Gifts for coworkers after maternity leave

5 adorable gifts for Coworkers after maternity leave

Searching for adorable gifts for coworkers after maternity leave? Getting back to work can be emotional and at the same time exciting. The detachment from your baby who had been the center of your attention for the whole period can be emotional. While the joy of seeing your coworkers again after a long period can be exciting. Apart from the joy you would share with them, it is important to give them a token of your love and appreciation.

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Finding the perfect gifts for coworkers after maternity leave can be quite tricky, especially if you only share a professional relationship. Trying to decide what they’ll appreciate can be difficult. Therefore, if you are planning to get gifts for coworkers after maternity leave, here is the list of adorable gifts that you can package for them that are not expensive.

1. A box of chocolate

Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, 19 pieces, 6.9 Oz

A box of Godiva chocolatier assorted chocolate for each colleague in your unit after your maternity leave is a fantastic idea. Not only are chocolates chewy and nutritious, you can also get to bond with your coworkers. You can get the Godiva chocolate right there on Amazon and get a box for each of your coworkers and keep them refrigerated. it is important for you to check the expiry dates on each pack before leaving the store.

Make sure the box used for packaging is of good grade quality. Separate each bar with paper foil in order to prevent the bars from melting together. Some people use bubble wraps or any other food-grade materials to prevent the chocolate bars from being tossed in the box. Above all, deliver your chocolate boxes as soon as you get to work, so as to prevent them from melting.

2. A Starbuck gift cards and cookies

Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack, OREO, Nutter Butter, CHIPS AHOY!, 4 - 12 Pack Boxes

Starbuck gift cards are excellent gifts for coffee lovers. You can get them on Amazon and other outlets like your grocery store. You may make multiple purchases and then share them among your coworkers. If you cannot get the cards, virtual ones will still serve the same purpose. Just share the pins or barcodes with your coworkers and they can redeem them however and wherever they desire.

A well-packaged homemade cookies box or bought from Amazon, such as Nabisco cookies (shown above) can also accompany the Starbuck gift cards. There are over 100 ways to package them; one is for you to use food-grade wax paper. Wrap the cookies in the paper and then fold each end just like in candy wrappers. Knot a ribbon strip at each end and you would be amazed at the result.

3. A hand lotion and lip balm

Hand Cream Gift Set 10 Packs w/Foot Cream & Lip Balm Moisturizing Hand Lotion w/Shea Butter for Dry Cracked Hands Skin,Unique Christmas Stocking Stuffers Gift for Women Wife Mom Her Grandma

There are varieties of hand lotion and lip balm sets that you can purchase in stores around or on Amazon like the one shown above. Everyone will appreciate these thoughtful gift packs because most people tend to prioritize body creams over hand lotions. As we age, our skin ages too, hence a hand lotion and lip balm pack will be appropriate for either males or females. Come to think of it lip balms are essential for everyone these days in order to prevent lip cracks. Wrap each set neatly and present them to your coworkers.

You can be creative by making use of cardboard cutouts in packaging your gift sets. There are various pockets of great designs that you can create. Some are in the usual box form, heart shape, flower, or even cone. The whole idea is for you to be creative.

4. A hand-written note and baked treats

David’s Cookies Assorted Brownies & Crumb Cake Tin – Delicious, Fresh Baked Brownie Snacks – Gourmet Chocolate Fudge Brownies & Crumbcake Slices – Yummy Flavors For Every Special Occasion – 10 Pcs

In this age and time when almost everything we done is virtual, a hand-written note will go a long way to bring great memories back to your coworkers. You can write a short note addressed to the whole members of staff. This note would be pasted on the notice board where everyone can access it or possibly read it during a general meeting. Everyone will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Along with the hand-written note, you can also bake treats for them or get them from Amazon like the one shown above. This ranges from cakes to biscuits, to cookies, and so on. Bake what you are comfortable with or you can make an order from your usual bakery. Your coworkers would definitely love them.

5. Donuts and a thank you card

Hostess Donettes Mini Donuts, Glazed, 3.7 Ounce, 10 Count

Donuts are not just yummy pastries, but they have also evolved to become gift items that can be packaged for almost any event or occasion. They come in different flavors, shapes, designs, and sizes; if you can make them, get your pans and bowls and create the wonders. However, if you cannot, an order from the pastries will solve the problem. All you need do would be to package them in food-grade container or boxes.

Do not forget to add a thank you card, the card may be designed either in a heart shape or any other shape as you might desire. They would appreciate you for acknowledging their effort in covering up for your absence, especially if a temporary replacement was not gotten when you were on leave. Get beautiful cardboard, a nice pen, color and you are good to go.

Conclusively, we have considered the purpose of the gifts and various gifts you can get for your coworkers after your maternity or pregnancy leave. Ranging from a box of chocolate for everyone, Starbuck gift cards and a jar of homemade cookies, hand lotion and lip balm set, hand-written notes to all the members of staff, and baked treats, to donuts and a thank you card for each of your coworkers. Some of them can be made at home with almost zero cost, while you may need a trip to the grocery store to get some.

Above all, the best gift you can give to your coworkers is a healthy you, pregnancy does take a toll on the physiology and emotions of a woman; so also is the stress of nursing your newborn. Do not go beyond your limits in order to satisfy people. Make sure you plan early and do your best; I can assure you that your little effort will sure go a long way to satisfy your colleagues. Thank you for reading through and happy resumption to you with love from a loving and caring co-mother!

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