Signs of a Bad Preschool Teacher

Signs of a Bad Preschool Teacher

Going to preschool is a happy milestone for both children and parents. Parents are delighted that their little ones will now begin their academic pursuits. They can also return to work after nursing for many months. Your child should be excited to go to preschool even though there may be some resistance at first. They soon get used to it after making new friends and meeting their preschool teachers. This excitement can, however, be cut short if your child meets with a bad preschool teacher. What are some signs of a bad preschool teacher? Read on to find out.

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Signs of a bad preschool teacher

  • A bad preschool teacher has poor communication skills. They cannot communicate effectively with their students.
  • Lack of enthusiasm and energy for the job is among the signs of a bad preschool teacher. They do not have the drive needed to work with little children.
  • They are unwilling to listen to or respond to most questions and concerns raised by parents of their students.
  • They do not care about providing a safe and nurturing environment for the young ones.
  • They do not follow through on the promises and commitments made at the beginning of the learning arrangement.
  • A bad preschool teacher is quite unprofessional in their behavior.
  • They do not provide appropriate learning activities necessary for little kids.
  • They do not follow a consistent schedule both in learning and in caring for the kids under their watch.
  • They do not promptly address behavioral issues noticed in the children to avoid a reoccurrence.          
  • They do not provide necessary feedback on the children’s welfare to their parents.

Signs of a good preschool teacher 

  • A good preschool teacher is understanding and patient with young children. They can handle problematic behaviors with patience, kindness, and understanding.
  • They have a positive attitude and can remain positive and passionate about the job even in challenging situations.
  • They are proactive and innovative. They can develop creative activities and ideas to engage and educate young students.
  • A good preschool teacher is organized and can effectively manage their time. They can plan and prepare activities ahead of time while keeping track of the kid’s school work and other administrative tasks.
  • They can communicate effectively with both the young kids and their parents. They can explain concepts in an age-appropriate way. They also listen and respond to questions and concerns raised by parents.
  • They have a good understanding of child development. They can provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for young children.

Signs a teacher doesn’t like your child 

  • The teacher does not care if your child improves in their academics or not.
  • The teacher avoids having eye contact with your child.
  • They speak to your child negatively and with an indifferent tone.
  • They do not provide your child with support and encouragement.
  • They do not respond when your child asks questions or makes comments in class.
  • The teacher singles out your child for punishment or criticism.
  • They do not allow your child to participate in class activities.
  • They do not provide helpful feedback or guidance.
  • They do not acknowledge your child’s successes or achievements.
  • The teacher does not respond when you send them emails or phone calls.

When to take your child out of preschool?

You should take your child out of preschool after you have discussed your observations and concerns concerning your child with the school authority. If you notice that some things need to be put in place, like the quality of service rendered by the preschool teachers, you should first point out your finding and wait for them to make necessary adjustments. You should also be mindful of your child’s overall behavior and perception of the school. If there are no remarkable adjustments on the part of the school within a reasonable time, you can take your child out of that school.


For your child’s healthy development, you should always watch out for any signs of a bad preschool teacher. The characters listed above should be a practical guide for you. Leaving your young kid in the care of such teachers can negatively impact their interest in their studies. Therefore, you must enroll them in preschools where the teachers are professional, compassionate, and kind. Be sure to ask for feedback periodically to help monitor your child’s progress.

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