where should my baby nap during the day

Where should my Baby nap during the day?

Naps are essential for the overall well-being of your baby. It helps them grow and maintain healthy bodies. Knowing how critical naps are to your baby’s health, you may ask, “Where should my baby nap during the day?” It will interest you that your baby can nap in several healthy places, like a baby bassinet, a mini baby crib, a park n” play, a Moby wrap carrier, and even in your arms. Each place presents unique features that make nap time a delight for your baby, so if you’re still wondering, “Where should my baby nap during the day?” join me as we inspect these fantastic options.

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5 Places Baby Can Nap During The Day

1. Baby Bassinet

A baby bassinet is one place your baby can nap during the day, and the Delta Child Rocking Bassinet Jungle is a perfect example. It is just what you need to keep your baby happy and relaxed during the first 6 months of their life.

This bassinet provides your baby with comfort while giving you an affordable baby bassinet option. Made with durable materials, it can resist wear and tear. The Delta Children Rocking Bassinet Jungle meets all required safety standards, so you are assured of your baby’s safety while they lounge.

Basic features:

  • Retractable swivel wheels
  • Spacious mesh storage basket
  • Sound system and night light
  • 1-inch thick mattress with a fitted sheet.

2. Mini Baby Crib

A mini baby crib such as the Dream Me Edgewood Mini Crib is another place your baby can nap during the day. This convertible mini crib is multipurpose as you can convert it to meet your baby’s changing napping needs. You can use it as a mini crib, daybed, or double bed.

The Dream Me Edgewood Mini Crib is ideal for nurseries with limited space. It’s also perfect if you share a room with your baby. It’s JPMA certified and surpasses all ASTM safety standards. It comes with a complete guide on how you can set it up.

Basic features:

  • Convertibility functions
  • Built to fit small spaces
  • 1-inch mattress pad
  • JPMA certified

3. Pack N’ Play

A Pack N’ Play bassinet is another place for your baby to have a good nap, and Graco’s Pack N’ Play Travel Dome Playard is an excellent choice. You can have your baby beside you anywhere with this piece. It comes with a detachable diaper changer, and you can hold your baby’s essentials in its incorporated storage unit.

With its convertible features that allow you to transition between a large bassinet and a playard for toddlers, this pack-n-play from Graco will keep serving your baby as they grow. And after your baby’s nap, you can fold it with a simple push button.

Basic features:

  • Lightweight
  • Detachable diaper changer
  • Built-in storage unit

4. In Your Arms

Your baby sometimes prefers to nap in your lovely arms than anywhere else. Though many moms may think it’s a bad idea, allowing your baby to rest in your arms has many benefits. Making your baby sleep in your arms during the day is an excellent way to bond with your little one. Your baby feels very secure while napping in your arms. That helps to stimulate more profound sleep, and your baby will not wake up when you lay them down in their crib.

Your baby also enjoys the warmth of your skin when they nap in your arms, which helps make them sleep longer. If you are low on cash and bothered by the question, “Where should my baby nap during the day?” napping in your arms is the cheapest and most affordable option you’ve got!

5. Moby Wrap Carriers

 Babies love to warm up to their moms, making Moby wrap carriers such as the Moby Carrier Classic an ideal place to nap. The Moby carrier classic helps you to bond with your baby. It makes your baby keep calm and nap with ease. It has adjustable straps that keep your baby secure while lounging. Most moms love it because it is easy to use.

You can be creative with the Moby Carrier Classic. You can use it in different styles like on your back, in front, having your baby face you or out, placing your baby sideways, having your baby’s hands tucked in or out, and other styles that make your baby comfortable while napping.

Basic features:

  • Cotton material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Washing Machine friendly

FAQS on Baby Naps

Is it wrong to hold your baby during naps?

Holding babies during naps fosters bonding between mother and child. It also makes them calm and fall asleep fast. Some mothers, however, think holding their babies during naps can make them clingy and too dependent. They argue that such practice makes it difficult for babies to sleep when napping somewhere else. They prefer their babies to rest in bassinets, play n’ packs, cribs, and Moby wraps carriers.

How long should a 1-year-old nap?

Sleep experts say your one-year-old should observe two to three naps daily, each lasting about two hours. It would help if you woke them to eat and have some awake time between naps.

Should I swaddle my little one for daytime naps?

Yes! You should swaddle your baby for daytime naps. In addition to promoting deep sleep, swaddling babies during naps help them feel warm and comfy. It also helps them to avoid rolling over during sleep. The swaddling process mimics the wrapping effect your arms will have on your baby if they nap in your arms. Be careful, however, not to swaddle them too tight.

Should babies’ daytime naps be in the dark?

Newborn babies sleep comfortably in a dark room, whether night or day, as it makes them very comfortable. Bright lights can make it difficult for babies to fall asleep, so your baby may have difficulty getting the rest they deserve during the day. Napping in a dark room stimulates melatonin, a hormone that promotes deep sleep and helps your baby sleep undisturbed for extended hours.

Should baby nap in the same place as at night?

Your baby should nap and sleep in the same place, day or night. That creates consistency, and your baby soon gets used to their sleeping area and falls asleep as soon as you lay them in it. With time, your baby will no longer struggle to fall asleep during nap times.

Should I let my baby nap longer than 2 hours?

Your baby should nap for about 2 hours at a time. Sleep experts say naps longer than that could affect your little one. It can make it difficult for them to sleep at night. You should wake your baby to eat or have some awake time after napping for about 2 hours.


“Where should my baby nap during the day?” Well, now you have it! Five excellent options from which you can choose. Waste no further time to give your baby a comfy and safe place to enjoy daytime naps. Get one of the above options and watch your pumpkin drift to sleep without delay.

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