How to make breast pump quieter

How to make Breast Pump Quieter

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A major stage in parenting is the decision to purchase your baby’s items. If you have decided to breastfeed your little one, part of the items to be purchased would be a breast pump. Breast pumps are useful and efficient for expressing breast milk that can be saved to feed your little one. Although, most mums are concerned about the loud noise that comes with using an electric breast pump. Electric breast pumps can be extremely loud, especially if you’ll be using one in a public setting such as your workplace, and this might be distracting or disturbing. If you have been wondering how to make your breast pump quiet or get a recommendation for the best quiet breast pump for office and zoom calls, here is what you should know.

How to Make Breast Pump Quieter

  • Close the lid (flap): The breast pump lid keeps your breast pump free from dust and other airborne nasties between uses. It can also be used to make breast pump quieter when you are expressing your breast milk in public. You can simply pop the lid over the pump during expression and then close it tightly after sterilizing your pump to have it ready to go for next time.
  • Put it in the travel bag: Travel bags can muffle the loud sound of your breast pump. So if you are looking for how to make breast pump quieter, you should consider using the small travel bag in your closet. You can also purchase a breast pump bag for days you would need to be on the go. To make using the travel bag effective, you should get a travel bag that is padded as this reduces the noise to a minimal level. This could later be converted to a lunch bag.
  • Put it in a drawer or cabinet: Keeping your breast pump in a drawer in a drawer or cabinet can also be effective in masking the sound. This would be effective if your breast pump has a cord that links to the machine. So, clear out a part of your cabinet if you need to pump at work
  • Put a hand towel over it: A hand towel provides the perfect amount of coverage when pumping and muffles the sound of the breast pump, so less attention would be drawn to you while pumping. This gives you more mobility while maneuvering how to place your breast pump without exposing your breasts.
  • Get a quieter breast pump for work: Getting a quieter breast pump is one of the best options for discreet pumping. Whether you’re at work, on zoom call, traveling, or in public places like malls and airports, picnics, etc. you can always trust these pumps to get the job done and keep eyes from staring at you. below are some of them.

Best Quiet Breast Pump for Office and Zoom Calls

1. Medela Pump in Style 

The Medela Pump in style is a closed-system pump that is effective and simple to operate. It includes a sophisticated motor that provides a vacuum with Max flow micro-vibrations for effective breast milk expressing and it is also built with minimal parts to clean and assemble. It has been clinically confirmed to boost milk volume by 11.8 percent, which is a plus for moms.  It features a PersonalFit Flex breast shield which comes in two sizes, each having a soft rim and an oval shape for enhanced comfort and fit.

The double electric breast pump is ideal for women who need to pump multiple times each day. The medela is one of the Best quiet breast pumps for office and zoom calls because it has a noise level of only 43.8 decibels and includes a pump bag if you would ever need to pump more quietly.

2. Spectra S2 plus hospital-strength double electric pump

The Spectra S2 electric breast pump has a technology that enables pleasant suction levels that are as near as possible to natural breastfeeding. With adjustable suction levels and two-phase cycling that includes expression and massage mode. It is designed to allow moms to adjust the breast pump settings to their preferences.

For optimal results, you can use the Spectra breast pump as a single electric breast pump or a double electric breast pump. This breast pump is designed to have a closed system and is much quieter than most breast pumps, hence why it is one of the best quiet breast pumps for office and zoom calls

3. Elvie pump

The Elvie Pump allows you to pump on your terms, whether at home, at work, or on the go. It’s the tiniest, lightest, and most silent wearable breast pump available. It has noise-canceling technology so you may pump in peace, whenever and wherever you want. The Elvie pump fits inside a normal nursing bra, allowing for hands-free operation. There’s nothing to hold you back or slow you down.

This pump is the greatest from start to finish, as it only has 5 pieces to clean and assemble in seconds. There are no wires, no wardrobe changes, and no hassle. When it detects a let-down, it automatically switches from Stimulation to Expression mode and will pause when the bottle is full.

4. Medela Sonata breast pump

The Medela Sonata breast pump has a closed system design with Overflow Protection at the kit prevents your breast milk from entering tubing; easy to clean connectors, this feature also makes it the best quiet breast pump for office and zoom calls. Its unique, research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology produces more milk in less time for more efficient expression and optimum flow, making it ideal for moms who pump several times a day. The Medela pump is small, light, and weighs less than a pound. It features a modern design with an easy-to-use digital display and rear lighting, and it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.


Breast pumps are essential if you are always on the go or if you would love to store breastmilk for later. But, how do you make your breast pump quieter when you are in a public space? Highlighted above are the recommended ways to make your breast pump quieter. also, the above-recommended breast pumps are the best quiet breast pump for office and zoom calls. Hence, you can pump and make office and zoom calls.

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