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75 Perfect Work Mom Gifts

Mothers are lovely humans who will do anything to keep the family together. This involves working. Mothers are seen in workplaces, business environments, and different kinds of industries. Some moms even engage in male-dominated industries such as engineering, mechanical, medical, scientists, plumber, electrician, etc. Working moms work hard every day to ensure that the family is in good shape. This is why they deserve gifts. Here is a list of 75 awesome work mom gifts.

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75 perfect gifts for working moms

1.           Working mom planner

best planner for working moms

Moms are wonderful! Working moms spend their days at work, at a desk, on the road, or working from home. Such moms need fun, beautiful and meaningful gifts that will help them structure their day, week, month, and year. What better gift to give them than a planner for working moms? This planner will help them organize their time and be more productive each and every day.

2. Mom’s journal

Mom's daily journal

The Mom’s daily journal is a perfect gift for working moms. It is excellent for birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Christmas gifts. It provides moms an opportunity to capture everyday moments as they grow. The Journal contains lots of space to record your thoughts and ideas, and share memorable events and details both big and small.

3.           Medcursor foot massager

This is one of the best gifts for working moms. This is because moms work very hard, and their muscles can be tired. This is a foot massager that helps to reduce muscle tension in the foot area such as the soles, heels, and toes. It relives foot soreness and relaxes the nerves.

4.           Inspirational gifts for women

Here is a work mom mug for moms who loves to take tea or coffee at work. It is a stainless steel coffee mug with the inscription “sometimes you forget you’re awesome“. The work mom mug is great for keeping beverages cold or hot for a prolonged time. It is useful for drinking coffee, tea, wine or juice.

5.           Anne Klein women’s premium crystal accented bangle

It is a set of two Jewelry clasp closure bangles. The bangles use the Japanese quartz movement with an analog display. It is classy and great for working moms.

6.           Shiatsu back shoulder and neck massager with heat

The back shoulder and neck massager is an excellent work mom gift. It is especially useful for moms who work very hard. It helps to relieve body aches, cramps, and tensions in the back shoulder, and neck. This helps to improve blood circulation and helps to relax and soothe strained muscles.

7.           Diffusers for essential oils large room with remote control

The oil diffuser provides better sleep, health, and focuses for working moms. It is a diffuser, humidifier, and decoration night light all packaged together. It is a 500ml large capacity that generates aroma in your home for a long time. It helps to relieve pressure after a long working day and the night lights help you get better sleep.

8.           JBL FLIP 5 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker

The waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is made from 100% recycled plastic. It is a perfect gift for a working mom that loves music. It is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker that you can use both at home and at work. It has 12 hours of playtime for your favorite music.

9.           Bodyrestore shower steamers aromatherapy

The shower steamers aromatherapy is a pack of 15 shower bombs for women, lavender nighttime shower tablets, essential oil, etc. The aromatherapy shower melts and dissolves in your bathtub to help relax the body. The lavender shower tablets give you a relaxing sleep at night after a busy day at work. It makes nighttime showers a dream for working moms.

10.         Muscle massager for workout home office

The muscle massager is a handheld tool that helps to relieve muscle stiffness, muscle fatigue, and muscle pain. It encourages blood flow and improves range of motion and flexibility. It is one of the most perfect work mom gifts.

11.         Chandelli travel makeup bag organizer

This is a stylish and classic makeup bag organizer suitable for use as a toiletry bag and diaper bag. It has a removable pocket, 2 pockets that can hold bottles, and a breathable mesh pocket. It also has enough space for your makeup items such as brushes and hair accessories.

12.         Michael Kors Charlotte large top zip tote

The Charlotte large top zip tote is a classy bag suitable for working moms. It is perfect and fits moms’ needs. The leather is soft and the texture is perfect. The bag is big enough to hold essentials such as cell phone, chequebook, big wallet, masks, sanitizer etc. It is one of the best work mom gifts.

13.         Rubbermaid reveal spray microfiber floor mop

The reveal spray microfiber floor mop is essential for cleaning all floor types such as hardwood, vinyl, tile, and laminate. It does not use electricity or a battery. All you need is to fill the bottle with hot water and cleaning solution and it is ready to mop.

14. Self-care gift basket for mom

The self-care gift basket for working moms contains different items that can pamper working moms. It makes them feel loved and appreciated. The package contains a rose bath bomb and salt, citrus and lavender shower steamers, lavender body butter, and body oil. These are little luxuries that can help to moisturize and nourish the skin.

15.         New balance women’s fuelcore sneaker

The sneaker has a midsole that is lightweight cushioning making it comfortable for moms during the day. It has an NB memory sole comfort insert that produces a plush feeling with every step. It is suitable for moms to wear anywhere and everywhere and this includes the workplace. This is a perfect gift for mom’s birthday, valentine’s day, Christmas, etc.

16.         Moon decor for mom

The unique moon solar wind chimes is a perfect gift for working moms. It is a great decoration both outdoor such as on the terrace and the garden and indoors such as in the bedroom. In the dark, it produces a light, and it chimes. When in the room, it lights up the room and makes it look colorful and romantic. This brings happiness and warmth. Perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, and vacations.

17.         Mom blanket

Searching for perfect work mom gifts? This is one of them. It is a mom blanket of size 65″ x 50″. It has beautiful wordings to make moms feel loved and appreciated. It is durable, lightweight, and breathable. It is also big, very soft, and of high quality. It is a perfect gift for working moms on birthdays, valentine’s day, Christmas, and other notable events.

18.         Lunch backpack for moms

What a great work mom gift! It is a lunch backpack that has spaces for a lunch box, laptop, notebooks, books, magazines, mobile phone, clothes, water bottle, umbrella, wallet, pens, drink, keys, and all other daily necessities. This is a complete work backpack lunch bag for women. A perfect gift for working moms.

19.         Thygiftree unique mom gifts

This is a mug and wine glass rack with the printed message “How mom tells time”. It is packaged in a beautiful gift box ready to be delivered. A perfect gift for working moms on Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s day, and Valentine’s day.

20.         CINCOM Hand massager

The hand massager helps to relax the hand after a long day of work. It kneads the fingers, hands, and wrists. This helps to get rid of numbness in the finger and joint soreness. For moms with arthritis or carpal tunnel, it helps to also relieve pains. It can be used for two hands.

21.         Mom gift set

This is a pack of 12 items that will make your working mom happy and appreciated. Most importantly, the gift is designed with funny phrases that will make your mom laugh. The pack contains the best work mom mug, 6 natural bath bombs, ultra-soft scarf, jewelry dish ring holder, and 3 pairs of cozy wool socks all packaged together in a gift box. Perfect for working moms on Birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s day.

22.         Hair dryer and volumizer

The professional blowout hair dryer brush and volumizer produce a soft, silky, and shiny air with more volume. It helps to brush and dry hair at the same time. It has three main brushes – the 360 degrees of airflow helps to distribute heat throughout the air. The overshape brush helps to straighten and curl the hair and the dual bristles help to detangle the hair and give it volume. This is like having a saloon at home, which makes an excellent gift for busy working moms.

23.         Seat Cushion pillow for office chair

This is one of the best work mom gifts. If your mom spends over 8+ hours a day on a chair, then this is the right gift for them. It provides the support they need to keep a good posture and the natural curve of the spine. It helps to distribute the weight of the body and relieves pressure on the spinal discs. This helps to relieve and prevent lower back pain and reduce muscle fatigue, leg tightness, and hamstring.

24.         Manicure and pedicure set

The Iston manicure and pedicure set is a set of 36 – piece tools that contains an electric nail file, 11 high-quality nail drill bits, 20 sanding bands, a USB charging cable, a dust protector, and a storage case. With these tools, you can grind, file, shape, cut, and polish nails, smooth corns, and calluses, remove acrylic nails, and treat hands and feet. What a perfect gift for working moms.

25.         Laptop bed Tray table

This is a multifunctional portable laptop table suitable for use as a workstation, laptop stand for bed, mini writing table, laptop couch table, and a standing table for office work. It combines productivity with relaxation. It makes a perfect gift for working moms.

26.         Laptop cooling pad

The IETS GT500 powerful turbofan laptop cooling pad helps to cool your laptop in the office and at home. It has a dust net that helps to remove and reduce the accumulation of dust inside the laptop. It prevents hot air from being sucked back into the laptop.

27.         Single serve blender

All moms, including working moms, love blenders that can perform manual tasks very fast. The Ninja BL660 professional compact smoothie and food processing blender works in three ways – the 16 oz cup is a single self-serve that can be used on the go. You can literally blend your ingredients in it and take it on the go. The food processing cup helps to chop, grind and blend different ingredients for cooking. The big-capacity pitcher is perfect for producing frozen drinks and smoothies. It is a must-have gift for working moms.

28.         Full body pillow

The full-body pillow is also a memory foam for sleeping. It keeps you supported no matter the side you sleep on. It will conform to the shape of your body. It helps to provide alignment for the leg, hip, and back. It uses the Kool flow tech to cool the body on hot nights. It is a must-have gift for working moms.

29.         Reading & bed rest pillow with support

Do you feel like giving your mom a hug most time? If yes, then this will be the most suitable work mom gifts for them. The pillow gives moms a warm hug and keeps them from slouching when reading in bed, on the sofa, watching tv, etc. The detachable bolster pillow helps to support the neck. It has pockets where you can keep phones and glasses.

30.         Instant pot 13 in 1 air fryer and pressure cooker combo

The instant pot is an air fryer and a pressure cooker. It is useful for slow cooking, steaming, warming, roasting, baking, broiling, dehydrating, yogurt, sous vide and bread proofing. It is one of the best work mom gifts you can offer. It also comes with a free app you can download to learn more about preparing delicious meals with the product. Great for Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day, etc.

31.         Aerogarden

Have a mom who loves gardening but has no time because of work? The Aerogarden harvest slim helps moms to grow 6 different herbs, veggies, and flowers all year round – both winter and summer seasons. There is no need for sun, soil, or green thumb. The veggies can grow up to 5x faster than in the soil. The best part? It can be used anywhere – at home, in the office, and everywhere else. It comes with gourmet herbs seed pod kit containing basil, curly parsley, thyme, dill, mint, etc. A perfect gift for working moms.

32.         Vacuum insulated travel mug

The YETI rambler vacuum insulated mug is perfect for both hot and cold drinks. It will keep them cold or hot for as long as possible. It is portable and made with stainless steel, double vacuum insulation, and no sweat. It is perfect for use in the office, at home, and for travel adventures during vacations.

33.         Single serve coffee maker

If you have a working mom who loves to drink coffee, the Keurig K-Elite coffee maker is a perfect gift for her. It is suitable for brewing hot over ice to create a perfect and full-flavored iced coffee. It is also perfect for making instant soups and oatmeal. It has five brew sizes such as 4,6,8,10 or 12oz.  It is one of the best gifts for working moms.

34.         Apple watch

The apple watch series 7 smatch watch with starlight aluminum case and sports band is the perfect gift for working moms. The watch has advanced features such as health innovations like sensors and apps that help you to monitor your blood oxygen and take an ECG. It can also monitor irregular heart rhythms and track sleep. It charges faster so you can use it quickly. It is crack, dust resistant, and also swim-proof. Perfect gift for moms on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.

35.         Portable phone charger

The Anker PowerCore portable charger has a capacity of 2,6800 mAh of power charges. It can charge phones over 6 times, tablets over 2 times, and other devices. It has 3 USB outputs for charging three devices at the same time – android smartphones, tablets, USB -C MacBooks, USB-C Ipad, Samsung, and iPhone. It recharges quickly too. It is perfect for use on vacations or travels on adventures.

36.         Necklaces

The Redbee women 18k rose Gold necklace is a perfect gift for working moms. It has an inscription on the pendant that reads – “I love you for always and forever”. It is a symbol of love and affection for working moms. A perfect gift for working moms on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, etc.

37.         Closet hanging handbag organizer with zippers

The clear closet hanging handbag organizer with zippers is a four-storage space organizer for handbags, purses, pouches, small blankets, sheets, towels, caps, gloves, and other items. It is a see-through storage organizer that displays your purses beautifully. It keeps your handbags free and clean from dust or dirt.

38.         Lavender eye pillow

The Sutera lavender zen memory foam pillow is designed for sleeping. It works for all kinds of sleepers such as back, stomach, or side sleepers. It contains memory foam and a lavender essential oil infusion that helps you to fall asleep gently and easily and keep you asleep throughout the night with neck, shoulder, and back support so you wake up all refreshed and ready for the day’s work. One of the best work mom gifts for all occasions.

39.         Sound machine – smart light, Alarm clock

The hatch restore is a sound machine, smart light, personal sleep routine, bedside reading light, and sunrise alarm clock all in one. The sound machine comes with a light for reading, soothing sounds, and white noise that helps to create moods that helps to sleep better.

40.         Home office chair

The Homall computer executive ergonomic adjustable chair provides support for the back, shoulders, head, and neck. It is made with pure leather and thus comfortable to sit in for long hours. It is easy to move from one place to the other with its caster wheels. It comes with a headrest pillow and lumber cushion. Perfect gift for working moms.

41.         Electric kettle

The Cuisinart electric cordless tea kettle is a perfect gift for working moms who love to drink tea or coffee. It comes with different temperature options to produce the kind of tea you want. It heats water faster than a teapot on the stove to the right temperature and keeps it hot, making it available whenever you need it. It has an enormous capacity to hold enough water for tea and coffee (up to 1.75 liters).

42.         Noise-canceling headphones

The Echo buds are noise-canceling headphones with Alexa. It is small, very light, but comfortable. It is created to make you enjoy great sound no matter what you’re listening to. It allows up to 5 hours of music playback on a single charge. It is suitable for office virtual meetings for working moms. A perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s day, and even Mother’s Day.

43.         Massage Gun

The massage gun is one of the most special mom-work gifts. It has 8 massage heads that can be used for the different parts of the body and for different needs. It helps to reduce muscle pain and fatigue, encourages blood flow, enhances motion and flexibility, and helps with muscle stiffness. It has six (6) different speeds. Perfect for moms who works.

44.         Silver bracelet

The Pandora jewelry is perfect for all occasions, especially birthdays. It is exquisite and stylish, making you look classic. It is also perfect for a Mother’s Day gift.

45.         Polarised sunglasses

The suncloud glasses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. It offers clear visuals, color transmission, and comfort. It is perfect for use outdoors such as in the pool, yard, garden etc in any weather condition. They are lightweight and come in different colors.

46.         Stainless steel watch

The Michael Kors Pyper three-hand stainless steel watch is a classy watch without being flashy. It is professional and lightweight making it ideal to use in the workplace. It is a perfect gift for working moms. It has a round face and adjustable leather strap. It is water resistant, easy to read, and durable.

47.         Waterproof rain and garden shoe

The sloggers women’s waterproof rain and the garden shoe come with comfort soles that make them easy to use in the garden. It is easy to wear and clean. It makes a perfect gift for working moms who loves gardening.

48.         Pajama set for women

The Pajamagram woman’s pajamas sets are a roomy fit. It is soft to touch and caresses the skin. It has a chest pocket and comfortable pants that have an elastic string waist that fits. It comes in different colors. Perfect for a gift for a working mom on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

49.         Sling Pack for Hiking, camping, and commuting

KAVU original rope bag for hiking, camping, and commuting is built to make your day easier and smoother. It has two pockets for clothes or water bottles, an internal zip pocket, and two front pockets for storing cell phones, wallets, and other things. It has the capacity to hold more things without being uncomfortable on the shoulder.

50.         3 – in 1 Foot warmer, vibration foot massager, and back massager

The Snailax 3 in 1 foot warmer, vibration foot and back massager is a tool that can be used to relieve stiffness, cramps, and muscle in the lower back, abdominal region, thighs, legs, and foot. It generates heat that helps to ease muscle tension, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis and it helps blood to properly circulate around the foot. One of the best work mom gifts you can get for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, etc.

51.         Double Zip wristlet and wallet

Trendy and classy double zip top wristlet, wallet, and phone holder. It has lots of slots for cards such as credit cards, driver’s licenses, and cash. It is large enough to contain your phone. It is a classic gift for working moms.

52.         Hooded Jacket

The Columbia women’s mighty lite hooded jacket comes in different adorable colors. It is essential for the cold season. It is lightweight and water resistant. It creates a cozy and warm environment while you move around. It provides the perfect heat retention across different outdoor weather conditions such as the late fall, early spring, and warmer winter days. It is durable, doesn’t hinder mobility, and super light.

53.         Spa House Slippers

Looking for ways to pamper your working mom? Get the Vionic women’s Gemma Mule slipper. The slippers are breathable with a flexible exterior to help cool the feet and make them cozy. It has a slip-on entrance, with hook and loop closure. It is lightweight to reduce the stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. The slippers contain an orthotic insole that gives stability, cushioning, and support. It is an excellent work mom gift, Christmas Gift, Mother’s Day gift, and Valentine’s Day gift.

54.         Insulated Bib Overall

The Berne women-insulated overalls are a perfect gift for working moms. It has adjustable bib straps and full-length leg zippers that make it easy to change. There are many pockets where you can keep personal things such as a phone. It is super soft and durable.

55.         Heated Vest for Women

The Dr. Prepare electric Heated Vest for women is built with quality carbon fiber heat elements and has 3 heating levels to produce heat for 6 areas of the body including the neck, back, abdomen, and waist, It helps to keep body warmth and enhance blood circulation and relieve pain and muscle tension. Useful for hiking and camping in cold weather, in fall and winter.

56.         Silver ring

The Jewelexcess garnet ring is created with stones that add to the beauty. The silver ring is 1 1/2 carats of heart-shaped garnets with curves of shiny white diamonds. This is a perfect gift for working moms on Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, etc.

57.         Heated Pants for women

The heated pants for women help to warm the abdomen, waist, knee, and leg. This will enhance blood circulation and metabolism. It will reduce muscle stiffness and keep the body in cold weather. It is lightweight, washable, and durable. Perfect for all types of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, working outdoors in winter, bike riding, shoveling snow, etc.

58.         Work tote shoulder bag for women

This is one of the most perfect work mom gifts. It is a woman’s genuine leather top handle satchel daily work shoulder bag. It is made of 100% cow leather with a shiny and glossy layer at the top.  It has pockets for wallets, keys, cards, phones,s and tissue. Perfect gift for working moms on birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, etc.

59.         Women’s Ankle Bootie winter lace-up boot

The Dream Pairs women’s ankle bootie winter lace-up boots have a rubber sole and a faux fur lining that provides warmth for the leg and feet. It has built-in pockets for keeping credit cards, cash, receipt, and much more. The lightweight and slip-resistant nature of the boots make them easy for walks.

60.         Mama necklace circle pendant

The Working kelpie mama necklace circle pendant is an 18-carat gold necklace. It is made of quality steel and liquid glass coating with an 18k gold finish. It combines class with trends to moms the best. It comes in a beautiful jewelry gift box ready to be delivered to the working mom.

61.         Skagen Nilson Three-Hand Minimalist watch

It is a 36MM round stainless steel case with a dial. It has three hand display. It is a trendy, classy, and minimalist watch for working moms. A perfect gift for working moms at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

62.         Taos Women’s Sandal

This is an amazing leather sandal that is easy to slip on and off. It has smooth leather linings that make it easy to wear in the environment. The shoe has excellent arch support that helps to take the pressure off the back heel of the foot. It is great to use around the house, for traveling, and for all-day walking.

63.         Music Bedside lamp with Wireless Charger

This is a 4-in-1 touch lamp, portable Bluetooth speaker, phone holder, and charger.  The touch lamp has four brightness levels that you can adjust to the intensity you prefer. The desk lamp and phone charger function help you to charge your phone. The Bluetooth speaker makes it easy to play the music you love. With the phone holder, you can find the best position for your cell phone, pad, and ebook. It is one of the most perfect work mom gifts.

64.         Best Gift baskets

This is an exciting gift basket for working moms. It contains exceptional products like a queen coffee mug with lid, notebook, and pencil, trinket tray, blackberry buttercream candle, make-up pouch cupcake bath bombs, 4 shower steamers, and a greeting card. It is a perfect gift for working mom’s birthdays, mother’s Day, Christmas, and other special holidays.

65.         Cooling towel

This is a perfect cooling towel that when soaked in water, wrings out and snap dries the sweat away from the skin to cool the body. The towel retains its coolness for about 3 hours. It is great for hot flashes, outdoor activities, indoor exercises, heatstroke prevention, etc. Perfect gift for moms who works.

66.         Shawl wrap open front Poncho cape

This is a perfect shawl that keeps you warm in cold weather. It is a sleeveless knitting cardigan coat. It is easy to wear on any other dress. It is fashionable and trendy. It is perfect for casual outings, office wear dates, school, and even parties. A perfect gift for working moms at Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions.

67.         Electric Tankless water heater

Though expensive, the EcoSmart Electric tankless water heater produces regular hot water for the bathroom, kitchen, small sink, office breakroom, etc whenever you want it. It can be installed in small places on walls or at the point of use. It saves energy and keeps the water hot when you are not using it.

68.         Wine tote bag with stainless steel stemless wine glasses

This is a beautiful, lightweight, wine travel bag with padded insulation to make your wine bottle or champagne cool. It comes with stainless stemless wine cups that make it perfect for drinking wine on the beach, and around the pool. It has spaces for all essential items such as keys, phones, etc. This makes outings easy and fun.

69.         Electric heated feet warmer

The feet warmer uses fast heating technology to create warmth for the feet and the hands. It is a great tool for pampering working moms and helping them to relax after a long day at work. It can be used both at home and in the office or car. Moms can use it to relax while lying on the bed, in the lounge, and even in the office chair. A perfect gift for working moms on Mother’s day, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and much more.

70.         Foot Rest for Under Desk at work

This is a perfect gift for moms who works. It is called Confilife footrest. You can place your foot on it as you work. It helps to relieve pain and supports the back, hips, legs, knees, and feet. If you are a mom that sits at a desk working for hours, you can use the footrest to ensure proper foot positioning as you sit because it enhances blood circulation to the legs.

71.         Organic bath bomb gift set

The beautifully packaged bath bombs are perfect for nourishing your skin, giving out a feminine scent to help you relax after a busy day at work. The bath bombs contain shea butter, organic coconut, and hemp seed oils. This helps to moisturize, hydrate, and soothe the skin and relax the body.

72.         Echo dot smart speaker

The Echo dot smart speaker is voice-controlled that uses Alexa to play music. It can control all smart home devices, make calls, answer questions, set timers and alarms, and play music from music stores like Amazon music, apple music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. What a perfect gift for your working mom.

73.         Portable Tech Organizer

This is a perfect portable tech organizer that helps you to organize important items such as small laptops, phones, notebooks, etc. It serves as a desktop organizer, phone holder, backpack organizer, etc. It can be used to organize and keep the things you need for a meeting handy. It fits perfectly indie a handbag or backpack with little space.

74.         Relaxation gifts for working moms

Because working moms are always busy, they need relaxation gifts to relieve them of stress. The package contains a hot or cold weighted microwavable lavender neck and shoulder wrap, a lavender eye mask, and storage bah. These help to ease muscle aches and tension. Lavender helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

75.         Temperature control mug 

This is a perfect gift for working moms who love drinking hot coffee or tea. The temperature control mug keeps your tea or coffee hot for up to 1.5 hours when it is fully charged. You can pick the right temperature for your drink with a smartphone app. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, retirement, etc.


Above are perfect work mom gifts that can put a smile on any mother’s face. Whichever gift you choose, don’t forget to add the planners to it. It is a perfect combination.

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