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7 Adorable Gifts for Doctors After Delivery

Going through pregnancy is a beautiful phase of your life, but there are moments when you feel scared of the delivery, and your doctor is in the position of calming down. Doctors usually work hard to calm and allay your fears with soothing words and encouragement. They also help you go through your delivery process with little or no complications- which is one reason some parents will like to show their appreciation. Hence, you can get gifts for doctors after delivery to appreciate their kind gestures.

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Showing your appreciation to doctors after delivery can be controversial. Why? Because there are some rules guiding doctors in gifts, they’re supposed to accept them as appreciation gifts. Even though some doctors will rule the idea out totally and stand by their rule of not accepting gifts from patients- but don’t let it discourage you as you’ll see the rules binding doctors from accepting gifts in this post. You can find a way around the rules to appreciate your dear doctor for his part in giving birth to your baby.

Rules Binding Doctors About Accepting Gifts.

1) Before a doctor should accept any gift(probably monetary), he can suggest that the patient make a charitable contribution to the clinic or any related project.

2) Accepted gifts must not influence the patient’s medical care, meaning that you must not expect preferential treatment because you gifted your doctor.

3) Doctors can reject any gift that seems inappropriately large or feels like a bribe due to some circumstances.

4) Doctors can reject any gift that will make them feel uncomfortable if their colleagues come to know.

5) Doctors should be sensitive to patients’ feelings.

From the rules, it’s seen that there are certain gifts your doctor cannot accept from you, so you need to narrow down your gift to some stuff. Hence, you’ll see some adorable gifts for doctors after delivery in this post. Most of the gifts are within the rules binding doctors, so be rest assured that you won’t be pushing past your boundaries.

Adorable Gifts For Doctors After Delivery

1) Bottle of wine

St Regis Chardonnay (Non Alcoholic Wine)

Have you noticed that wine is always a perfect gift idea? No matter the situation, wine is usually suitable. Thus, when you’re trying to appreciate your doctor, it’s not a bad idea to get either a red or white wine and use it to show your appreciation. Although it’s vital, you make sure the wine is not extravagant or too cheap, make sure it’s in between so that he can accept it.

2) Box of chocolate and candies

GODIVA Chocolatier Chocolate Gold Gift Box, Assorted, 19 Count

Chocolates and candies? Nothing beats this! Giving your doctor chocolate and candies as an appreciation gift after delivery is suitable. When you give your doctor chocolates, he can share them with the other staff of the hospital.

3) A Thank You Card and A Baby Picture

You can give your doctor a thank you card and your baby’s picture. You can make the Thank you card either handwritten or customized card; your doctor will appreciate any. You can also give your doctor a copy of your baby’s picture as a show of appreciation.

4) Birth Announcement and a Thank You Card

Birth announcement and thank you card is also gifts for doctors after delivery. The thank you card will show how much you appreciate his services in bringing your baby into the world, and the birth announcement will show him your baby’s picture, his pictures, and other details that you think it’s vital for him to know.

5) Pizza/Donuts

You can never go wrong with pizza and donuts; I hope you know that. Many people widely consume both pizza and donuts; hence, giving them to your doctor will open the chance for him to share the gift with his staff. The act of extending the gifts to his team will increase the value of the gifts in the doctor’s eyes.

6) Sandwiches

Either homemade or commercial sandwiches, either one is perfect. Showing your appreciation with sandwiches will be appreciated, and you’ll be assured that your doctor will have no reason to reject it. Moreover, you can make the sandwiches, especially for your doctor, for him to feel the depth of your appreciation. However, you can also buy commercial sandwiches to show your kindness.

7) Flowers and a thank you card

Benchmark Bouquets Signature Roses and Alstroemeria, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers)

Flowers are quite common in the hospital, right? So, why not? Using flowers and a thank you card as gifts for your doctor after delivery isn’t a bad idea. As it is, you can get different kinds of flowers and give your doctor, accompanying it with a thank you card. You can make the card yourself to choose the right words or skin through the card section in a supermarket to find the proper thank you card for your doctor.

Furthermore, since you’ve seen some suggestions about the kind of gifts you can give your doctor after delivery, you should know that the ideas aren’t limited. You can use several other gifts to show appreciation for the kind words and gesture your doctor made during your pregnancy till delivery. However, make sure that the gifts are within the rules binding doctors on gift collection from patients. You should make sure you offer gifts that won’t put your doctor in a bad or uncomfortable.

Gifts for hospital staff after delivery

If you can afford it, you should also give the hospital staff or labor and delivery nurses gifts when you are there. Most hospitals have no gift policy, but you can still appreciate them by giving them things they can quickly eat or thank you notes.

How many gifts for labor and delivery nurses?

The number of nurse gifts you will need depends on the number of nurses per shift. Sometimes they are about 4 – 10, find it out.

Below are gift items for labor and delivery nurses.

Gift for nurses’ station

Instead of buying gifts for each nurse separately, you can decide to just buy sets of gifts as enumerated below for them to share. They will greatly appreciate your gifts. So, find below gifts for nurses station.

1. Gift bags for labor and delivery nurses
A gift basket is a great one for labor
and delivery nurses. An example of this is the Gourmet Gift Basket by Wine Country Gift Baskets available on Amazon. It contains collections of sweet and savory cookies, crackers, and more. You can personalize with gift messages for labor and delivery nurses. This will make them feel appreciated.

2. Snacks for labor and delivery nurses
Snacks are also good for labor and delivery nurses. It is something they can eat while on duty. There are snacks like the Healthy snacks care package (30 pieces) you can check out on Amazon. It contains sweet, spicy, and salty flavors of cookies, chips, and candy. It is a perfect package for delivery nurses.

3. Cookie box
A cookie box such as the Hazel & Creme Gold cookie gift box is another great gift for labor and delivery nurses. It contains beautiful chocolate cookies that are creamed and dipped into dark chocolate and topped with flavorful toppings. It is an excellent piece of gift for hospital staff.

4. Thank you cards
Let your labor and delivery nurses know you appreciate them by giving them thank you cards like the Hallmark Thank You Cards with envelopes. It is a great way to appreciate labor and delivery nurses if you don’t want to give expensive gifts. They will truly appreciate it.

5. Cozy socks
What better gift for nurses’ station than cozy socks for women? They are made of 35% wool, 29% cotton, and 36% polyester. They are soft and breathable, colorful and comfortable. This is a perfect gift for labor and delivery nurses.

When to give labor and delivery nurse gifts?

You can give labor and delivery nurse gifts anytime you are ready. It can be after your baby arrives, during your stay at the hospital, and when you are going home. It all depends on you.


The phase of pregnancy can be a bit terrifying if you don’t have unlimited support. Delivery might be worse when you don’t have the right practitioner attending to you. However, you should know that your doctors’ efforts can’t be overemphasized right from pregnancy to the point of delivery. Thus, the reason some parents wonder about gifts for doctors after delivery.

These gifts will help to show your appreciation apart from merely saying “Thank you.” Although some rules bind doctors about the kind of gifts they should accept from patients, there are still some gifts you can offer to your doctor. Hence, to know the rules binding doctors and some perfect gifts for your doctor after delivery, read the above article.

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