how to grocery shop with a stroller

How to grocery shop with a stroller

The arrival of a newborn baby will disrupt many activities in your life. Most moms want to know “How to grocery shop with a stroller?”. Using a stroller for your baby will save you a lot of stress- you won’t have to carry your baby around and you can push the stroller when going for walks. But what about when grocery shopping? How do you use the stroller in the store while picking stuff simultaneously? That’s a need-to-know.

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Managing a stroller while grocery shopping is a skill some parents are in desperate need of. That’s because it’s easy to take babies out in their strollers but is it possible to push the strollers while shopping? Thinking about it, you’ll probably say it’s impossible, and some parents manage it. Hence how do they do it? This article will show you how to grocery shop with a stroller and you’ll also see other alternatives to using strollers in a grocery store.

Tips for grocery shopping with a baby stroller

1) Pushing the stroller while pulling the cart.

Here is one of the techniques many parents use for grocery shopping with a stroller. As known that your stuff will be hand-picked into a cart, you can pick them, drop them in the cart and pull it. As for your baby stroller, you need to push it with the other hand. However, this method might be a bit dangerous if you don’t know how to divide your attention between your baby and your goods. Using this technique might reduce the supervision on your baby, hence, you should be careful while pulling the cart and pushing your baby’s stroller.

2) Detach the infant seat and put it in the cart.

Going grocery shopping should mean you don’t have anyone to look after your baby or you feel obliged to let her see the fascinating world, right? Anyways, another method for managing your baby’s stroller in the grocery store is by removing the infant seat from the stroller, placing it in the cart, and placing the baby in it. You can put your stuff around the seat.

Most strollers usually have a removable infant seat, if yours don’t, then you can’t use this method. But if the infant seat of your baby’s stroller is removable, remove it and place it in the cart while grocery shopping. Although the seat might take up space in the cart and you won’t have the chance to keep all your stuff.

Moreover, you can decide to get another cart if your stuff won’t contain the cart with the infant seat, meaning you’ll have to push two carts simultaneously. Hence, for this technique, it’s advisable to buy stuff that can contain the remaining space after placing your baby in the cart.

3) Hold a baby carrier while going grocery shopping with your baby’s stroller.

From research, it’s seen that parents who manage to use a stroller while shopping venture into this method. With this method, you’ll have to hold your baby carrier while going to the shop. What’s the carrier for? Well, for easy maneuvering during shopping, you’ll need to put your baby in the carrier and use the stroller as your cart.

Since you’ll have to wear the carrier, this looks like a perfect method. The use of the baby carrier will free your hands and you’ll get the chance to choose what you want, drop them in the stroller and push them around the store. Perfect, right? Great. One great baby carrier you can use for this purpose is the Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier for newborns to toddlers with Lumbar Support. Click to check it out on Amazon.

4) Put your stuff underneath the stroller and forgo a cart altogether.

Another method of going grocery shopping with your baby’s stroller is to forgo using a cart and using the below part of the stroller as your cart. Normally, strollers do have a lot of compartments to keep stuff, so you can use them. You’ll also get a large storage basket with some strollers, so if you’ve got that kind, you have nothing to worry about. This method is also quite suitable because you’ll get to push your stroller only, but with your baby and stuff in it. No need for a cart!

5) Put your baby in the cart.

While grocery shopping with your baby in the stroller, you can decide to fold the stroller up and put your baby in the cart. Now, this might be a little risky because you’ll have to dump your goods around your baby so the use of a carrier can come in here. Hence, if you decide to go with this method, put your baby in the carrier first before putting her in the cart. Like that, your baby will be safe from unlikely harm, and you’ll get to shop in peace and without stress.

Alternatives to using strollers while grocery shopping

1) Baby carriers

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier for Newborn to Toddler with Lumbar Support (7-45 Pounds), Pure Black
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Baby carriers are worn around the body and you can place your baby in them. For newborns, you can place them in the front position and you can place older babes in the back position, as you wish. The use of this equipment will free your hands and you’ll be able to shop without using a stroller.

2) Using  Hammock in the shopping cart.

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 Another alternative to using strollers while grocery shopping is placing a hammock in the shopping cart.  Hammocks attach to the carts easily, so you’ve got nothing to worry about but some carts can’t contain the hammock so you should take note. However, if you get a cart that you can attach to the hammock, it’ll help you to shop without issues.  As it is, there will be space left and you can drop your purchases there. Check out the BINXY BABY Shopping Cart Hammock on Amazon.

3) Shopping cart car seat carrier

Totes Babies Shopping Cart Car Seat Carrier for Baby Newborns Infants Toddlers | Designed for Safety, Comfort, Convenience & Easy Interaction with Baby
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This is a carrier that is designed like a hammock. This is a great alternative as you don’t have to take your baby out of the car seat. It fits in with smaller carts from stores such as TJ Maxx and also fits normal-sized carts from big grocery stores like target. All you need is to hook it onto the sides of the car and put the car seat on top and you are all set. It gives you all the room you need to store your groceries. Want to check it out on Amazon? Click here Totes babies shopping cart car seat carrier.

4) Shopping cart cover

Munchkin Brica GoShop Baby Shopping Cart Cover, Grey

This is a secure stretch to fit fabric for cushioned support. It has complete cart coverage to help protect your baby from germs. It is easy to carry and has a smartphone pouch and toy loops. This is especially useful if you have a baby that loves to grab your phone to play with it. It is machine washable. It gives the baby the comfort to lounge and looks around as you shop. One great thing about it is that it fits into almost all carts at top stores such as target. The Munchkin Brica GoShop Baby Shopping Cart Cover is a good shopping cart cover to check out on Amazon.

Best stroller for grocery shopping

1. Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand 5-in-1 Shopper plus stroller

The baby trend stroller is one of the best strollers for grocery shopping. It has a large storage basket that can contain all your purchases from the grocery shop. It has other features such as the five modes of use to accommodate your family, lightweight, comfortable cabin, etc. Check it out on Amazon now.

2. Uppababy Vista V2 stroller

The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller is a great stroller for grocery shopping. It is termed “the Rolls Royce of strollers. It comes with a bassinet that is handing for your baby if you don’t want to use an infant car set. The large wheels make it easy to go through sand or snow. The extra-large easy-access basket provides a place to store your grocery items, diaper bag, toys, and anything else. It is also one of the best supermarket baby strollers.

3. Cybex Gazelle S Stroller with detachable shopping basket

The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller is is another stroller that is great for grocery shopping. It has a detachable shopping basket with a huge stroller basket with a capacity of 50lbs. With this, you can conveniently do your weekly grocery shopping with ease, and with lots of room for all your kids’ essentials.

Are strollers allowed in grocery store?

Can you take a stroller to Walmart? Yes, you can. Strollers are allowed in the grocery stores. If they don’t have carts, use your strollers. If they have carts, put the infant carrier in the cart. There are strollers that are great for grocery shopping like the ones mentioned above. They make shopping easier.

How to push a stroller and a shopping cart?

If you have a stroller with a large bottom basket or shopping basket, you don’t need a shopping cart. You can store your items in there and still push them with the baby inside.

Can I use a stroller as a shopping cart?

Yes, you can use a stroller as a shopping cart. Most strollers come with big storage spaces you can store your groceries while shopping. So, you may not need a shopping cart again.

How to grocery shop with a car seat?

Want to grocery shop with a car seat? It is doable. All you need do is to put the car seat in the cart and place items in any open space around your baby.

Can you put items in stroller while shopping?

Yes, you can put items in the stroller basket while shopping.

Bottom line

Strollers are vital equipment that will help reduce the burden of bringing up a child. You can use them almost everywhere but can you use them while grocery shopping? Yes, you can. But the question most moms ask is “How to grocery shop with a stroller”? It is quite possible to use strollers while grocery shopping. You can push the stroller while pulling the cart, detach the infant seat and put it in the cart, hold a baby carrier while going grocery shopping with your baby’s stroller, and put your baby in the cart.

There are also alternatives to strollers you can use while grocery shopping. This includes shopping cart car cover, hammock, baby carriers, and shopping cart car seat carrier.

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