How to keep Baby from Standing up in Tub

How to keep Baby from Standing up in Tub

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Looking for how to keep baby from standing up in tub? Look no further. Babies are little bundles of joy, and the effect they have on us is magical and priceless. But at the same time, babies can be a whole lot to handle, especially when it’s time to get them squeaky clean. Bath time is usually enjoyable and can be very exhausting, especially when toddlers are being their usual selves and refuse to obey commands.

At this period, babies learn a variety of new skills, one of which is figuring out how to balance independently. This is a significant developmental milestone, and you should be pretty proud as a parent! Nevertheless, these new abilities are accompanied by a spike in their energy, and it may be particularly tough for infants to remain still during bath time!

So, are you finding it hard to get your child to keep still during bath time? Well, welcome aboard. But you’re in luck. Below, we’ll be taking a look at a couple of safe, guaranteed, and effective ways to keep your baby from standing up in the tub. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Use a rubber mat in the tub for safety

Sheepping Baby Bath Mat Non Slip Extra Long Bathtub Mat for Kids 40 X 16 Inch - Eco Friendly Bath Tub Mat with 200 Big Suction Cups,Machine Washable Shower Mat (Clear)

If there’s one way to get your child to stay still during bath time, this is it! This safety rubber mat (such as LEMI Non-Slip Rubber Bathtub Mat) shown above can be placed in the tub, and you don’t have to worry about your baby getting up anymore. This unique product can be used on the surface of your bathtub or any other location.

This rubber mat is versatile and comes with holes all through its entire body. These holes allow for the easy passage of water. Water can accumulate on the mat without them, making it slippery. Furthermore, this design provides better adaptability for drains and comes in handy in unusual situations.

One fantastic feature of the mat is you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. It can be cleaned after use and is guaranteed to last long. It is also not confined to home use alone, as it is an excellent choice for hotels and any other location. All you need to do is clean it up, and it is ready for another use.

The rubber safety mat can be washed using a washing machine. Please wash before using it for the first time.


  • Made of high-quality rubber
  • It can be used for different purposes
  • It can be washed and re-used
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • It can only be used on bathtubs with a smooth surface.

Co-shower with the baby

This is a very effective way to control your baby’s movements during bath time. By sharing a bathtub with your baby, you don’t have to worry about trying to get them to stay still frequently, and it’s also a fantastic time for mother and child to bond. After a proper bath, dry yourself and your baby off, and drain the tub.

Use the baby Tub seat for bathing

Baby Bath Seat for Babies 6 Months & Up - Infant Bathtub Seat for Sit-up Bathing - Summer Toddler Bath Chair for Sitting Up in The Tub - Safety Baby Shower Chair Bath Tub Seater Bath Ring

The handles on the baby seat can be easily detached, making it convenient to put the baby in and out without worrying about becoming stuck. The bathtub chair for infants is suitable for children between the ages of 6 – 12 months. The bath structure is more integrated, sturdy, and graceful due to the double injection molding technique.

This tub seat for babies is solid; its fluent surface design eliminates any sharp edges. The sturdy outer construction supports the inside structure with a natural curve design that precisely suits the baby’s back.

It’s easy and quick to put this tub seat together and to take it apart. It is suitable for bathtubs, shower rooms, and other situations. There is enough space by the sides, which allows the babe to move around freely. It also has a  drain at the bottom for getting rid of dirty water.


  • The creative design keeps the baby secure
  • It’s strong and versatile
  • The inner surface of the product is user-friendly
  • It is easy and quick to assemble


  • The seat may become slippery during use. It’s always best to place a towel on the seat..

Make use of an inflatable bathtub.

【Upgraded】Baby Inflatable Bathtub with Air Pump, FLYMEI Portable Infant Toddler Bathtub Non Slip Bathing Tub Travel Bathtub Mini Air Swimming Pool Kids Foldable Shower Basin, Baby Shower Gifts

This unique inflatable tub can be used in a variety of ways. It provides you with more space to enjoy bath time, and they will feel more comfortable in this than in an actual huge bathtub. It comes in Baby sizes and is super easy to clean. The best part is, it can fit perfectly into your actual bathtub.

Great for the beach, a great backyard “pool,” and may also be used in your stand-up shower.

It also has a support pillow for the baby’s back, making taking a shower enjoyable for the child.

Center bumps: This bathtub can be inflated, and its unique base design keeps younger toddlers from sliding about.


  • It is built like an actual bathtub
  • Babies can rest their backs while taking a bath
  • It’s comfortable and convenient
  • It can be easily packed after use and inflatable for use some other time


  • None

Keep the baby distracted with play things

Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy - Spin 'N' Sprinkle Water Lab - Spinning Gear and Googly Eyes for Toddler or Baby Bath Time Sensory Development - Attaches to Any Size Tub Wall (1-3 Years)

It is time to keep the baby distracted with playthings such as the Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy shown above. This battery-powered bath spout conveniently attaches to the tub and sucks water from it to create a continuous flow of water. It is simple to use and is specially built for tiny hands. This toy comes with three cups that can be interchanged. Different bath cups and each comes with unique water straining and spraying effect.

The bath cups are held in place by a swiveling arm and can play, construct, and store water. This is a great toy to keep your children busy during bath time, as they would be Intrigued by the toy and not bother you by standing up frequently.


  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functional you
  • You can leave your babies around it
  • It is easy to handle and has different effects.


  • Uses batteries, so you always have to replace batteries when weak.


Above are ways to keep babies from standing up in a bath. Babies standing up in the shower is to be expected. You can now ensure that not only is your baby comfortable while getting a decent bath, they are protected and also entertained at the same. It is important to note, that however fun bath times may be, leaving a baby unsupervised around the bathtub is dangerous. So, always ensure you’re monitoring your baby at all times during bath sessions.

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