Tell people not to kiss your baby

Polite Ways to Tell People Not to Kiss Your Baby

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Babies are cute, adorable and attractive, they’re these bundles of joy that makes people happy and they’re attracted to their fragile and cute look. Whilst holding a baby, you’ll feel the urge to kiss, touch, squeeze and cuddle them to feel joy radiate through you. Almost everyone find babies attractive; something about their adorable size, smell, and especially their vulnerability.

There is this aura around them that makes people want to embrace them. These little adorable, chocolate-box creatures, however, have a very fragile immune system so it then becomes a task to the parent to keep people away from being too touchy, most times a difficult one. Some people will feel as if they’re playing around with baby but in reality, they’re too touchy and tend to kiss babies every single minute. But there are various effects of touching babies too much and kissing them, the effects are harmful and can make babies uncomfortable.

Consequently, have you ever lacked the right words on how to tell people not to kiss your baby or the last time you tried it, you ended up sounding rude even though it was not your intention? You were just trying to protect your baby, there’s nothing bad in that. Well, since people aren’t the same and the caution might not sit well with some people, you can employ some polout tips or ways to tell people not to kiss your baby.

Also, do you even know there are some effects of people kissing your baby? Effects that can harm him and cause serious damage that can send him to the pediatrician. Well, check out the harmful effects of kissing your baby below.

Harmful effects of kissing babies

1) Kissing a baby can expose him to a fatal condition called Respiratory Syncytial Virus(RSV). This is a condition that can be contacted through physical contact or through droplets from a cough or sneeze. So, if have a cold or the flu, you should not kiss or touch a baby. Also, RSV can cause breathing problems and related issues in babies.

2) Babies are fragile and don’t have a strong immune system. Kissing a baby can expose their not so strong immune system to more danger. It is important you don’t kiss babies so that they won’t have problems with their immunity.

3) Similarly, cold sores and fever blisters are infections common in most individuals. Kissing a baby can easily transmit these infections and it will make them sick and uncomfortable.

4) Another effect of kissing babies is the hands, mouths, and feet virus. This virus is common among some individuals and can cause rashes around baby’s mouth. For this reason, you should not kiss a baby no matter how cute and adorable they look.

The above are effects of kissing a baby; these effects are dire and can lead to serious damage in babies so make sure not to kiss them. No matter how much people want to kiss your baby, you must caution them against it. If you’re too scared to tell them or you feel they might take offense when you tell them, there are some tips which you can follow to tell people not to kiss your baby. See the tips on how to tell people not to kiss your baby below.

Polite Ways To Tell People Not To Kiss Your Baby

1) Sign Post: This works best when you are in a public place. You can just get a tag around your baby carriage that reads, “Don’t kiss me” “Dad says don’t touch me”. A lot of people will respect that without having to question you and even you do not even have to explain yourself.

2) Immunization: Babies do not normally get their immunization done completely until they are 4 years old. You could just use that as your excuse for not wanting your baby to be kissed because his immune system is not strong enough to fight yet. Especially now that there is such thing as COVID-19 amongst other viruses. You can be sure people will understand and not feel offended, at least most people will.

3) Friendly Public Announcement: This applies to a gathering or your office. If you are left with no other option but to take your baby to such places, you could make an announcement upon your arrival that you do not want anyone kissing your baby in a funny and friendly manner. This way, no one feels attacked or feels like you are particularly refraining your baby from them. However, you have to look out carefully to ensure people take your announcement seriously.

4) Be Firm: This works best with strangers. By being firm, I do not mean rude or mean. When a stranger approaches you and your baby with that excitement people normally get for having babies around, you can firmly but nicely say, “Oh please, I do not want him to be kissed”

5) Baby’s Reaction: Here is another tip on how to tell people not to kiss your baby. Many people love babies and definitely would not want to be the reason to make a baby cry or feel uncomfortable. You could just tell people that your baby reacts to touches on the face (if they are family members) or that he doesn’t do well with strange faces (if they are strangers).

Final Thoughts

“How To Tell People Not To Kiss Your Baby” can be a dilemma if you don’t want people to take offense when you caution them against kissing your baby. You must know, however, that some people will still take offense no matter how polite you try to tell them not to kiss your baby and that is just okay.

You do not have to feel bad about that because you are only trying to protect your baby; Telling people not to kiss your baby will save you lots of stress and numerous visits to the pediatrician. Hence, if you wish to know the polite ways to tell people off against kissing your baby, read the article above. The article will enlighten you on the dire effects of people kissing your baby and ways to tell them off.

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