How to prevent diaper blowouts in the car seat.

Looking for ways to prevent diaper blowouts in the car seat? Admittedly, your bundle of joy can be quite a handful, especially when seated reclined at the backseat of the car, smiling contentedly while taking in the view through the window. All is well until you hear the poop sound, and the accompanying smell of fresh poop. Does that sound familiar?

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Diaper blowouts in the car seat are a nightmare for every mother. Particularly because it’s harder to clean and even harder to get rid of the poop smell. Let’s not even get started about the unpredictability of the explosions.

In this blog post, we shall enumerate ways to prevent diaper blowouts in the car seat.

But first, what causes a diaper blowout?

Call it diaper blowout, poop explosion, or diaper leaks and you would not be wrong. This dicey business occurs when an infant poops and it manages to leak out through the spaces around the thighs or the baby’s back. Sometimes, it might be a small mess, other times it can be a proper poop explosion.

Ok, so you’re probably facing the same horror and asking yourself ‘what caused the explosion? ‘ While you cannot change the baby’s diet-which is purely milk or semi-solids, there are a few things that could potentially cause the blowouts that you can work around, such as:


This happens when your child’s bowel fails to find its rhythm. The unusual bowel motion can cause sporadic blowouts.

Wrong diaper sizes:

A less than perfect diaper size is culpable in diaper leaks. Too small and it does less to hold it in, too big and there will be too much space to hold anything in.

Incorrect cloth sizes:

The cloth sizes also matter. A smaller than appropriate romper, for example, might put pressure on the infant’s diaper and force the poop out in case of a stool.

How you can prevent diaper blowouts in car seats

1.       Try cloth diaper

Cloth diapers generally have more retention capacity, so when you take that Angel out with you, cloth diaper is a safer choice as opposed to disposable diapers. The elastic fitted on the cloth diapers also do a lot to hold back the poop until you’re ready to change them. A good cloth diaper you can check out on Amazon is Mama Koala One Size Baby Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers. It is waterproof, breathable, and very absorbent.

2.       Change baby’s diaper often

Another great way to prevent diaper blowout in the car seat is to change your baby’s diaper, especially before the trip. This is because even the most efficient diaper can hold so much poop before it starts to leak. Therefore having a lot of spare diapers at hand for your trip is a sound idea.

3. Use a car seat liner

A car seat like the stream liners premium disposable car seat piddle pad is leakproof, no wash disposable packs of outfit for car seats. It is one of the best solutions to diaper blowouts in a car seat because it has the largest absorption capacity. It fits the pocket on the back of your driver’s seat comfortably.

4. Car seat protector piddle pad

The car seat protector piddle pad is one of the best ways you can prevent diaper blowouts in a car seat. It is a waterproof, reusable liner for your baby’s car seat. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your expensive baby car seat will not be ruined. It is compatible with most brands of car seats, strollers, and swings.

3.       Size is important

Babies come in various sizes, and diapers are made in different sizes for that reason. And as I have explained earlier above, it is imperative to use the proper size diaper for your baby’s butt. Especially one that snuggly fits around the thigh and back of the child. If you use the exact size and still experience the diaper blowouts, try going up a diaper size. This usually takes care of the problem until you might need to go up another size.

4.       On a trip, change baby diapers fast

Under normal circumstances, it is a good idea to wait a few minutes before changing the baby’s diaper after he poops.  This is done to ensure that he’s quite done and satisfied and ready for a change. There’s just the tiny issue of the possibility of a blowout occurring. But you do not want to take chances with your kid in the back seat. Even if you’re driving, you would need to find a safe parking space to change the diaper. This means you need a lot of changing diapers handy for your trips.

5.       Sync with the cues

Different babies have their unique ways of showing you when they’re ready to dump. Knowing the signs can save you a lot of stress, time, and energy. Some babies cry and some get restless, others can go a cute red in the face.  But whatever the signs are, they are worth taking note of.

6.       How do you tuck the baby’s diaper?

Do you tuck the diaper cuff in or out around the baby’s leg? The right way to do pull the cuffs around the legs outwards; not inwards! The simple error most parents make is to tuck the cuffs inwards. By doing it outwards, it helps to increase the grip around the child’s leg, holding poop in a little bit longer for you to notice. To prevent leakages around the back, the diaper’s waistline should be around the infant’s belly button; not too tight but not loose either.

7.       Try using a blowout extender

Blowout extenders  (a.k.a blowout blockers) are pads made out of baby-friendly fabric which when attached to a baby’s diaper, prevents poop messes at the back of the baby’s diaper. You can also attach them to the front if it leaks there too. They are also cost-effective as you can wash them for reuse. Here is a good one you can try out – Danni’s Diaper Extenders – 4 Reusable diaper extender pads – Prevent Diaper Blowouts.

8.       Use compatible diaper brands:

Over time, I have come across different recommendations for different popular diaper brands. All the popular brands have their merits and demerits. The compatibility all boils down to your baby’s shape (and a few other variables). For most babies, pampers or Huggies should do. But if the blowouts persist, you can try using Luvs.

9.       Prepare for the inevitable

Oh, yes! Deep down we all know the baby has to answer nature’s call.  So on a trip, bring with you a change of clothes(or two) for the baby and yourself. In case you need to change the baby’s diaper.

Get your wipes and diaper bags ready too.

  • BONUS:

If you’ve tried everything to prevent diaper blowout in the car seat and you still need to reduce the probability of a leak to a minimum, try using a cloth diaper to shield the disposable one. It helps to lock in the mess, keeping your car safe until you catch the first whiff of poop smell, or observe the smile of satisfaction in the infant’s eye.

Do car rides help babies poop?

Due to the gentle motion and vibrations experienced during the trip, car journeys can occasionally aid in helping babies poop. Some babies’ bowel motions may be encouraged by the motion of the car, which might stimulate the digestive tract. Due to the fact that each baby’s reaction to car rides is unique, this effect might not be consistent for all babies. It’s important to remember that a baby’s specific digestive system, not just the car ride itself, influences how often they pass poop.

How to clean car seat after a blowout?

After a blowout, cleaning a car seat might be difficult. Start by removing extra dirt with paper towels and gloves. Spot-clean the areas that are affected with warm water, and a light detergent, and be careful to avoid scrubbing them too vigorously. The removable fabric components should be hand- or machine-washed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Allow the seat to thoroughly air dry. Apply a child-safe disinfectant spray or wipes to clean the surfaces. Reassemble the seat as directed by the manufacturer, making sure that all straps and buckles are fastened. For detailed cleaning instructions, you refer to the car seat’s instruction booklet.

Rounding up

Diaper blowouts in the car seat are a natural phenomenon that can happen from time to time even on a road trip. Following the above precautions and with time, you should begin to get the hang of preventing, managing, and breezing through embarrassing blowouts without issues.

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