Should I wake my 2 month old baby to feed

Should I wake my 2 month old baby to feed?

Are you a new mom with a baby of about two months of age? Does it bother you that your baby sleeps for hours, and you wonder if they are getting enough food? You may have asked yourself, “Should I wake my 2 month old baby to feed?” In as much as moms would like to have peaceful nights and less stressful days with their babies, it is expedient that babies get the required nutrients to stay healthy. This blog post will address any doubts you have about questions like “Should I wake my 2 month old baby to feed?” So keep reading as we highlight grey areas concerning the best feeding practice for your 2 month olds.

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Should I wake my newborn for feedings? 

Newborn babies eat very frequently during the day and at night. However, a newborn’s weight, age, and general health will determine if you should wake them for feedings. Babies shed some weight after birth, and it is necessary to gain it back. It takes frequent eating for them to regain this weight, and the duration for that is about two weeks. So within that period, you must wake them to eat when they should. As soon as they regain their weight and it is obvious that they are maintaining it, you can allow them to sleep longer, especially at night.

Should I wake my 2 month old baby to feed? 

Your baby would have developed a sleep and feeding pattern at two months. They will also sleep longer than they used to as newborn babies. For them to eat adequately, you can wake them to eat during the day. So, if they nap longer than their feeding time, you should wake them to eat before they return to resting. However, it would help if you didn’t wake them to eat at night as that will make them sleep less than usual. That will also defeat the process of you trying to improve their night sleep time. However, if they wake up on their own and cry for food, you should feed them immediately.

Should You Wake a Sleeping Baby to Feed? 

Most doctors recommend that you feed your baby every four hours during the day. That means if your baby is asleep during the day and has passed that four-hour mark when they should eat again, you can wake them up to feed. That should not be so, however, at night. Babies should be encouraged to sleep for extended periods at night as it benefits them and you. When you feed your baby well during the day, they are most likely to sleep throughout the night, except if they cry because of something else, maybe due to soiled diapers.

If you are still breastfeeding, it’s normal if your baby wakes on their own to feed at night. Should I wake my 2 month old baby to feed? The only time it’s alright if you wake your baby to eat at night is when they have just been born and spend almost their whole day and night sleeping and eating. During those first few weeks, you will have to wake them up to eat regularly to maintain a healthy weight. It would help if you did not allow them to sleep for too long as newborns without eating. 

How often should a 2 month-old eat when breastfed? 

Your two-month-old should eat every 2 to 4 hours. That will give them all the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy. During the day, you should maintain this time range to avoid them sleeping while hungry. That also prepares them to sleep deeply at night since they’ve had their fill during the day.


It is delightful to have healthy babies that get all the sleep they need and eat as often as necessary. No more thinking to yourself, “Should I wake my 2 month old baby to feed?” After reading thus far, you must know when it is appropriate to wake your baby to eat and when you should allow them to sleep till they wake up to eat on their own.

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