Can a 2-month-old baby travel on a plane

Can a 2-month old baby travel on a Plane?

Are you a new mom who’s billed to make a journey by flight? Are you thinking, “Can a 2-month old baby travel on a plane?” According to doctors’ recommendations, your baby can travel on a plane once their immune system is well developed. Most doctors advise waiting until your baby is between 3 and 6 months old. Though if your baby is very healthy and growing fast, it should be ready to fly from 1 month of age. Read on as we examine some frequently asked questions and tips on flying with your baby.

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Can flying damage a baby’s ears? 

No, flying will not damage your baby’s ears, nor can it cause permanent hearing loss. It can, however, cause your baby to experience pain in the ears. That is a result of pressure changes which makes the eardrum stretch. There are usually changes in the air inside the aircraft as it ascends and descends during flights. This process can expand your baby’s middle ear canal and cause discomfort. Your baby will experience some pain and may cry as a result. However, the effect of this occurrence is mild on babies compared to adults. It’s nothing you should worry about; it wears off once you exit the airplane. 

7 Tips for flying with a 2-month-old baby 

1. Book your flight reservations early

It would help if you booked your flights early enough to get seats allowing you to attend to your baby without much discomfort. If you get middle seats, you will want to avoid getting stuck between other passengers. Sitting at the edge would be much better for you and your baby. Also, you can book your flights for when your baby observes their nap. That will enable you to have quieter flights as your baby will most likely awake by the time you descend or at least far into your journey.

2. Have the baby’s birth certificate and passport handy

Ensure to go along with your baby’s birth documents and passport when traveling with them by flight. The airline can establish your baby’s actual age and flying status by checking their birth certificate. Just like every other member of your family, your baby ought to have a passport. Ensure it is processed and ready before embarking on your journey, especially if you must travel outside the country.

3. Pack all essentials

Go over your luggage multiple times to be sure you have everything your baby will need. You need all the comfort you can provide your baby so as not to be stressed out. However, you should be careful not to go with too much baby stuff. If you do, you may be distracted and not give your baby your full attention. Find out ahead of time if there are places where you could rent some items instead. Here is a complete list of baby essentials for flying.

4. Take lots of wipes

It would help if you took along as many wipes as you could. Besides using them during diaper changes, you will need them to stay clean. Your baby could make a mess anytime, and you don’t want to make others uncomfortable. With wipes, you can easily clean and remain hygienic. While packing your bags, keep the wipes where you can reach them quickly.

5. Swaddle blankets – a must have

You can do much with swaddle blankets on a flight with your baby. You could lay it on the ground for your baby to lie on. You can also use it as a nursing cover.

6. Be friendly 

When traveling with your baby on an airplane, it would help if you’re as lovely as possible to your co-passengers. Smile at them and be as polite as you can. You never know who could help you while on the flight. In some cases, co-passengers help to take some burden off a nursing mom by offering to assist with the baby.

7. Keep your baby hydrated

It’s common for newborns to become easily dehydrated when flying. This is due to changes in atmospheric conditions. Be prepared with enough milk for your baby; they’ll need more than usual to stay hydrated. If you are breastfeeding, it will help to pump some extra milk into a bottle and take it along.


Can a 2-month-old baby travel on a plane? Of course! Most babies, even younger than that, can fly conveniently. Different airlines have policies regarding “can a 2-month-old baby travel on a plane?” While some allow babies as young as three days old to fly, others peg the limit at one week, and others require a doctor’s permission to enable younger babies to board. 

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