How many nursing pads do I need

How many nursing pads do I need?

All nursing mothers will need nursing pads at one point or the other. Having breast milk dripping down your clothes is not usually a pleasant sight. With nursing pads, you can protect yourself from such embarrassing sights. How many nursing pads do I need? You will need approximately 6 to 9 nursing pads daily.

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If you use disposable nursing pads, you will need a replacement often, which you must discard after each use. But with reusable nursing pads, you wash them when soiled and use them again when dry and fresh. You won’t be purchasing new ones so often if you use reusable nursing pads.

How many breast pads do I need per day? 

It would help to have enough breast pads to protect your clothes from getting soiled during the day. You will need about six nursing breast pads to last the whole day. However, if you use reusable nursing pads, you should buy nine to allow washed ones to dry.

When can I stop wearing breast pads? 

It would help if you stopped wearing breast nursing pads as soon as the flow of your breast milk becomes very regular. That will take about a few months. Some moms wear nursing pads the whole day, while some prefer to wear them only when they experience leaks. So, such moms can stop wearing breast pads once they discover they no longer experience leaks. Most women stop wearing nursing pads when they wean their babies, some at 12 months and others at 18 months. 

Do I need to wear breast pads all the time? 

You don’t need to wear breast pads all the time. It’s advisable to allow your skin to breathe sometimes to prevent excess buildup of moisture around the breast, which can lead to yeast infection. You can limit your nursing pad usage to only when you notice leaks.

How many nursing pads do I need for a year? 

Nursing moms may not necessarily use nursing pads all through the year. Even if you plan to nurse your baby for up to one year or more, a time comes when your breast milk will be regulated, and leaks will be a thing of the past. However, to get an estimate of nursing pads you will need for one year, you should first estimate how many months you plan to breastfeed your baby. You should also decide if you will be using disposable or reusable pads. How many nursing pads do I need? For disposable pads, you may need about 200 in one month. You will only need to buy a new set for reusable pads when the current set gets worn out.

Below are some good nursing pads you can check out.

Best Nursing pads for Moms 

1. Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

With Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, breastfeeding moms no longer have to worry about breast milk leaking through their clothes. The nursing pads are soft and comfy. They can absorb any leaks and make you feel confident all day. They are well shaped to fit under your clothes discreetly. They are safe to use because they are free from latex, BPS, and BPA. They do not contain fragrances; hence safe for every mom’s use. Lansinoh disposable nursing pads are certified fit for use by the FSC. These nursing pads have breathable air pockets that make them comfortable for every skin type.

2. Medela Safe & Dry Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads

Medela nursing pads are suitable for use by all nursing moms. They take care of problems with leaks from the breast during the breastfeeding months. They comprise flexible leak guards, an absorbent polymer within, and a waterproof layer at the back that keeps your clothes dry from breast milk. Madela nursing pads don’t show under your clothing when you use them. They ideally take the form of your breasts, so no one knows you have them on. Madela disposable nursing pads are comfortable for your skin as they do not give you the feel of moisture rubbing on your skin. They are suitable for use by moms of all skin types.

3. Organic Bamboo Nursing Breast Pads

Organic bamboo nursing breast pads offer adequate protection from nursing leaks all week. With fourteen absorbent nursing pads, a wet bag, and a laundry bag, you are all set to nurse your baby without the usual traces of breast milk on your clothes. This nursing breast pad has four layers of protective viscose material that is safe for you and your baby. It is sealed with a waterproof material, keeping your clothes dry during use.

4. NCVI Disposable Nursing Pads

These pads are super absorbent, capable of keeping any nursing mom dry through the day and night. It is made with quality materials, making them essential for moms. They are safe and comfortable on the skin. Their cotton surfaces provide the nipples with added comfort. The NCVI nursing pad does not contain harmful chemicals or fragrances, so you won’t experience any irritation on your skin. Their shape suits your breast, and because they’re not bulky, they’re not visible outside.


Besides protecting your clothes with nursing pads during the day, you must also use them at night. That’s because while you sleep, you may experience some leaks too. So it would help to have them on before sleeping to keep your mattress dry all night. How many nursing pads do I need? You need enough to last you throughout the day and night.

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