How long should a mom stay home with baby?

How long should a mom stay home with a baby?

Going on maternity leave after having a baby is never an option in many countries; it is compulsory. A new mom needs time to nurture her newborn before being fit enough to return to active work. How long should a mom stay home with a baby? There is no specific rule to this. It varies from one mother to another based on their medical condition and emotional and mental health. It takes around six weeks to feel completely relieved from most postpartum symptoms.

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Most new moms with babies with one medical condition or other may be compelled to spend more time at home with their babies when compared with mothers with healthy babies. 

Is it worth going back to work after having a baby?

Going back to work is more of a personal decision to make. Moms will instead choose to go back to work because of their family’s financial needs. That is because working and stay-at-home moms have roles to play at home. Working moms are likely to return to work if a favorable system supports their resumption after maternity. Some factors can influence the rate of new moms returning to work, such as the availability of childcare or family members willing to help nurse the newborn. They will be more confident returning to earning a living if they sort out their baby’s welfare. 

Best age to go back to work after having a baby 

The best age to return to work is when you deem fit for yourself. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that women take at least six weeks off work after having a baby. There should also be a provision in your contract with your employer that states when to resume work after going through childbirth. If there is no signed contract to that effect, that does not prevent you from returning to work after the stipulated time for the break. You may even go back to work before your date of resumption. It is all your choice to make, depending on what suits you. 

Can you take a year off work after the baby? 

Taking one year off work after having a baby is a rather long time to be away from work. Such arrangements will surely come with a no-pay-check situation. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires most companies to allow their employees, men, and women, up to twelve weeks of unpaid family leave time after having a baby. How long should a mom stay home with a baby? If the FMLA covers your place of work, you may be entitled to taking a maximum of 12 weeks off work after having a baby. But you should not if the policy is not binding on your employer. Besides, postpartum recovery, even with the fatigue that goes with it, should not take as long as one year.

5 tips for the first day back to work after maternity leave 

1. Arrange with a childcare giver.

Making provision for a nanny, childcare giver, or grandparent will go a long way in helping you to cope with the workload you may have to face on your first day at work after your extended maternity leave. It would help if you also arranged to introduce the caregiver or nanny to your family for security. 

2. Returning to work on a part-time basis 

A new mom can choose to return to work on a part-time basis. Giving them more time to continue nursing their baby is a good idea. However, it may have some financial implications as they will have to deal with a pay cut. You should also find out if your employer allows such an arrangement.

3. Request to work from home

If the nature of your work will allow you to work from home, you can suggest it to your employer. If they consider and approve it, it will give your more time to attend to your baby’s needs as you work from home. 

You can ask for assistance from family members and friends that you trust. This set of people helps you ease the transition from maternity leave to returning to your job. 

4. Breastfeeding

Some organizations have provisions for crèche available for nursing staff. With this facility in place, it makes the mothers give their babies quick and short attention when needed. You can also express milk for your child and store them in feeding bottles.

5. Make friends with other new moms.

Making friends with other new moms gives you the advantage of sharing common experiences about the welfare of your babies. This transition can be difficult, but taking it easy on yourself will assist in helping you forge ahead.


How long should a mom stay home with a baby? After having your baby, the average time off from work varies widely from one place to the other. Six weeks would not be enough for proper healing if C-sections were involved. The importance of moms having enough time to carter for their newborns cannot be over-emphasized. Nursing mothers should embrace the new change in life that childbirth brings their way and learn to cope with it.

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