5 best places you can change your baby diapers at night

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Searching for the best places to change your baby diapers at night? Changing a baby’s diapers during the day is not much of a big deal in regards to changing their diapers at night. Still, every mum, especially new mums, want to make sure their babies are always comfortable and feel dry, to avoid diaper leaking and diaper rash, which can wake them up from their sleep and would lead to the mum staying up almost all night trying to put the baby back to sleep.

Most mothers ask these questions; Do I need to fix my baby’s diaper at night? and what are the best places to change baby diapers at night?. Let’s answer these questions, alright? To avoid waking up your baby, especially if it is difficult putting them back to sleep, I would say until the baby is extremely wet; there’s no need to. Most of the diapers produced these days are good absorbent that you do not need to wake your infant at night. Check out this post for a list of diapers you can use for your baby at night.

For mums whose babies always get wet at night and need to fix them, even though this is not convenient, there are different places where you can change your baby’s diapers at night. In this article, we would be looking at the 5 best places to change your babys’ diapers at night. Let’s dive in!

Use a changing mat

Mats are made to stop what the baby excretes from staining the bed, like; urine. Changing mats are light in weight and affordable; it is made with a waterproof material to avoid sipes to the bed. It is comfortable for the toddler, and easy to clean. It can be washed by hand and stored in a dry place; it dries up fast after use.

Baby changing mat also saves your chairs and furniture from spilled liquids; it is made of soft plastic, which helps to stop the liquid from penetrating, and is made with cotton cloth material. There is space for putting a spare diaper on the mat, which helps you change your baby on the go. The good thing about it is that it does not make noise while changing your infant at night, which can be annoying.

Some of these mats come with a technology that converts liquid that the child might spill into a gel-like form for easy absorption and can then be removed.

SnoofyBee Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad. 3-in-1 Diaper Clutch, Changing Station, and Diaper-Time Playmat with Redirection Barrier for Use with Infants, Babies and Toddlers (Arrows)

A good example of a baby diaper mat is the SnoofyBee Portable clean hands changing pad. It has a side fold that prevents babies from disturbing during a diaper change. You can also hang toys at the side of the fold to keep the baby busy.

Put a baby blanket on the bed

A blanket? you may ask, well, placing a baby blanket on the bed is another way to put on your toddlers’ diaper at night; it is easy to use; all you need to do is just place it on the bed. It is lightweight and easy to wash using hands or the washing machine. As we know, blankets absorb liquid, but what’s good is that they are super easy to clean. This blanket keeps your baby warm while changing at night.

We know most of the time, if not all the time, the nights are always cold, especially during the winter period; therefore, it keeps the baby warm through the changing. The blanket is made from materials like cotton and skin and other friendly materials that are soft and comfortable for the toddler.

Use a changing table

Rolling Baby Changing Table with Wheels, FORSTART Adjustable Height Folding Infant Diaper Station Portable Mobile Nursery Organizer with Newborn Lightweight Storage Rack

Mothers find it difficult to find a nice place in their homes where they can put on their infants’ diapers; getting a changing table would do them well because it makes wearing their babies another diaper super easy. But then to find a good changing table can be stressful.

So, I would say since this is to change your kid at night, you will have to consider the kind of space you have in your house because some come with drawers for the materials used to change your kid comfortably, and that gives you an idea of what to go for since it is for the night, you might need something portable. These tables are a must-have, especially the portable ones, so you can move them around without going to a particular room every time your baby needs to be changed.

All you need to do is lay your child on the changing table and change them comfortably.

Use a waterproof changing pad on the bed

3 Pack Dipper Changing Pad, Maveek Portable Toddler Diaper Changing Pad Waterproof Baby Change Mats Premium Change Pad Liner Bed Pad Play Mat(Green&White&Blue)

What do you expect? Making use of a waterproof changing pad for babies such as the one shown above is quite easy for mothers only if they follow the instructions correctly. This waterproof prevents the child’s mess, as infants are bad at the timing when they need to excrete. That’s why they are still babies and need the help of their parents.

You need this pad because it is pretty portable, can be used not just at home but also be carried about when they need to move with their baby because it keeps you safe from changing your kid at night and when out in public.

This waterproof pad has some specific things you should look out for before purchasing, which are; portability; it also needs to fit the surface of your changing table if you have one or the bed you will be changing the baby in, then the belt which protects the baby from falling off and then keeping toddlers who do not like the changing idea still so that the mother can do her job.

Put a changing pad on top of the dresser

BlueSnail Bamboo Quilted Thicker Waterproof Changing Pad Liners, 3 Count (Snow White)

While purchasing this for your dresser, like I earlier said, there are things to look out for, like the waterproof protection, which protects you from cleaning the whole mess the baby would make during a diaper change or the liquid entering into the drawer, which creates extra work. You need to consider safety straps while getting a changing pad as their security is essential.

The straps hold your baby in place to avoid falling and sustaining injuries. Also, while changing, the mother will not have to go through so much struggle. This can be used at night because most times, we do not get to see clearly. Therefore, it helps avoid those liquids from entering the dresser.

Best places to change your baby diapers at night: Final verdict

Above are the 5 best places to change your baby diapers at night. With all that has been listed here, we can see that there is a different tangible option to choose from, you can decide to have up to three for your babies; not every mother need a new place to change their kids, so far what you have is clean, safe and soft enough for your child that is fine. As a mother having a place to change your baby’s diapers at night is important, which gives you less work when changing them.

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