What should grandparents buy for their first grandchild?

Grandparents are usually as happy as the parents when a child is born. The euphoria is even more when it happens to be their first grandchild. To celebrate the addition of a new member into the family, grandparents would want to buy gifts for the newborn. That leads to the question, “What should grandparents buy for their first grandchild?” There are several beautiful items to buy for a newborn as a grandparent. In this blog post will I will share some gift ideas, so read on if you are a grandparent or know one who has been looking for answers to “What should grandparents buy for their first grandchild?”

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5 Perfect gifts from grandparents for their first grandchild

1. Furniture e.g., crib, dresser, etc

Every child requires some furniture for maximum comfort. It would be on point for grandparents to buy a furniture gift for their first grandchild. They can get a crib where the baby can sleep and nap. It will help if they ask for a preferred color from the parents or, better still, surprise them with whatever they find attractive enough to buy. A dresser is another beautiful gift for a first grandchild; the baby’s parents will appreciate it. Other lovely furniture ideas for a baby’s room are a changing table, a nightlight, and a nursing pillow.

2. Diapers

What should grandparents buy for their first grandchild? How about diapers? Those are items that nursing moms use for a long while after having a baby. Grandparents can get diapers for their first grandchild. The good thing about diapers as baby gifts is that every child needs them daily, during the day and at night. Diapers come in different sizes, primarily small, medium, and large. There are even Diapers for Chunky Babies. When unsure of the size to buy, grandparents could tell the seller that they are for a newborn and will be given the right size that the baby can use immediately.

3. Formula, bottles, nipples, and brushes

Babies must feed to stay alive, so giving gifts that center on their feeding is a good idea. They can buy formula for babies who are not breastfed exclusively. Feeding bottles and nipples are also a great idea because they will be useful to all babies. While babies on formula would need them to drink their milk, babies on exclusive breastfeeding will find them useful too. That is because moms can decide to express their breast milk for later use and will require the bottles and nipples to feed the babies. Adding a brush for washing the feeding bottles and nipples makes it a complete package.

4. Car seat/stroller

Babies sometimes need to go with mom on a walk or a ride in the car. A stroller or car seat is required at those times for the comfort and safety of the child. Grandparents can buy these items as gifts for a first grandchild. They are valuable gifts that the family will appreciate well. Various strollers and car seats are available for purchase in baby shops, each with unique features. It would help to view some collections before making a purchase so as to buy a gift that will be functional.

5. Crib mattress

Grandparents can also get a crib mattress for their first grandchild as a gift. Babies can only make use of their cribs with the crib mattress. Getting this item for a newborn ensures that their first grandchild will get adequate rest to stay healthy. It will help if the grandparent enquires about the dimension of the crib before purchasing to buy a suitable size. They can also buy a matching color with the crib for a cohesive appearance. So when looking for answers to the “What should grandparents buy for first grandchild” question, a crib is a beautiful idea.


What should grandparents buy for their first grandchild? With the suggestions above, this question will be easy to answer. A vital key to getting gifts for grandchildren is to get functional gifts that babies can use quickly. Furniture for baby rooms, feeding essentials, diapers, and items that make outdoor movements less stressful are all practical gifts to get for a first grandchild.

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