Easter gift ideas for toddlers boys and girls

Mind-blowing Easter gift ideas for toddler boys and girls

The Easter Celebration is fast approaching. This is the time to think of the gift you will give to your baby. On Easter Sunday, you will need to prepare an Easter basket suitable for your baby. Now, the popular classic plastic eggs and jelly beans will not cut it. They are not actually safe for babies. You need age-appropriate Easter gifts for your baby. Not to worry, we have done the work for you. Here are 5 adorable Easter gift ideas for toddler boys and girls.

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1. Baby Boy cloths set plaid shirt + Bowtie and Suspender pant

Want your little boy to look like a little man on Easter day? You’ve got to check out this cute outfit for baby boys. It is a set of one organic cotton shirt, a suspender pants, and a bow tie. The suspender and bowtie are removable and your baby can wear it in different ways. The tuxedo design is great for Easter events, Baptism, birthday, casual wearing, dedication, pageant, etc.

2.   Bonnie Jean Baby Toddler and Little Girl’s Easter Dress with Bunny Applique

Searching for an adorable outfit for your toddler’s first Easter celebration? Here it is. This is an adorable Easter bunny dress. It has beautiful coral fabric with bunny, carrot and eggs applique. The Easter bunny has a satin bow around the ear and sequins on a carrot. There is a coral plaid fabric with a matching bow on the neck. Lace trim at the sleeves and at the bottom of the dress. It is made of cotton and spandex for comfort. It is great for Easter celebrations, church celebrations or the baby’s first Easter.

3.   Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

This is a perfect gift for kids that love to bang things to make sounds. It is a colorful piano with 25 keys and two full octaves. It has a color-coded songbook to help your little explorer learn child-friendly songs. Your child will enjoy banging and pounding on the keys. Your baby can turn it into a drum, a chair, and a stool. The best thing about this piano is that it is durable. It is a great way to keep your little one busy as you do your chores.

4.   Shape Sorter Geometric Block Sorting & Stacking Toys

The Shape Sorter Geometric Block Sorting & Stacking Toys are educational toys for toddlers. The package contains a cylindrical chassis, 4 round toy wooden blocks, 4 square toy wooden toys, 4 triangle toy wooden blocks, etc. It helps kids to learn and build shapes, colors, and counting. It helps to stimulate your toddler’s imagination and promote their physical and intellectual development. It enhances hand-eye coordination and number counting. It encourages independent play which gives you enough time to do your chores. It has detachable blocks easy to carry and place wherever your baby wants. The toys are made of natural materials safe for babies.

It is especially great for toddler boys. They can stack and unstack it again and again. It is also small enough to fit into your diaper bag, taking it anywhere you want with you.

5.   Woby Hip Hop Dancing Walking Swing Goose Musical Educational Gift Toy

Introducing… the Woby Hip Hop dancing walking swing goose musical educational gift toy for toddler boys and girls. It is an interactive musical toy that will help stimulate your toddler’s imagination and body movement. It has different musical sounds to entertain your toddler for hours. It sings, talks, jives, and dances. It has bright colors and styles that will encourage your toddler to play more and more and also develop their muscle as they move and copy the goose. The fact that it is not only a musical toy but also an educational toy makes it the best gift for Easter. It is made from strong, safe and durable plastic built to last for a long time. It is a perfect gift for the Easter celebration.

There you have it – adorable and mind-blowing Easter gift ideas for toddler boys and girls. It is time to make purchases. Click on a suitable gift(s) for your baby and buy it now. Remember, a happy baby makes a happy mom.

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