Baby wants to be held all the time at 6 months

Baby wants to be held all the time at 6 months

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It gives you so much joy when you hold your baby in your arms and kiss or comfort them. Every mom out there will not miss that feeling for anything. However, if your baby wants to be held all the time at 6 months, then that joy can be turned into frustration as you can get stressed up from holding them all the time. Besides, you cannot continue your normal activities because you are always too busy holding your baby. Keep reading to find out what to do when your baby wants to be held all the time at 6 months. 

5 things to do when a baby wants to be held all the time at 6 months 

1. Help them break off the habit

While it’s nice to attend to your 6-month-old baby whenever they want you to hold them, it would be much better if you helped them break off this habit. You can help your baby understand that they don’t have to be held constantly by ignoring their cries at times. If you are busy with chores around the house, you may decide to delay for a little while if your child begins to cry for you to hold them. While waiting, tell them you will get to them once you are through with what you are doing. With time, your baby will gradually understand that you will only hold them when free to do so and will cry less. 

2. Find out what they need at the moment

You can stop your baby from being held constantly by finding out what they need when they cry. If you discover they are hungry, feed them and drop them. If their diapers are soaked, change them and return them to their crib. With time, your baby will understand that you mostly hold them when they need something specific. That will discourage them from crying for you to hold them without reason.

3. Involve other members of the family

It is very easy for babies to cry for only their mom to hold them. That can be very frustrating, especially when you have to attend to some other essential tasks. It would help to involve other family members in caring for your baby and hold them when they need comfort. At first, they may continue to cry for your attention, but you must ignore them to overcome this problem. As time passes, your baby will get used to being held by other family members and won’t mind who’s doing the job as long as they get the comfort they crave.

4. Swaddle them

Babies often cry because they desire warmth and comfort from your arms wrapped around them. A swaddle is one good item that can mimic that feeling well for your baby. You should keep your six months old all swaddled up more often so they can feel cozy with or without your arms holding them. That will give you room to accomplish other necessary tasks during the day.

5. Comfort without holding

When your baby starts to cry for you to hold them, you can comfort them without picking them up in your arms. Gently soothe them where they are sitting or lying until they stop crying. You can do other things to comfort them, like gently patting them on the back while calling them sweet pet names. You can also sing and clap your hands for them while soothing them. Once they stop crying, let them play with their toys while you return to what you were doing. 


If your baby wants to be held all the time at 6 months, try the tips discussed above to ease the problem. However, you must be patient and consistent in your approach to see positive results. You must try as much as possible to resist the urge to pick them up while implementing the above suggestions. Your consistency will help your baby unlearn their desire for you always to hold them. 

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