Gift ideas for babies 0-3 months

10 Uncommon Gift Ideas for Babies 0 – 3 Months

You need unique and uncommon gift ideas for babies 0 – 3 months.

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But sincerely, you don’t know what to buy for them.

You want a unique baby gift that will be well appreciated.

But the gift ideas for 3 month old are just not coming.

You thought about buying clothes, but many people will do the same.

You thought of diapers. But they will have more than enough.

What else can you buy that will be unique?

Hmmm! don’t worry about it. I have scoured all over the internet to get the best gift ideas for babies 0 – 3 months old.

Let’s get started.

10 Uncommon gift ideas for babys 0-3 months old

1.    A playmat

Do you have a baby who loves to kick? The Fisher-price playmat will be a golden 0-3 months gift for them. It helps babies to kick and play for several minutes. When the baby kicks the piano attached to the mat, it plays music. It is one of the best playmats for babies. It has lots of colorful and engaging toys for babies to play with. They can chew on these toys when they are teething.

It has adorable songs to keep babes entertained for long. If you have a baby that doesn’t like tummy time, this playmat solves the problem. The sounds and songs make tummy time a fun time. Altogether, it helps the baby to develop their sensory and gross motor skills. It introduces babies to colors, shapes, numbers, and animals. What a great gift idea for babies 0 – 3 months?

2.   Crib soother

Looking for gift ideas for 3-month-old? A crib soother helps to soothe and amuse babies in their cribs. It has different music to entertain babies, and different cute animals hanging on it and it is unisex. It can keep babies entertained for an hour at a time. This gives moms time to do house chores such as cooking and doing laundry. It has calming music and a nightlight that helps babies to relax and sleep easily. So, it can become part of the bed routine to let the baby know it is time to sleep. The soother grows with the baby. Baby can use it in the crib as a musical mobile and as they grow, it can be removed for toddlers to play with as a stand-alone music box.

3.    Baby lounger seat for infants

This is an excellent gift idea for babies 0 – 3 months. It is a sleeper, lounger, feeder, and travel bed combined in one. It is comfortable for the baby to sleep as you do your daily chores. You can feed the baby in the seat and let them play there. If your baby suffers from gastric reflux, this seat is designed in such a way that it will keep them calm and happy. It props kids up so you don’t have to worry about choking. It also helps babies when they have nasal congestions and spit-ups. It is also a good traveling companion for the baby. It is lightweight so it can fit into a large suitcase. It is easy to clean, and it grows with babies.

4.    Newborn to toddler portable rocker

This is an adjustable, portable rocker that can serve babies from a newborn to a toddler. When the baby becomes a toddler, the toy bar can be removed, and the seat raised for toddlers to sit and play. It has a reclining seat, calming vibrations, rocks and soothes babies. It is especially great for babies with reflux. Babies also love the hanging toys, the vibration, and the removable toy that fits around the wrist. It is not bulky, so it fits in a little space and you can easily pack and store it when the baby is not using it. The parts can easily be removed and washed. This is a super 0-3 months gift.

5.    Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

The Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy is a perfect toy for babies who are teething and also a perfect baby Christmas present. It helps babies to learn how to grasp things with the hand. Its colors and attractive shape attract babies, making them eager to touch, shake and lift the toy. It has funny shapes and a slight rattle noise that intrigues babies. When babies start having tooth irritation, they can put it in their mouth and hold it against the gum. It helps them to soothe the irritation.

6.    FunsLane Soft Books for Babies

This is a set of fabric baby activity crinkle books with topics like alphabet world, fruit kingdom, I love food, animals, etc. It is a pack of educational toys that can enhance baby sensory exploration, visual skills, language and reading skills, etc.

The books are safe for babies to chew on and they are attractive because of their colors. One amazing thing about the book is that they make a squeaky sound when pressed, which is great because it attracts the baby’s attention when you read the cloth books to them. They are made from cloth, so they are not toxic. They don’t smell chemicals, so they are not harmful to babies. What a great baby Christmas present it makes.

7.    Grooming kit

Grooming is essential for babies. A grooming kit is a great gift idea for babies 0 – 3 months. The kit contains essential baby grooming things like a nasal aspirator, thermometer, natural hair brush, gum massaging brush, cotton swab, rattle, nail clipper, pacifier, infant comb, medicine dispenser, nail files, etc. All the items are of high quality. Using the grooming kit keeps babies cute and clean.

8.    Personalized blankets

A Personalized Blanket is an adorable gift idea for babies 0 – 3 months. Having a name on a gift is great for the recipient. It is good for a keepsake and it makes an adorable gift too. The blanket is big, soft, and lightweight. It has perfect lettering for the baby’s name. It is a wonderful gift that every mom will appreciate.

9.    Soft book for babies

Soft book is a great gift idea for babies 0 – 3 months. The front and back cover crinkles. The animal tails in different textures and colors are showing by the sides of the book. Some of them can even squeak which makes babies laugh every single time. It is made of washable material and babies can chew it. They are soft and very interactive for babies. The squeaky sound helps babies to develop their audio recognition and motor skills. Parents can read the book to the baby to introduce them to animals and nature. It makes a great gift.

10.    Calming vibration soother

Most babies find it difficult to sleep, especially when they are overstimulated. The calming vibration soother is a perfect gift for such babies. It produces 5 different calming music and 8 different lullabies and soothing ocean sounds that make the baby sleep easily. Babies can cuddle it and press the belly to activate the glow. You can take it with the baby everywhere you go. The glowing belly amuses babies. It keeps them company with the glowing belly and sweet lullabies. One good thing about this soother is that it grows with the baby. They can still use it until they are toddlers.

Gift ideas for baby girl 0-3 months

Are you searching for gift ideas for a baby girl 0-3 months? Below are five great gifts you can consider.

1.    Baby Girl’s long sleeve flowers Hoodie Sweatshirt top and pants

This is a high-quality sweatshirt for babies. It is soft and breathable and also good on the baby’s skin. It is a superb gift for 0-3 months babies. It is super for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and photography shoots.

2.    DearFoams Unisex-Child Lil Bear Slipper

This is a lovely baby girl gift idea for babies 0 3 months. It is 100% Polyester with a rubber sole. The cushioned insole with memory foam provides the baby with comfort. It is machine washable and it lasts very long. It can also serve as a 0-3 months Christmas gift.

3.    Baby Handbells and rattles (Tumama baby toys)

This is a plush baby rattle toy that is made from soft material filling. It is comfortable and stimulates the baby’s visual development. It improves hearing as it has a built-in rattle and crinkle sound. It is a perfect 0-3 months gift.

4.    Disney little mermaid princess bodysuit

This is a 0-3 months baby girl gift that is lovely.  It is a little bodysuit for 0-3 month baby girls. It has lap shoulders for easy dressing. It also makes it easy to change diapers. It is super cute and of high quality. It is also good as a 0-3 months Christmas gift.

5.    Infant Baby Girls Clothes Yellow Hoodies with Packet tops floral pants + headband 3 pcs floral outfit sets

This is a perfect gift idea for baby girls 0-3 months.  It is a 3 pcs floral outfit set for a baby girl. It has a long sleeve hoodie shirt with a pocket top, and floral pants with a matching headband. This makes the 3-month-old baby girl looks attractive and very lively.

Christmas gifts for 0-3 months

1.    Tummy Time water mat (ZMLM Baby Tummy-Time Water Mat)

The tummy time water mat is one of the best Christmas gifts for 0-3 months. It promotes the baby’s sensory development. The mat helps babies to understand shapes, colors and this helps to develop their fine motor skills. It is a leak group, easy to use and pack.

2.   Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby footed pajamas

Searching for Christmas presents for 0-3 months?  The Simple Joys by carter’s baby-footed pajamas is great for 0-3 months gift that is perfect for Christmas time. The zippers are very convenient and the sizes are consistent with Carter’s sizes which are the same as the US sizes. It is cute and cozy for kids and they provide warmth during the Christmas period, which is always cold at night.

3.    Baby bath toy (Nuby octopus floating bath toy)

The baby bath toy makes the list of the perfect Christmas presents for 0-3 months because of its usefulness. It is a great toy for babies to play with during bath time. The octopus smaller pieces make good teethers for babies. It is small enough to hold easily. It is a toy that can serve the baby for a long time.

4.    Plush toy (STEAM Life Plush Elephant Baby Toys)

It is a musical educational baby toy that lights up. It is super safe, comfortable, and durable. It has music with the sound of nature for the baby’s enjoyment. This includes the sounds of birds and other animals. It is a great 0-3 months gift.

5.    Cute Christmas Romper

The Christmas romper is one of the best Christmas gifts for 0-3 months. It is a cute romper for babies. It is perfect as a gift because it reminds one of the festive atmospheres. It is 100% natural cotton, so it is good on the baby’s soft skin. It is a great 0-3 months Christmas gift.

Gift ideas for babies 0 – 3 months

There you have it!  Ten (10) adorable baby gift ideas for babies 0 – 3 months, gift ideas for baby girls 0-3 months, and Christmas gifts for 0-3 months.  They are uncommon ideas that will be well appreciated. Select the best one you like and buy for the baby. Here are baby gift ideas for 3 – 6 months old and welcome to the world baby girl gifts.

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