From Snuggle Me to Crib

How to transition your baby from Snuggle Me to Crib

Your baby would outgrow using a snuggle me as they grow and develop and they’ll need to transition to a crib. The snuggle me’s shape makes it possible for babies to feel wrapped and comforted, which can be especially useful for newborns who have just left the comfort of the womb.

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Babies typically grow accustomed to their cuddling me after some time. Hence, making the transition from snuggle me to crib may be difficult. You need to know how to transition so that both you and your baby can enjoy a good night’s sleep, whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned pro.

How to transition from snuggle me to crib

1. Use Merlin’s magic sleep suit

Babies can transition from the swaddling stage to sleeping without a swaddle with the help of Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, which is made to make them feel comfortable and safe. Babies may move freely while still feeling snug and comfortable thanks to the suit’s soft, breathable fabric.

You can start by letting your baby wear the sleepsuit for afternoon naps and then gradually extend the amount of time they spend in it. You can put your baby in the crib with the magic suit after they are completely comfortable wearing it.

2. Transition gradually:

Start with 15-20 minutes and gradually extend the time until your baby is at ease and used to it. To help your baby become used to sleeping in a crib, you can also put the snuggle me in there. Make sure you stick to the same schedule to help your little one transition more quickly.

3. Establish a bedtime routine:

To help your child transition from the snuggle me to the crib, establish a bedtime routine. To start, attempt to create a more relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights, singing a lullaby, playing white noise, and reading a book. Afterward, give your child a warm bath to help them unwind and get comfortable. You can also give them a little massage and dress them in soft pajamas.

Finally, put them in their crib while they are still awake but sleepy so they can learn to fall asleep on their own. Ensure you try to follow any routine you start with to prevent your little one from getting fussy 

4. Place familiar items in the crib:

Many babies find it difficult to move from the snuggle me to the crib. You can help them by putting a familiar item in the crib. This can be a blanket, plush animal, or item of clothing that smells just like you.

A parent’s shirt can also assist to relax and comfort your baby during this transition by adding a familiar scent. overtime, your baby can grow attached to this object and start using it as comfort during the night.

5. Sing lullaby:

Lullabies have a relaxing impact and can give your baby a sense of warmth and security. As a result, it’s a fantastic way to help your baby in making the transition from snuggle me to their crib.

The time you spend singing your baby to sleep can be a beautiful bonding experience that will be treasured for years to come. So go ahead and sing a lullaby while ensuring a smooth transition for your little one.

6. Keep the room cool and dark:

To ease your baby’s transition from the snuggle me to the crib, keep the room cool and dark. Babies sleep better in a cool, quiet, and dark environment because they mimic the womb’s quiet, dark surroundings.

It will be easier to filter out any distracting light that might keep them awake in a dark room. The baby’s overall health and well-being will benefit from this as it will help to create a regular sleeping routine.

7. Seek support and be patient:

It’s crucial to keep in mind that every baby is unique, and some may require more time to transition than others. Snuggle-me to crib transition can be a challenge for parents and babies. But, the process might go more smoothly if you ask for help and have patience.

For assistance in transitioning your baby from the snuggle me to the crib, speak with your pediatrician or a sleep expert. You can also ask relatives and friends for emotional support during this time so that you can learn from their experiences. Ultimately, it’s critical to exercise patience with your baby throughout the process.

Snuggle-me to crib transitions should be a gradual process that necessitates support and patience. Your infant will become accustomed to sleeping in the crib with enough time and effort. Highlighted above are steps you need to take when you need to know how to transition from a snuggle me to crib.

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