MAM Anti-colic Bottles vs. Dr. Brown Colic Bottles

MAM Anti-colic Bottles vs. Dr. Brown Colic Bottles – Making the right choice

Babies love their food, and failure to comply will mean that you have to watch the cute buddies cry, and that’s a heartbreaker. As a mum, you will have to deal with the feeding demands of your baby from time to time, but this doesn’t mean that you may be available to feed them.

Therefore, on occasions that you may not be disposed to feed your baby with breastmilk or you’re weaning your baby off it, you may have to consider a quality feeding bottle that they can use comfortably.

There are so many baby feeding bottles in the market that may vary in size, color, and type. A few of them have been recommended by health professionals as the best products in the market for a healthy baby feeding process.

Today we will be looking at two different products for baby feeding bottles known as MAM anti-colic bottles vs. Dr. Brown colic bottles. These bottles are of obvious quality, but we will help moms check the type of product suitable for their baby and purchase it. Therefore, let’s get to it, shall we?

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

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MAM bottle is that bottle that you would get for your baby; if you want to feed your baby in a healthy way that will not affect him. The bottle is built with polypropylene which is a common material for baby bottles. The nipple is built of soft silicone with a unique shape that makes it easier for your baby to feed with it without noticing any difference from natural nipples.

Perhaps the most important thing about the MAM anti-colic bottle is the venting system attached to prevent air bubbles in the baby milk or food. The system is located at the bottom of the bottle and carries the air that comes into the bottle and isolates it from its contents. This helps to prevent colic in babies. The bottle is made to be self-sterilized and comes in different varieties of colors.

Benefits of MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

  • Anti-colic systems to prevent air bubbles from entering baby food.
  • Soft silicone nipples for proper easing off of your baby from breastmilk.
  • It’s safe sterilizing and healthy for your baby.
  • The bottle is affordable for its qualities.


  • It has many parts that you need to join together, which means more parts to clean.
  • Slow flow nipples may have to be purchased separately.

Dr. Brown’s Anti-colic Bottle

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Dr. Brown is already a household name as far as baby products are concerned. The only difference with this particular product is that it comes with an anti-colic system. Colic is not good for the baby because when it happens, it can cause improper oxidation of nutrients in the baby’s body.

Therefore, to improve and promote healthy feeding conditions of the baby, Dr. Brown’s bottle came with a venting system. The venting system is attached at the neck of the nipple and carries every air that enters the feeding bottle into the vent, where they’re removed through the aperture created.

The vents are good at reducing colic from a baby’s system by ensuring that bubbles do not enter his food. Colic has been researched to cause loss of hearing in infants and the deficiency of some nutrients in their bodies.

Air bubbles in the system of a young infant will surely upset his stomach greatly and may lead to their discomfort. This is why the venting system in Dr. Brown’s bottle is invaluable to their brand. The nipple is built from soft silicone and perfectly imitates the natural nipples of the mother.

Benefits of Dr. Brown’s Anti-colic Bottle

  • Has an internal venting system that prevents air bubbles from entering the baby’s body.
  • The materials used in making it are BPA and latex-free.
  • You can always wash the product in the dishwasher safely.
  • It aids in keeping the nutrients in the food.


  • The parts are many and can be complicated to wash.
  • There are so many parts that you have to assemble.

MAM vs. Dr. Brown for Reflux (Which is the Best)?

Comparing the MAM bottle and the Dr. Brown bottle regarding how effective they are against reflux will be a very hard task to achieve. This is because both have venting systems that direct the movement of air that attempts to enter the bottle. Whenever air enters the bottle, the vent will direct it to the top beneath the collar and outside the bottle without entering the main chamber where the formula is.

Both venting systems have been proven to work effectively and can do the job of preventing reflux that happens with babies, but personal observation into personal reviews from previous users has shown that MAM bottle has been proven to be more effective in reducing reflux and colic in babies even

Another way you can between the two bottles is that with Dr. Brown bottles, cleaning them is a very difficult task because you have to dismantle them and clean them before joining them once more. On the other hand, the MAM bottle comes with a self-cleaning service that makes it the better choice for any new mum seeking to buy baby bottles.

Can You Use Dr. Brown’s Teats on MAM Bottles?

MAM bottles usually come with different teats, such as the medium flow nipples, the fast flow nipples, and the extra soft spout. Unfortunately, since the venting system on both bottles differs, you cannot interchange their teats without avoiding colic on the baby. Sometimes, the baby may require to be breastfed using the slow flow nipples for better feeding.

The venting system on Dr. Brown’s bottle is located near the nipple’s neck, while that of the MAM bottle follows a different design pattern. This only proves that their teats can never be interchanged for the sake of the baby.

MAM anti-colic bottles vs Dr. Brown colic bottles: The final verdict

The MAM anti-colic and Dr. Brown colic bottles are two quality products for baby bottles that will be suitable for infants. Still, from their design specifications and the past reviews from users, MAM anti-colic bottle may have the edge over Dr. Brown. Therefore, we hope you can make the best possible decision that will be great for your baby.

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