Can a father change his daughter's diaper

Can A Father Change His Daughter’s Diaper?

Sometimes as a mother, you feel too tired to take care of your baby. This is when you need your partner’s help. When it comes to nursing and caring for a baby girl, one of the common concerns of new mothers is, ‘Can a father change their daughter’s diaper?’

Some schools of thought are of the opinion that a father should change his daughter’s diaper while another school of thought thinks otherwise. In order for you to take a stand or form an independent opinion, this article will discuss the reasons why a father should change his daughter’s diaper and why a father should not.

Some people think it’s weird for a man to change his baby’s diapers, let alone changing his baby girl’s diaper. So, they believe it is the sole duty and responsibility of the wife to take care of the baby. They, however, adduced the following reasons why a man should not change his baby’s diaper:

Reasons why a father should not change his daughter’s diaper

1.           Most Men Are Not Comfortable Doing It.

It takes two to conceive a child, so it should take two to nurse them. However, most men feel and believe that they are not responsible when it comes to the dirty aspect of parenting. Because of this, some women believe that a lot of men get irritated when doing the dirty parts of parenting like changing poopy diapers or cleaning baby vomit, especially, if it’s a baby girl. Therefore, they won’t just allow them to do it and get adjusted to it because, they feel bad, irritated, and uncomfortable doing it.

2.           They Don’t Know How to Change Diaper

Most mothers have this innate nature on how to take care of their baby, such as diaper changing, breastfeeding, preparing bathwater to the perfect temperature, and how to make their baby sleep. While most men are pretty clueless and can’t handle the tasks of caring for their baby, let alone changing their diapers.

3.           Wasting Baby Materials

Diapers, wipes, baby powder, and butt cream are some of the expensive and must-buy baby items, so it is no joke wasting them.

If you just had your baby, you have to be ready to spend a lot on diapers, wipes, baby powder, and butt cream because you will have to buy for a couple of years. The truth is, most men do not know how to change a diaper, which means they end up using more wipes, applying too much butt cream, and placing the duct tape wrongly.

As a result of wasting diapers, wipes, and butt cream, most men prefer to stay away from changing diapers and leave the responsibility to their wives.

4.           No Life Experience

One of the reasons why men can’t change diapers is due to the masculine way they were raised. Some men were raised with the tradition and attitude that a woman should be the one to nurse the baby, change diapers, prepare bathwater, feed them, while the father just seats on the couch, playing games and chatting with friends.

So, when they can’t change their baby diaper, prepare bath water, or do some nursing tasks, we shouldn’t blame them and respect the family dynamics. This is why you need to have a serious conversation about their background and upbringing, with your supposed partner before entering into marriage and giving birth.

With the idea of how your supposed partner was raised and family orientation, you won’t have any problem with him not changing your baby diaper or helping you to care for the baby.

5.           At The Risk Of Not Looking Manly

A lot of men do not want to be seen as a weakling or a Baby Nanny, who nurse a baby or do the dirty aspect of parenting. Generally, men, like to be seen as strong, macho, breadwinners, and dependable, just as how a real man should be, which is due to the way media has portrayed the attributes and potent power of a man. While women are expected to take care of the baby.

For some men changing their daughter’s diaper can make them look weak and feel inferior, which is another reason why they don’t want to be changing their daughter’s diaper. They just want to do the hard stuff in the house, like providing for family and securing the family’s wellbeing, while their wives do the nursing and caring aspect of the child nurturing at home.

Despite these cogent reasons above, another school of thought think otherwise, saying that a father should change their daughter’s diaper, no matter the reason.

Some of the reasons they gave on why a father should change their daughter’s diaper, and also be involved in any nursing task at home include the following:

Reasons why a father should change his daughter’s diaper

1.           Building a Strong Bond

Taking care of a baby has been stereotyped as the duty of a woman, and due to this reason, many fathers have not been involved in nurturing their baby. When a woman cares for her baby, she is building the love-bond between her and the baby. This makes the baby be very fond of the mother while keeping a safe distance from their fathers.

It’s normal for babies to be fond of and love those who spend quality time with them. So when fathers take care of their babies, they are also able to build the love-bond with their kids.

2.           Assist in Child Upbringing

Apart from building bonds with your kids, you also assist your wife so she won’t feel overwhelmed with taking care of the baby and nurturing the entire household. While you are assisting your wife with your baby nursing, she can also focus on her life and lighten up her appearance. 

Caring for babies…

Caring for a baby shouldn’t be one-sided, since both parents contribute to conceiving the baby.

A joint effort of both father and mother brought the baby into the world, it won’t be bad if the father and the mother see it as a collective responsibility to care and nurse the baby as well, depending on who is available at that point in time. A father changing his daughter’s diaper is the same thing as a mother changing her son’s diaper, so it is not wrong. A father can definitely change his daughter’s diaper.

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