How to travel with a ready to feed formula

How to travel with a ready to feed formula

Going on a journey with a baby is a feat you don’t hear from most parents. It doesn’t matter if it is a short journey – like going out to the park or beach – in the afternoon or a long journey across or out of the country; you need to be prepared at any time to feed your baby when they are hungry. Babies typically get hungry every 2 – 4 hours.

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It is easier to feed a baby if you are breastfeeding compared to when they are bottle-fed. All you need is your breast and probably a nursing shawl – voila! You are all set.

But when you are traveling with a bottle, either for breast milk or formula; you need to be aware of so many rules, especially when flying! You will also need a well-stocked cooler bag to store the leftover formula properly.

What is ready to feed formula?

Ready to feed formulas are infant formulas that do not need pre-measurement or mixing before feeding your baby. They typically come in fluids, 2, 6, or 8-ounce containers.

Although more expensive than other formulas, using this formula is convenient and easy to use for your baby during travels. It is sterile, rich in nutrients, and you don’t need to mix it with water before feeding it to your little one.

You can store unopened Ready to feed formulas at room temperature. But ensure to keep opened containers for reuse in a refrigerator for about 48hours.

While you are on a journey, you may feed your baby this formula at room temperature, or you could warm the milk.

With different bottle warmers available in the market, you can get one to warm the milk while on a trip. You could also put the bottle into a container with hot water from a flask to warm up your baby’s food.

Traveling with a ready to feed formula

When traveling with your bottle-fed baby, ready to feed formula is undoubtedly the most convenient option to select. Besides being slightly costlier than the other baby formula options, you don’t need to use boiled water to make the baby food, nor do you need sterile water for it. Additionally, it is convenient and doesn’t make a mess.

When Travelling by Air

Most parents ask “Can I take ready to feed formula on a plane? Yes, you can take ready-made baby milk on the plane. The fluid guidelines seem to be continually changing. The TSA termed formula and breastmilk as “medically necessary liquid and gels,” and fortunately, they allow liquids exceeding 3.4 ounces or 100ml when you are traveling with an infant. You may need cooling packs or other cooling accessories to preserve the baby food while on a journey.

The baby formula and cooling packs are screened separately, just as with other liquids while traveling by air. To hasten your check-in process, you should perhaps put all your baby formulas and cooler bags in your carry-on. At the start of the screening, you should inform the TSA officer that you are carrying more than 3.4 ounces of premixed baby food.

You are permitted to take as much infant formula as you need to the plane to make baby feeds during your journey. Also, you can go with as many bottles or cartons of ready-made milk in your hand luggage. Although, security officers at the airport may request you open the bottles and taste the contents.

Can you bring powdered formula on a plane?

Yes, you can bring powdered formula on a plane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) specified that parents can take a reasonable amount of powered milk in a plane.

Can you bring premade formula on a plane?

Yes, you can bring premade formula on a plane for your baby.

How much-powdered formula can you take on a plane?

TSA specified that parents can carry up to 3.4-ounces of liquid for babies. However, if you need to take more than 3.4 ounces for your baby, inform a TSA agent before the day you want to travel.

Does premade formula need to be refrigerated?

Yes, you need to put them in bottles and refrigerate them once you have mixed the powdered formula with water.

What Do You Need To Do To Prepare Your Baby’s Formula?

Before making your infant’s bottle:

  1. Make sure you thoroughly read the instructions.
  2. Ensure that you buy the correct formula to match your little one’s age.
  3. Don’t feed infants toddlers’ formula because they have different nutritional requirements.

Once you get this right, you can prepare your baby’s formula.

Check the Instructions to prepare the Ready to Feed Formula.

Infant formulas all look alike. So, before preparing your baby’s bottle, ensure that you read the label and instructions. The Ready-Made Formula does not require additional water mixed in. They are already premixed. Adding water will dilute the nutrients in the baby’s food, and your baby might become malnourished.

To avoid such, go through and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you feed your baby the formula.


You will need the following supplies to make your baby’s bottle:

  • Clean Baby Bottles and Nipples: Ensure that you take more than you need on the journey because you may not have the chance to clean the bottles while on the trip.

Alternatively, you can use disposable bottle liners. They are great when you can’t access sterilizing equipment. They ensure less cleaning time, and you pack fewer bottles.

  • The Premixed Formula: This could be in a can or bottle. Be sure to pack more than enough as you don’t want to risk not being able to get when you reach your destination as a sudden change in the formula could make your little one cranky.
  • Opener for the canned formula: You will need an opener to puncture a hole into a ready-made canned formula.
  • Burp Cloth – could be a muslin cloth or bib: This is necessary for when you burp your baby, or they drool or spit out their food while feeding. The burp cloth will keep you and your baby clean.
  • You need Sterilizing Material: To prevent contamination of your baby’s equipment, sterilizing wipes and Ziploc bags to separate clean and dirty bottles, nipples, etc.
  • Bottlebrush: Use the bottlebrush to clean the baby’s bottle after feeding.
  • Cooler Bag: The cooler bag is is necessary to keep the bottles cold after you have opened them. You can also use ice packs, freezer packs, frozen gel packs, etc., required to preserve the opened formula.

How To Prepare The Premixed Formula

Firstly, you should wash your hands properly just like you would when making any food.

Then unscrew the formula bottle or make a hole on top of the canned formula. If you are using a previously opened bottle or can, it should be open for less than 48hours; otherwise, dispose of it.

Next, measure the exact amount of formula your baby needs for feeding into the bottle. You may warm the bottle by carefully dipping it into a container of warm water.

Lastly, ensure that you store the leftover formula properly in the cooler bag. Do not keep a premixed formula for more than 48hours.

How to go out with ready to feed formula?

Thinking of going out with your baby and the ready to feed formula? You need to know that once you open the ready to feed formula, you have to use it for the baby within an hour. If not, you can keep it in a cooler with ice. This will make it last for 48 hours.

Can you take unopened formula on a plane?

Instead of using the unopened formula on the plane, you can get the baby formula travel dispenser to make life easy for you and the baby. It easily fits in the diaper bag and it has enough room for your baby’s formula. The makes it easy to take ready formula on the go.

Can you take pre-made formula through airport security?

Yes, you can. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you can carry formula in reasonable quantities in carry-on bags.

How to travel with a ready to feed formula

Traveling with ready to feed formula is very convenient and makes feeding your baby hassle-free while you are on a journey. This article helps you prepare the necessary materials for a comfortable trip for you and your baby.

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