What do babies do in the womb all day?

What do babies do in the womb all day?

It’s a mysterious yet fascinating experience for babies to spend months in the womb. Many moms wonder, “What do babies do in the womb all day?” Though your baby may appear quiet in the womb, it can actually be busy growing and developing during its stay inside the womb. This post will examine “What do babies do in the womb all day?” It will surely give you a better understanding of the world we were all part of before entering the present world. It will also help you appreciate more what goes on with your baby while you do some things that you do.

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Do babies sleep in the womb at 12 weeks? 

Yes, babies do sleep in the womb at 12 weeks. Their sleeping patterns become more pronounced as early as eight weeks. Babies spend hours sleeping and growing during the first trimester. Their sleep patterns, however, become more predictable as the pregnancy progresses. By the time the pregnancy reaches the third trimester, the baby may sleep for at least 21 hours of the day. It should be noted, however, that all babies are not the same. Some babies are more active than others.

11 things unborn babies can do in the womb

Babies do not just remain in the womb doing nothing for nine whole months. Babies can be quite busy with the following:

  1. Moving: Babies in the womb do a lot of moving around. They start to move from as early as eight weeks of pregnancy.
  2. Thumb-sucking: By the time the pregnancy is 16 weeks old, unborn babies will start to suck their thumbs. That is an early sign of self-soothing.
  3. Yawning: Scientific observations have shown babies in the womb to be capable of yawning. They start to yawn at 12 weeks of gestation. Yawning can help their lung development.
  4. Hearing: You should know by now that babies in the womb can hear sounds from the world outside the womb. They can hear when their mothers speak. They can also hear the sound of music and other loud sounds around.
  5. Tasting: Babies in the womb can taste through the amniotic fluid surrounding them. They can taste the flavors of the different foods that their moms eat.
  6. Dreaming: Research shows that babies in the womb do experience rapid eye movements (REM) during sleep, which happens when humans dream.
  7. Reacting to light: Unborn babies usually react when to changes in light. From 30 weeks, they can open their eyes when they notice light around.
  8. Recognizing voices: Despite hearing different voices, babies in the womb can recognize their mom’s voice from the third trimester.
  9. Practicing breathing: Unborn babies also start to learn how to breathe during the third trimester in preparation for life after birth.
  10. Responding to touch: Babies in the womb do respond when pressure is applied to their mom’s belly.
  11. Hiccupping: Babies can experience hiccups in the womb. You should not be worried about this as hiccupping is a normal part of their growth which can strengthen their diaphragm.

Do babies in the womb wake up when you eat?

Yes, babies in the womb will likely wake up when you eat. Unborn babies usually respond to changes in their environment. The changes in sound and movement of your digestive system when you are eating, can stimulate their bodies and make them wake up or become more active. Also, your body releases insulin that helps to regulate your blood sugar level when you eat. The released insulin can go through the placenta and affect your baby’s blood sugar level. This change in blood sugar levels can make your baby more active, waking them up if they are sleeping.

Does the baby sleep in the womb when the mother sleeps?

Yes. Babies in the womb spend most of their time sleeping, so they will likely be asleep when their mom sleeps. According to research, unborn babies can sleep for up to 95% of the day during the third trimester. You should note that even though babies sleep when their mothers sleep, they may not have the same type of sleep as their moms. The sleep state of unborn babies is known as active sleep or rapid eye movement (REM). This type of sleep is essential to their brain development.


Babies spend hours sleeping and growing. They also engage in other activities, as you have seen above. As babies develop and grow inside the womb, their movements become more coordinated, and they also become more active. The womb gives them a safe and conducive environment to develop and prepare for the life that awaits them on the outside. 

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