What Nipples fit Similac ready to feed bottles

What Nipples fit Similac ready to feed bottles

It’s a great idea for new moms to put into consideration the nipple size of their baby’s feeding bottles. As a nursing mom, you have to always keep tabs on your child’s development and know when they do not need a particular thing anymore. Well, that’s how babies are; they develop very fast so you have to keep an eye out for these developments and therefore provide for them what suits them. Outlined below are the nipples that fit Similac ready-to-feed bottles.

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1.   Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Level 4 Standard Nipples (12 Count)

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Level 4 Standard Nipple (12 Count)

This is a bottle nipple whose opening is not too wide. Just enough to feed your baby comfortably. The little hole at the top of the nipple is what makes this bottle natural. Every baby is different and whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding as a mom, it is necessary to find the best feeding formula for your baby.

This nipple is a good choice because it is not difficult to use and clean. In addition, it is durable. An appropriate time to upgrade to this size 4 nipple is after you must have noticed that your baby finds it hard to finish what’s in the bottle. It is advisable to let the bottle adopt a horizontal position to reduce the flow, and if your baby is fond of tossing bottles, keep in mind that this nipple flows pretty fast and what’s in the bottle can spill. 

2.         Similac Infant Nipples and Ring, Standard Flow, Ready to use, pack of 50 (0-12 months)

Similac infant nipples & rings, Standard Flow, Ready To Use, Case of 25

This kind of nipple is for infants whose rate at which they suck food is developing. It does not contain latex and the rings and nipples are separated before they are packaged for use. The rings and nipples are there to ensure that there is no form of leakage while your baby is feeding. This nipple cannot be easily recycled. You dispose of them after use.

In case you might be wondering if this can be used on the Similac 2 oz bottles for newborns; it fits well. They are wrapped separately and so you can easily take them for travel. This nipple is nice and stays firm in your baby’s mouth. This nipple cannot serve as a pacifier, so it is advisable not to use it for that purpose to prevent any issue of choking. It is also essential to dispose of once used as you cannot use it more than once.

3.         Enfamil Standard-Flow, Soft Nipples (25 counts)

Enfamil Standard-Flow Soft Nipples 25 Count

Enfamil nipples can be fitted in most of the bottles you see with classic and standard openings. These nipples are free of latex and have provisions made in them to allow the flow of air when your baby is making use of them. They are also wrapped separately and they are one of the most widely used feeding nipples you will find on the market. These nipples are sanitized before they are packaged for sale. They can be cleaned in many ways too.

If you would like your baby to use a feeding nipple more than once, this is the right nipple for that purpose. You can sanitize them and wash them in a dishwasher to be used again. After using these nipples, ensure to wash them with soapy water that is warm. You can use brushes that are dedicated to washing feeding nipples to clean them and dry them with air.

4.         Medela Slow Flow Bottles, Nipples With Wide Base, 3 pack, Baby Newborns (0 – 4 months)

Medela Slow Flow Bottle Nipples with Wide Base, 3 Pack, Baby Newborns Age 0-4 Months, Compatible with All Medela Breast Milk Bottles, Made Without BPA

This nipple can be used with all Medella breast milk bottles. The nipples have a wide base. You cannot go wrong with this nipple because Medela is a brand that is dedicated to making breastfeeding easy and comfortable for babies. There are also different ways the nipples can be cleaned as this makes them durable. This nipple only fits into bottles that have wide collars because of its wide base.

The nipples are made of silicon to give your baby an enjoyable sucking experience and they come in slow flow and medium flow. If you have a baby that is from 0 to 4 months, it is advisable to go with the slow flow variant because it is what works best for them. The nipples are standardized to replicate the feeling a baby gets from sucking an actual breast. This is one of the best slow-flow nipples you will find on the market. So, it will surely be a good buy.

5.         Playtex Baby Naturalatch Nipples, Fast Flow, 6 count

Playtex Baby NaturaLatch Nipples, Fast Flow, 6 Count

These nipples are designed for breastfed babies who are fond of changing bottles on a constant basis. They are also made specifically for the purpose of letting your babies regulate the rate at which they receive milk. The nipples are made out of malleable silicon with a ring specified to give the baby the feeling that it is sucking milk from its mother’s areola.

When you turn the bottle upside down, no milk comes out but the baby can easily control how fast they receive the milk by how fast or firmly they suck.

This becomes for the baby a nursing experience of actually having to suck milk from the mother’s breasts. When nursing, the pressure on the areola makes the milk come out. What this nipple does is replicate that experience. This nipple is great for babies. When washing it, be careful with the delicate silicon which can tear quickly. The nipple has a seal that prevents the milk in the bottle from leaking.

Common questions on Similar nipples

Can you use Enfamil nipples on Similac bottles?

Yes. Enfamil nipples fit Similac bottles because the Similac nurser and the nipple can fit together perfectly. So you can use Enfamil nipples on Similac bottles.

What nipples fit Enfamil ready to feed bottles?

The nipples that fit Enfamil ready to feed bottles are Medela nipple, Similac infant nipples and rings, Dr. Brown’s Unisex Baby Natural Flow Level One Standard Nipple, Evenflo Balance Plus Standard Neck Nipples, and Enfamil Standard Flow Soft Nipples.

What nipples are similar to Similac disposable?

Nipples on Gerber, Evenflo, Dr. Brown, and Parent’s choice are similar to Similac disposable.

Where to buy Similac ready to feed nipples?

Similac Ready to feed nipples is available on Amazon.

Are Similac and Enfamil nipples the same?

They are similar and can work on each other.

What bottles do Similac nipples fit on?

The bottles Similac nipples fit on are Dr. Brown’s bottles, Medela pump bottles, and Playtex Ventair bottles.

Can you reuse Similac disposable nipples?

Yes, you can ash and reuse Similac disposable nipples. However, they can disintegrate fast after use. Ensure you throw away the nipples when they start to change color and they look cloudy.

What Nipples fit Similac ready to feed bottles

Above are the nipples that fit Similac ready to feed bottles. Feeding nipples are great for nursing babies and also for moms that are transitioning from breast to bottle. This is a great innovation intended to make raising a baby fun, especially in the first few months of their births where you are trying to understand what they want. These nipples have been fitted with rings to give your baby that feeling of sucking an actual breast.

The nipples have also been designed in different sizes depending on how your baby is developing. So, if you are a nursing mom or a husband to one, go on and try out these great innovations and when your baby gets used to them, they won’t often have to suck at breasts anymore.

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