5 Uncommon Doorway Jumper without door frame

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Are you searching for a doorway jumper without a door frame? You are in the right place. Most doorway jumpers are not suitable for doorways without molding or trim on them because there will be no way to hang them. Also, some doorways have weird moldings on the door frame that will not allow you to hang doorway jumpers. Other doorways are also too wide at the top for you to clamp the jumper on and some do not hold more than 25lbs. What about the fear that the jumper can fall down when your baby hangs on it because of the stability of the door frames. So, how do you get a doorway jumper without a door frame? This is especially needed if your baby loves to jump and bounce.

As usual, I combed through the web to find a solution to this problem. I found great doorway jumpers without stands on Amazon. This is very effective as you can move your baby from one room to another without searching for doorframes to hang it. Below are 5 perfect doorway jumpers without door frames.

Let’s get started.

Amazing Door way jumpers with door frames

1.   Jolly jumper with stand for active babies

The Jolly jumper with stand, is a jumper that you can use without a door frame. It uses a stand which makes it possible to use indoors and outdoors. It is also danger-free because the saddle seat is firm to support the baby’s spine so that the baby can have an upright posture while using it. Also, the baby cannot hit anything around as they bounce and jump. Your baby can bounce up and down freely in it. It has a harness with three types of fasteners that makes it sturdy and safe for babies. The jolly jumper with stand helps babies to improve balance, coordination, and rhythm. It also strengthens their muscles. You can easily store the jumper by folding it flat. This makes it easy to store in the house and take along when traveling.

This is safer than the doorframe jumper because

2.   Baby Jumper with Stand

The Baby Jumper with Stand is another doorway jumper without a door frame. This makes it easy to move from room to room and even outside the house. The seat is firm and it supports the baby’s spine while strengthening their muscles, and improving balance. It is not difficult to assemble and you can fold it for storage when not in use. The 3D soft cushion and mesh design under the baby’s arms and between their legs make it breathable and comfortable.

One good thing about the baby jumper with stand is that it can be switched to a swing for toddlers. However, it doesn’t come with a swing seat, so you need to get one for your baby. A good toddler swing I found on Amazon is the Eastern Jungle Gym toddler swing. Do check it out!

3.   2 in 1 Baby Jumper with Toddler Swing

This is a good one as it comes with a toddler swing, unlike the previous doorway jumpers without door frames above. The 2 in 1 baby jumper with toddler swing meets the need of your baby as they grow, giving your baby a fun-filled childhood memories. The stand frame is sturdy and doesn’t require tools to assemble it. It is also powder-coated and durable. It is easy to fold flat for easy storage and portability. It can be used in the rooms in the house and also in your garden, backyard, and porch. It simply brings the playground to your home.

4.   Baby Door Jumper and Bouncer with Stand for Active Babies

This is a great jumper, specially made for active babies who need more bounce and jumps. The door jumper and bouncer with stand simply eliminates the need for doorways. You can move it from one place to another in the house and also outdoors. The seat is firm and it supports baby’s spine and posture while using it. The baby jumper and bouncer with stand helps babies to control their limbs, coordinate and balance their bodies. This helps to promote baby’s bones and muscle development. It is easy to install and dismantle. When not in use, you can easily dismantle it and store in a safe place or carry to any where.

It is suitable for babies with a maximum weight of 35lbs. This jumper can serve as in the straddle mode when your baby is small and transform to a swing seat as your baby grows.

5.   Hapfan 2 in 1 Baby Jumper and Toddler Swing with Stand

The Hapfan 2 in 1 Baby Jumper and Toddler Swing with Stand is another great doorway jumper without door frame you can use for your baby. Just like the 2 in 1 baby jumper above, it also comes with a jumper and a toddler swing. This means you don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing the jumper because it grows with your baby. You can easily use the swing until they are three (3) years old. You can use it for children of different ages i.e. a baby and a toddler at the same time. The cotton fabric canvas swing makes your baby very comfortable.

The baby jumper and swing helps to strengthen babies’ leg muscles and teach babies how to balance and stand on their feet. The jumper has a weight limit of 35lbs or when the baby reaches 18 months, while the swing is designed for a weight limit of 50 lbs. This is one of the jumpers that are over 25 pounds and suitable for heavy babies.

It is easy to fold and store either in your closet or against a wall. It is lightweight and so you can carry it wherever you go. I.e. for picnics, vacations, and travels.

Doorway jumper without door frame

You can actually use a baby jumper without a door frame, the condition of the doors in your house notwithstanding. Above are doorway jumpers suitable for any form of door. They are easy to move around the house as you work in the kitchen, take your bath or eat. Some of the jumpers also transform into baby swings when your baby grows, eliminating the need to buy a toddler swing when your baby outgrows the jumper.

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