors, some prefer to sit quietly and play with their toys. If you have a baby like the latter, you may not have to worry much.

How to Prevent Babies From Going Through Cat Doors

Now that the question, “can a baby fit through a cat door?” has been answered, proffering solutions to the problem is necessary.

Watch Kids Closely:

Never assume with babies. They can be faster than you think. Keep an eye on them as often as you can, or get someone to help you do so. Just make sure not to leave babies by themselves. They are curious beings, unaware of the danger, and would want to try out what they saw the cat do. Part of your job is keeping them safe.

Smart Pet Doors:

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Since we are humans and could sometimes get carried away, using a smart pet door is a good option. Smart pet doors, also known as electronic pet doors use microchips, or smart collar tags to allow your cat in and out of the door. A good example is the PetSafe Interior or Exterior Cat Doors available on Amazon. This way, your baby can not pass through the cat door because the door will not open without the microchips or smart collar tag.

Door/Window Sensor:

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There are sensors designed to stick to door or window frames and any other spot you deem necessary in the home. With this, you can secure your cat door. You get a notification whenever the sensor’s magnetic field is broken by someone trying to get through. However, you will receive false alarms from pets, which means that you get a notification when your pet is passing through the door. A good sensor you can use for this purpose is the Z-wave Plus Rare Earth Magnets Door & Window Sensor shown in the image above.

Tracking/Smart Watches:

A smartwatch is another way to monitor children to make sure they don’t escape the house through the cat door. When worn on them, a smartwatch helps you know a child’s location in real-time. However, smartwatches are not tamper-proof. Some may alert you if the child tries to remove it, but it does not stop the act. So, if the kid manages to get rid of it, you may miss track of where your baby is actually.


It would help if you fenced danger zones like the pool. In case your baby manages to leave the house unnoticed, the risk of him/her getting injured is reduced. Also, fencing around your home can help to prevent them from straying to the road.


The answer to can a baby fit through a cat door has been answered beyond a reasonable doubt in this article. In addition to that, possible ways of dealing with the problem have been proffered. Applying the solutions will help you ensure your baby’s safety while still allowing your cat the freedom to move around.

Also, you can employ more than one of these solutions at a time. For instance, you can use a door sensor even after fencing necessary areas. You can still try to watch the baby closely even after applying all these measures. That way, you are sure your baby is safe by all means.

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