can you put a baby car seat in a single cab truck

Can you put a baby car seat in a single cab truck?

The possibility of installing a car seat in a single cab truck is technically a worrisome topic to many people, most especially to caregivers and parents. Authorities have mandated that children are expected to always seat at the back row of a car when on-board until they are above 13 years of age or sometimes when they can drive a car but a single cab truck is a pickup truck with no back row. Is it then possible, advisable, safe, and or legal to put a baby car seat in a single cab truck, or in a one-row truck as called by many? Did authorities put into consideration one-row trucks before coming up with the legal notion? Do parents have to get another car after giving birth to a child or board another vehicle to transport a baby?

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In this article, you will know how safe it is to attach a car seat in a single cab truck. As a measure of safety, parents, caregivers, and car owners are required to register their purchased safety car seat with the manufacturer so they can be informed of recalls by any other person on the same product.

Car seats are not just placed in vehicles, there are highway car seat safety recommendations for children up to 12 years old. These safety recommendations may differ from State to State or across countries, but there are some laws they share in common.

Authorities have mandated that before transporting a child using a car seat, the driver must adhere to the safety recommendations.

Things to do or consider before you put a car seat in a single cab truck

  • 1.         Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual
  • 2.         The seating arrangement of the car
  • 3.         How many people would ride in the truck?
  • 4.         Type of car seat
  • 5.         Weight and height of the baby

1.    Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual

Features available to vehicles differ due to some factors like the model, the year, the manufacturer, and so on. The best way to know more about your truck is to read your owner’s manual. One way to know if you can put a baby car seat in a single cab truck is to refer to this manual. The manufacturer of the vehicle would provide information about the features designed in the vehicle to accommodate a car seat, how it can be installed, what type of car seat can work, and if the airbag can be turned off with a key. Authorities have made it known that the most important feature here is the ability to turn off the airbag (with a key). If the truck can accommodate a car seat, the airbag must be turned off for the safety of the baby.

2.    The seating arrangement of the truck

Some single cab truck can permit just the driver and a passenger on a ride, while other trucks permit a driver and two other passengers. Most trucks that accommodate just a passenger cannot accommodate a baby car seat for some reasons such as the driver could get distracted, the seat may not scale well (80% of the car seat must scale well), and airbag safety. Most trucks with two passengers alongside the driver on a ride can accommodate a baby car seat (to be placed in the middle) without much worry. However, more information on this can be found in the detailed vehicle’s owner’s manual.

3.    How many people would ride in the truck?

The number of people in the truck also matters as authorities have advised that the driver or parent or caregiver should not ride alone with the child. Some highway authorities based on evidence gathered have discovered that trying to drive and at the same time monitor the child on board can distract the driver and eventually cause a crash, most likely. As a measure to ensure safety, these authorities have however advised that another adult should always ride along to monitor the child. This would be applicable to trucks with two other passengers alongside the driver. This is also one reason single cab trucks with just one passenger can’t have a car seat.

4.    Type of car seat

There are only three basic types of car seats for infants and toddlers. They are rear-facing, forward-facing, and convertible, which converts a rear-facing to forward-facing. As the child grows the car seat to use would change. For a child between ages 0 to 2 to ensure safety, it is advisable to use a rear-facing car seat but with strict adherence to the specifications of the manufacturer.

5.    Weight and height of the baby

Manufacturers of baby car seats also specified the height and weight limit of the car seat in the manual. This is to ensure that the car seats can balance well on the seat in the car. Some car seats can accommodate children who weigh up to 65 pounds and some others can accommodate weights up to 110 pounds. It’s best to always refer to the actual car seat manual to know more descriptions about the weight and height limit as stated by the manufacturer.

Can you put a car seat in a bench seat truck?

It is often possible to install a car seat in a bench seat truck, but this depends primarily on the type and model of the truck in question as well as the car seat in question. Some trucks with bench seats might be equipped with the safety measures and features needed to safely fasten a car seat. For instructions on installing a car seat and to make sure that safety rules are being followed, it is important to consult the owner’s manual of the truck.

Can you put car seats in trucks with no back seat?

Installing car seats might be difficult for trucks that don’t have a back seat, like single-cab trucks. Authorities and safety recommendations often state that kids should ride in the back seat of a car until they reach a certain age or size.  If you have a little one who needs a car seat, it is advised to look into alternative modes of transportation or vehicles that are better suited for accepting car seats.

Can I put a baby car seat in a single cab truck?

Yes, you can put a baby car seat in a single cab truck. It is safe and accepted by legal authorities to do so, but the single cab must be equipped with an on/off key switch for the airbag. However, the driver should always be sure that the airbag is turned off whenever the baby car seat is installed, most especially when a baby is on board.  The car seat must be installed in a rear-facing position, as stated by highway authorities. The driver must make sure that another adult is always present in the one-row truck whenever the child is being transported and that the baby seat is in the middle of the one-row truck.

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