How to keep the sun out of the baby’s face in the car

Most parents who drive often always want to know how to keep the sun out of the baby’s face in the car. While in the car, your baby must stay protected from the sun to prevent eye damage or sunburn. Infants have delicate and thinner skin sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and susceptible to wrinkles, sun spots, and a lifetime risk of melanoma.  Overexposure to sun rays during childhood is a major determining factor of skin cancer risk.

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While you can always install tinted car windows, as it keeps the car cool, minimizes direct sun exposure to your baby’s face, and blocks the ultraviolet rays, there are different state rules for tinting restrictions. Hence, it is not advisable. One way to protect your little one without breaking any state laws is to purchase an adjustable car shade. Below are ways to keep the sun out of the baby’s face in the car in order to shield their tender skin while driving.

Ways to keep the sun out of the baby’s face in the car

1.   Car seat shade or canopy

A car seat canopy is a draped fabric that provides excellent coverage for your little one while strapped in their carrier. These canopies come in several patterns and bright colors your baby will love. They can be quickly and securely attached to your toddler’s seat using the straps – to prevent any chance of slippage. Car seat canopies are generally designed to fit into most baby seats; hence, you don’t have to worry about getting the correct size.

The canopy usually comes in stretchy and soft cotton fabrics that are breathable, creating a comfortable space for your baby to sleep and relax during any outdoor activity. Some are made with lighter materials like mesh and unique fabric that protects them from UVB/UVA rays and allows you to see your baby at a glance while driving.

Using a baby seat canopy is great for a road trip, as it lets you worry less and allows you to enjoy your time out. Apart from protecting your little one from harmful sun rays, other benefits of using a car seat canopy include:

  • It offers less exposure to Airborne germs and Unwanted interactions from strangers.
  • It protects infants from extreme weather conditions (including winter air).
  • The perfect tool to keep their sleep schedule or a devoted nap time while at the store to retain a quiet environment to relax.

We have selected the two best baby car seat canopies you can purchase for your little ones’ carrier. They include:

Brica Infant Canopy Seat Cover (Munchkin)

Munchkin Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover, Helps Block UVA/UVB Rays, Grey

Munchkin’s stylish baby seat cover helps block ultraviolet A & B rays and protect infants from external elements. It is a versatile canopy with a retractable sun cover with a 50+ UPF rating and shields up to 98 percent of harmful ultraviolet radiation. Also, it comes with a zipper carrying case suitable for strolls.

The breathable mesh covering is perfect to create a private space for your little one, plus excellent ventilation. Brica’s innovative baby car seat cover is easy to use and install, provides privacy, airflow, visibility, and immediate access to your baby regardless of your location.

Car seat canopy cover for Babies

Carseat Canopy Cover for Babies - Soft Minky Carrier Cover for Baby Boys & Girls - Perfect Baby Shower Gift & Ideal for Winter

Another excellent option that is perfect for many seasons is the Car seat canopy cover for babies. While driving, it not only protects your little one from the summer heat, it also protects babies from the wind, sand, and from prying hands of strangers.

It also serves as a nursing cover, protecting your privacy as you breastfeed your baby. This means you don’t need to look for a secluded place to breastfeed the baby when you are out and about. You can also use this cover as a shopping cart cover around the child to create a safe environment for them. Great for summer outdoor road trips to keep your baby warm and relaxed throughout the journey.

2.   Car window sunshade

Going on trips with kids can be a challenge for parents. A baby window shade is a handy option when switching locations. A window shade offers a considerable amount of sun protection to your little one. Although an auto glass can successfully shield your baby from ultraviolet B radiation from the sun, the rear windows still let ultraviolet A radiation penetrate. Most side window sunshades provide extra ultraviolet A protection by a unique additional screen layer.

A well-chosen window barrier will also help shield direct sunlight and regulate the temperature, contributing to their comfort during summer. However, there are several kinds of sunshades available in the market; hence, it is essential to buy a high-quality window shade capable of holding up ultraviolet rays. Below are essential factors to evaluate when selecting a new window shade:

  • Design

When purchasing a baby window shade, ensure you select the right design depending on the position or child’s age. A fixed window shade is suitable for an infant strapped in the back seat, while for a toddler or older child, an adjustable or pull-down shade is a better option. Some trendy designs include:

  • Static Cling.
  • Pop-out.
  • Floating (semi-permanent).
  • Pull-down.
  • Easy to install

You may need to switch cars in most cases, and a removable baby window shade can come in handy. Therefore, it is mandatory to go for a brand that sells practical and removable choices. Luckily, many baby window shades can be reinstalled easily and quickly maneuvered to fit various driving conditions using suction cups.

  • Ultraviolet protection levels

Always go for brands that meet the strict requirements for ultraviolet protection. The higher the protection grade, the safer your baby will be from any level of sun exposure. To pick the right window shade with the right amount of UV protection, follow this index; two or less for low-risk, between three to five for medium risk, between six to seven for high-risk, and between eight to ten for higher risk level.

  • Appropriate window size and shape.

While some window shades will custom fit your car window, others will not. Hence, it is imperative to review this requirement to avoid sudden fall-out while driving. They generally come in many structures and sizes, so measurement interpretations are critical.

Here are two ideal baby car sun shades available for purchase online:

Brica Magnetic Stretchy Window Sunshade (Munchkin)

Munchkin Brica Magnetic Stretch to Fit Sun Shade, Black

Whether you drive a sport utility vehicle or a city car, Munchkin frameless magnetic car window shade is designed to tailor-fit different window shapes. It provides an additional layer from harmful UVA and UVB radiations while allowing you to roll down the window with the sunshade installed. The magnetic ends make it easy to remove and switch between different cars. Secure the hoops n’ hooks, and your little one is ready for an enjoyable ride.

CITIGO Car Window Sun Shade (4 pcs)

CITIGO Car Window Sun Shade (4 pcs) - Block UV Ray, Lighting and Glare, Protection for Baby and Kids - Cartoon Lion, Elephant, Giraffe and Whales - for Side Windows and Rear Windshield ONLY.

If you prefer a colorful sun shield with an adorable design that offers maximum sun safety, CITIGO Car Window Sun Shade (4 pcs) is your best bet. The car sun shades protect the baby from skin irritation and bright sunlight. It also has a cute animal style, which will give your baby more joy. It is made with high premium material mesh and protective film that provides high shading effects and durable use. You can literally install it in seconds. Also, it is adjustable; hence you can place them in the sun direction regardless of your location.


Babies require extra sun exposure precautions regardless of their skin color. While you can always purchase a carriage canopy or window sunshade, it is essential to reduce their exposure to the sun. Shades do not provide complete sun protection; hence, always dress them in appropriate clothing if they must be out. Ensure to keep them protected from the sun between 10 am to 3 pm and schedule outdoor activities for late afternoon and early in the morning to prevent any risk of melanoma and skin cancer.

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