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How to Baby Proof a Phone Jack

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Are you thinking of ways to baby proof a phone jack? Parents all over the world always want a safe home for their kids. This implies that they don’t want to endanger the lives of their kids no matter how hard the kid plays or how hyperactive the kid gets while sitting alone all by himself. One notable thing about kids at their early stage in life is curiosity, and this creates the tendency for the kids to explore their small world built around their home.

With this in mind, it becomes imperative to cover every electrical outlet in the house because they pose a potential danger, and you sure do not want to hurt your child in any way. Interestingly, we have put together ways that you can baby proof a phone jack or better put electrical connectors in your home.

Reasons you need to Baby Proof a Phone Jack

There are numerous reasons why parents should baby proof a phone jack or electric connectors for the sake of brevity and comprehension; we will mention just a few.

  • Phone jacks poses a potential danger. That kids are curious isn’t new to parents and that they can be very hyperactive is a kids thing; hence, you cannot guarantee that kids with their famed curiosity and hyperactive nature wouldn’t go close to the phone jacks or electric connectors in your home thus making it a safer option to baby proof them to avoid the potential risk that they pose when not baby proofed.

Gadgets to Baby Proof a Phone Jack             

Haven mentioned the reason why it is essential to baby proof a phone jack, then it becomes equally important to introduce you to some solutions that can be used for baby proofing, and they are;

1. Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener for Baby Proofing with Safety 1st Power Strip Cover for Baby Proofing

This fantastic outlet cover is designed to help parents to keep their curious babies away from accessing outlets that could pose a danger to them. This does not imply that the kids will not go close to the phone jack, but you are assured of safety.

The Safety 1st Cord is designed to cover the entire outlet and also comes with an inbuilt cord shortener that helps to store excess cord; hence, your phone charging cord can be fully wound away inside the outlet cover and out of the sight of your curious child or children.

The outlet cover can be easily removed and replaced, and it comes with a dual child-resistant dual-press operation system that ensures that while it is easy for adults to remove, it isn’t the same for a child.

One beautiful thing about the Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener for baby proofing is the fact that it is easy to install as well as easy to clean. All you require for installation is a flathead screwdriver, and you can clean it with a damp cloth. Now you can enjoy parenting without fear of having to endanger your child’s life even though he is one of those kids that plays hard.

2. Cover it with duct tape

Heavy Duty Silver Duct Tape - 5 Roll Multi Pack - 30 Yards x 2 Inch - Strong, Flexible, No Residue, All-Weather and Tear by Hand - Bulk Value for Do-It-Yourself Repairs, Industrial, Professional Use

Another option for baby-proofing phone jacks is duct tape, and it has proven to be as efficient as any other baby-proofing appliance you can think of. Duct tape can be found everywhere, and you wouldn’t have to spend much to get one for yourself.  Interestingly, some baby-proofing appliances are hard to come by, and parents sometimes cannot contend with the stress they have to go through to get one. For such parents, duct tape is an equivalent solution to the appliances you may have in mind.

To keep your babies from removing plugs from their jacks, the most sensible thing to do is to secure the outlet so that nothing can be stuck inside or removed from it by babies who do not know the danger going close to a jack may pose. Over the years, science has evolved, and we now have gadgets designed for such purposes, but if you cannot get such gadgets, then duct tape is a perfect solution as it can also be used to cover outlets.

Using duct tape is one of the cheapest ways to baby-proof a phone jack and avert the dangers they pose to your little kids. This isn’t, however, a recommendation but a suggestion should you not be able to afford other options due to cost or any other reason best known to you.

3. ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate

ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate, 6-Position 6-Conductor 6P6C (2 Line Support), 1-Gang 4.50

The ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate is another incredible solution when it comes to baby proofing a phone jack; interestingly, the ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate is made from polycarbonate thermoplastic material that ensures durability, flexibility, and resilience to withstand whatever that may be thrown at it including hard impacts and heavy force.

Furthermore, the ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate is built with heat and fade resistance, and this ultimately ensures that it can resist heat and fade over time from frequent use. Again, it will not get discolored over time because it is designed to resist discoloration.

One remarkable feature of the ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate is its easy replacement with any wall plate of the same configuration and the fact that it is suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

The ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate is a high-quality solution for baby-proofing phone jacks or electric connectors. It is a must-have for parents with little kids who are both curious and hyperactive. Furthermore, the ENERLITES RJ11 Telephone Jack Wall Plate is designed for durability, flexibility, and resilience and will offer value for money.


Parents could go some distance to ensure the safety of their kids. Furthermore, Parents know that nothing can be more beautiful than their babies having the most excellent time exploring the world in their home. But finding a long-lasting, durable, flexible, resilient, and yet safe to keep their babies in check all day long from the hazards posed by phone jacks and other electric connectors can be an uphill task at times as they are not willing to sacrifice freedom for safety.

However, with this article on how to baby proof a phone jack, we have brought you a step closer to finding the perfect phone jack that will protect your baby indefinitely from hazards of an open electric circuit or outlet.

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