Is it bad for babies to laugh too much?

Is it bad for babies to laugh too much?

Babies are adorable when they laugh. It is a sign that they are happy and happy babies are fun to be with. Your baby’s mood also tells you how they feel, so when they laugh, you are sure they are comfortable and not in harm’s way. However, have you ever thought about how much laughing is suitable for your baby? Is it bad for babies to laugh too much? The answer is no. No amount of laughter is too much for a baby. To better understand this topic, this blog post will highlight some areas of concern and give better explanations for them, so keep reading.

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How to make a baby laugh for the first time?

1. Make pretentious moves

Babies naturally respond to what they see their parents do, so faking some moves can arouse your baby’s happy mode, which may eventually make them laugh. You can make your baby laugh for the first time when you pretend to fold up your body, mimic funny sounds, or pretend to laugh.

2. Make funny faces

Babies find funny faces amusing. So, if you have been expecting to see your baby laugh for the first time, try making funny faces at them. There is a high chance that your baby will laugh at your funny face soon.

3. Play peekaboo

Playing peekaboo with your baby can make them erupt in laughter. You pretend to cover your face with your hands and suddenly open them with the words “peekaboo.” Make sure you say the words with a funny tone and look on your face, and you will be surprised to see how your baby bursts out in laughter.

4. Tickle

Tickling your baby can make them laugh. Slightly touch them on their belly, face, and underarms to erupt laughter. You must, however, be gentle with such moves.

5. Shaking keys or toys before their face

Shaking your keys and your baby’s toys across their face can make them laugh. They are fascinated with almost any object and laugh at them when they dangle in their faces.

Can a baby die from laughing too much? 

No, babies cannot die from laughing too much. No baby has ever been reported to have died from laughing too much, and never probably will there be such a report. Laughing is healthy for babies, and it makes them develop properly. There are many benefits that babies derive from laughing, and the absence of it is what is not suitable for them. Is it bad for babies to laugh too much? As is the case with adults, laughing helps babies to relax. It puts them at ease, preventing crankiness and fussy behaviors. It also makes them more receptive to people around them as they become friendlier and easily soothed.

Baby not laughing at 6 months? Is it normal?

It is usual for babies to laugh for the first time at different ages as all babies don’t develop at the same rate. Some start to laugh at four months, while others laugh for the first time at seven months old. If your baby is six months old and has not laughed yet, you don’t need to worry, as they will start to laugh soon. They are perfectly normal, and nothing is wrong with them. Just continue doing things that can stimulate laughter in them in your spare time.

When babies smile in their sleep, do they see angels?

A common myth is that babies smile in their sleep because they see angels. There is no fact in these myths, so it would be safe to say your baby does not see angels while they sleep, causing them to smile. Smiling during sleep can result from random muscle movements they are unaware of. It could also be because they have a pleasant dream. Your baby may also smile in their sleep when they pass gas, as that may trigger a funny experience, causing them to relax.


Is it bad for babies to laugh too much? No, it is not. Laughter is suitable for every child. Your baby needs to cultivate the habit of laughing. A happy baby brings relief to their mom. No mom wants a moody baby that hardly smiles or laughs. If you feel that your baby is laughing too much, you can try distracting them for a while.

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